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Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
S’mores are the ultimate campfire treat – but who says you need to go camping to enjoy them?
The other night, we hosted a s’mores party, and yes, it was as amazing as it sounds. We spiffed up the festivities with some fun creations from my Silhouette and got a little creative with our s’mores creations. Good friends, good food, and twinkling lights in the evening sky. That’s my kinda party.
Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
With wild forest fires scorching the province however, the majority of BC undergoes a severe campfire ban every summer. This makes camping much less fun, and s’mores parties impossible. Unless you have a propane fire pit! Luckily our friend has one and lent it to us for this shindig. Thank goodness because s’mores over the BBQ would not be the same! So we lined up blankets on either side of the fire pit and set up a table full of s’mores goodies.

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
We had a couple simple rules at the s’mores party (aside from stuff your face and have a good time).

One: Before creating a s’more, you must put on a marshmallow tattoo.

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds

I created these adorable marshmallow tattoos with my Silhouette Portrait. I was worried that printing and cutting the images separately would be tricky and end in marshmallow decapitation. Thankfully the registration marks made the process dead easy, and making these tattoos with Silhouette’s printable tattoo paper ended up being super fast. It was the perfect way to customize the party – and a ton of fun to see everyone sporting a little white and pink marshmallow!
Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
From my Instagram feed

I also decided that boring white napkins were not good enough. So I grabbed a s’mores design and printed it on my heat transfer paper. I even used regular paper napkins and, while the heat wrinkled the napkin a little bit, in the end it turned out great. I debated also printing out everyone’s names on them, but that would have been going to far. (…or would it have?)
Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds

Now for rule #2:
Two: All s’mores must be experimental

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
Everyone was warned in advance we wouldn’t be making your usual s’mores. Everyone was encouraged to bring a unique chocolate bar and, if they were so inspired, a unique filling.
For cookies there were breton crackers, graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti and chocolate sided hob nobs.
As for chocolate, we had peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, cookie’s and cream, oreo, mint, aero, hazlenut, almond, macadamia, and so much more. (my freezer is stuffed with left overs).
For fillings, there were chocolate covered pretzels, nectarine slices, bacon, blueberries, dates, strawberries, and various sauces.

Oh friends, did we ever get creative.

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
We made all sorts of fun s’mores combinations, all of which I’ve named:
The sweetheart: Graham crackers, roasted marshmallow, mint chocolate and strawberry
The desert blue: Graham crackers, roasted marshmallow, dark chocolate, blueberries and dates
The sultry savory: Breton crackers, roasted marshmallow, bacon and dates
The salted crunch: Graham crackers, roasted marshmallow, chocolate covered pretzels and bacon.

But my ultimate favourite was this bad boy, appropriately (and perhaps boringly) named, the ultimate s’more:

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
A graham cracker on the bottom, a roasted marshmallow, two squares of caramilk, a piece of bacon, and two thin slices of nectarine topped with a chocolate sided hob nob cookie.
Serious decadent s’more perfection.
Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds

Backyard S'mores Party | Squirrelly Minds
All in all it was about having fun, loosening the belt buckle and spending time with friends int eh last weeks of summer.
Don’t worry there’s still time. Go round up some friends, fire up that propane fire pit and make yourself some spectacular s’mores.
And make sure you let me know what you put in it!

Are you faithful to the classic graham cracker, milk chocolate and marshmallow s’more, or do you like to mix it up?

While Silhouette provided me with materials for this party/post, all opinions remain my own.


Life | Back to School Routines

Back to School Routines on Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds - Photo by Castle and Things
Castle and Things

I can’t believe the school year is coming up so quickly. I’m not ready! And if I’m not, chances are your kidlettes aren’t either. I’m over on Wayfair today sharing some teacher approved (aka me) tips on how to get your child school ready. Come join me!

And for more Back to School fun, make sure to check out all of last week’s Back to School Series, full of DIY’s, printables and a recipe!

What’s your biggest tip for getting ready for back to school?


Life | Year 2 – our wedding anniversary

Our Wedding Anniversary - Year Two | Squirrelly Minds / photo by Ameris
Our Wedding Anniversary - Year Two | Squirrelly Minds / photo by AmerisOur Wedding Anniversary - Year Two | Squirrelly Minds / photo by AmerisOur Wedding Anniversary - Year Two | Squirrelly Minds / photo by Ameris
All photos by Ameris

It’s been two years since we each said I do. Two years of spending every day (nearly) with my best friend. Two years of growth and understanding. Two years of ups (buying a house!) and downs (horrible jobs). Two years of saying I love you every day, multiple times a day, and every night before we fall asleep. Two years of never going to sleep angry. Two years of waking up feeling I’m so lucky to be next to someone I want to wake up with every single day for the rest of my life. Here’s to many many more years.

(And in case you’re wondering, we ate the first fig off that tiny little fig tree we planted during our ceremony. We anticipate many more figs in the years to come)


The Friday Five – Back to School

The Friday Five - Back to School | Squirrelly Minds

Lego inspired printable back pack tags by Simply Kelly Designs / DIY gold glitter apple tote by The Casual Craftlete / Pencil crayon DIY coaster by Crafts Unleashed / Printable back to school photo signs by Skip to My Lou / Glitter pencils by Brunch at Saks

I’ve had such a wonderful time working with such incredible bloggers on our Back to School week, I almost don’t want it to end! Though that could also have to do with the fact that I don’t want school to start….
Here are 5 more awesome DIY’s to get you prepped for back to school. And in case you missed ours all week, here’s a recap!

Back to School Series | Squirrelly Minds

Tan of Squirrelly Minds – Printable Math Game
Rachel of The Crafted Life – Colour blocked pencils
Lidy of Hello Lidy – DIY sequin planter
Sara of Confetti SunshineBack to School Printable
Lyndsay of Coco Cake LandApple pie donuts
Joy of Frock Files – Custom mouse pad DIY
MJ of Pars Caeli – Lunchbox Whiteboard

Have a lovely weekend!

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