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Golden Eggs | Squirrelly Minds
You know the tale of the goose who lays golden eggs? Well grab a can of spray paint and make your own!
Aside from blowing out the eggs (worst light headedness/headache inducing activity in history) this easter egg ‘dying’ is probably the easiest ever.
Golden Eggs | Squirrelly Minds
Place your eggs in an egg carton, spray paint the top and let it dry, then flip them over and spray paint the other side. Check for any places the paint didn’t reach to spray a bit extra on. Voila!
Golden Eggs | Squirrelly Minds
I like it because the spray paint gives it an uneven, almost marbleized texture. It would be neat to try it with different layers and colours of spray paint too! But I couldn’t resist just going all gold…
Golden Eggs | Squirrelly Minds
A short and simple post for a sweet and simple DIY!

Have you started making easter eggs yet?

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  1. Wavatar lois says:

    That’s awesome, Tanya!! Do you know any goose farmers? :)

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