The Friday Five – Pumpkin DIY’s

The Friday Five - Pumpkin DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Typography pumpkins from The Proper Pinwheel / Pumpkin succulent decoration from Simply Happenstance / Glitter and floral pumpkins from The Style House by Amy of Homey Oh My! / String art pumpkins from Houseologie / Pumpkin ice cream cones from Sugar and Charm

Last week was all costumes, and this week we’re all about the pumpkins! And not a single one here is carved.
I’ll admit, I currently have just one sad little white pumpkin on our doorstep. Weekend plans? To bring a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins home ready for decorating, carving (I’m old fashioned) and pumpkin seed roasting.
It’s going to be a good weekend friends.

What are your Halloweeny weekend plans?

For a bit more Halloween inspiration:

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10 Must-Read posts to make you a better blogger

10 must-read posts to make you a better blogger | Squirrelly MindsIf you didn’t catch me speaking at Alt Summit on “Growing a Small Blog”, you might have caught my recap. It was so great speaking on what I know about blogging, but my understanding/knowledge of it is only a tiny sliver in comparison. Thankfully so many other mastermind bloggers have put together their wealth of knowledge into incredible resources for us to use. Here are some of my favourite Blogging Advice Articles.

Bloggers Resources from The Blog Stylist
A massive resource for all your blogging needs. The Blog Stylist has put all blogging resources into one place. Find links to services for mailing lists, advertising agencies, interview tips, social media guides, courses and so much more.

Blogging tips from By Regina
By Regina has a crazy amount of ‘how to blog’ posts, many of them including free printable checklists like this one.

SEO Tips from All Things EAdmittedly I am completely clueless and hopeless when it comes to anything SEO related (huge faux pas I know). Thankfully people like Erika of All Things E can help us out.

Tax prep for Bloggers from Pretty ProvidenceAnother area I need all the help in that I can get, and the girls of Pretty Providence do a great job of outlining what you can deduct. Aside from my Squirrelly Experts interview with my accountant friend Marc, it’s hard for me to find Canadian references so I just base it on the American and go from there. It’s worked out so far!

Media Kit Example from The Busy Budgeting MamaThere’s a bunch of questions around creating a media kit for the first time. The Busy Budgeting Mama gives tips on what to include and even offers her own for readers to view.

10 ways to promote engagement from Bloggers BazaarEngagement is key, but how do you get it? Yes, this top 10 list features a top 10 list, all on how to promote engagement.

Blogging and The Law from The WellIck. Law stuff. But it’s crucial that we know it! These girls interviewed a lawyer/blogger, so you know it’s legit.

Blogging Success from Pretty FluffyWe all need tips on success. Especially if you’re starting out, this is a great list to get you on the right track.

How to earn money blogging from The Nectar CollectiveA fabulous compilation of links, all helping you earn money from your blog.

Monthly Income Reports from Pinch of YumYeah. That number blows my mind too. And that’s average. I love Pinch of Yum‘s candid income reports, posted every month. It gives you a good idea on how to diversify your blog income.

Want more tips? Check out my Blog Pinterest Board, full of more posts, downloads, and infographics.


DIY/Holiday | 5 Minute TP Roll Bats

5 Minute DIY TP Roll Bats | Squirrelly Minds
As I stated last week, I’m a big sucker for making crafts out of recycled goods. One thing that I always save for this exact reason are toilet paper rolls. There are so many uses, like my koinobori or advent calendar holiday crafts. Well I’m putting TP rolls to crafting use again for yet another holiday – halloween.
5 Minute DIY TP Roll Bats | Squirrelly Minds
These simple bats take up to 5 minutes to make each one. Once all the materials are cut, it’s really only about a minute to assemble. Gotta love fast crafts! These are also kid friendly, except for the exacto knife part.
Let’s get started.


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Black paper and black cardstock
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife


5 Minute DIY TP Roll Bats - steps | Squirrelly Minds
1 Cut your plain black paper in half vertically, then again horizontally. This will give you four sheets for four bats. From your card stock, cut out bat wings, two per tp roll.
2 Cover the tp roll in black paper, using either double sided tape or glue to adhere (Alternatively you could paint the tp rolls black). With an exacto knife, cut slits on either side of the roll, approximately one inch long. You want to make sure they’re approximately at the same spot on each side.
3 Slip each wing into the slit.
4 Have fun decorating by taping onto a wall or door!
5 Minute DIY TP Roll Bats | Squirrelly Minds
I plan to make several and tape them on my door halloween night. You could also attach them to string and hang them from your doorway or front porch. Anything to add to the halloween fun!

For a bit more Halloween inspiration:

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Shop | The Meaning Behind Flowers

The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Picture from a Portuguese festival where patrons walk flower petals in a procession.
All other images are from
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I’m a big sucker for finding out the meaning behind things (hence the birthstone project), and the same goes for flowers. Whether we realize it or not, we all are aware on some level of their significance. For example, a guy would never give a female friend or their sister red roses because they resemble love. Yellow roses on the other hand, which signify friendship, are a perfect fit.
Let’s look a little deeper into the meaning behind flowers – the perfect ones to give for the perfect occasion.
The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Tulips are the 11th wedding anniversary flower, and symbolize fame and perfect love. Each colour of tulip carries its own symbolism:
Red tulips, much like roses symbolize true love.
Pink tulips mean affection and caring.
Cream colour tulips mean “I will love you forever”.
Yellow signify cheerful thoughts.
Orange tulips symbolize enthusiasm, but also energy, desire and passion.
White tulips signify forgiveness.
Purple means royalty.
Variegated tulips (multicoloured/patterned) mean “you have beautiful eyes”.
The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Orchids are the 14th anniversary flower and represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility, and it was believed that if the father ate new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy while if the mother ate them it would be a girl.
The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Lilies are the 30th anniversary flower and symbolize purity and refined beauty. Much like tulips, their meaning is based on the color and type.
White lilies symbolize modesty and virginity.
Orange lilies signify passion.
Yellow lilies are a symbol of happiness.
Lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart.
The Easter lily is the symbol of Virgin Mary.
Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria) represent friendship and devotion.

The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Daisies traditionally represent innocence, purity, friendship and classic beauty. Gerbera daisies specifically are also associated with cheerfulness because of their bright colours. They are the fifth wedding anniversary flower.

The Meaning Behind Flowers | Squirrelly Minds
Because they comprise many different types of flowers, wildflower arrangements carry the meaning of each different flower within the bouquet, so I don’t really have an answer for you there. But I just couldn’t resist the chance to show you this stunning bouquet of Australian wildflowers. I have no idea what these flowers are, but it makes me want to run out to the outback with a pair of shears and a good sunhat, picking flowers all day under the Australian sun. If you’re in Australia, will you please pick up a bouquet and take endless photos of it for me?

What is your favourite type of flower?

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