Print | Mother’s Day Printable Gift Tags

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds
Mother’s day is just over a week away (my first one!). This year I made some printable gift tags for you to attach to your bouquet of flowers or gift to your mama with the simple message ‘I love you mom’.

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds
I included one for grandma too, because she deserves to be recognized! Though we don’t have any grandma’s in our family. Just nan and vavó (Portuguese for grandma).

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds
Make these tags with white card stock, an inkjet printer and a single hole punch. You could also include eyelets if you want to get fancy.

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds
Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly MindsDownload and print off the above file. Cut the tags out and punch a hole in the top centre with a single hole punch. You can either leave it just like that, or if you have an eyelet set, punch one of those in like I’ve done to give it a more polished look. Attach to your gift or flowers!

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags | Squirrelly Minds
To all the mamas, grandmas and loving women out there, happy mother’s day!

And side note: #Squirrelly15 is still running! I’ve been having SO much fun painting every day, and am so touched by all of your kind words. Honestly every like, heart, and sweet comment warms my heart. I’m so lucky to have such amazing people around like you! If you’d like to grab an original artwork for $32 it’s yours so long as it doesn’t say sold. Check them out on instagram.


Original Watercolor Artwork Instagram Fire Sales

While I’ve always loved to draw/paint, I’ve also always been shy about sharing my work. So when I first opened up the shop, I was (and am!) so incredibly humbled by your support and love for the birthstone line. Honestly every sincere comment fills me with such awe and love, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have my paintings on your walls and greeting cards.
I originally planned to paint all sorts of gemstones and other creations, but a mixture of pregnancy/work/baby forced me to step back. In an effort to paint more and put myself out there (because showing my paintings is still very nerve wracking), I’m challenging myself by doing something completely new to me that I’m pretty excited about.

Starting Wednesday for 15 days I will paint something new every day and make them available for sale on instagram! I have never sold originals before so this is entirely new to me. Eeps! So how is this going to work?

The Paintings – #Squirrelly15
Every afternoon at approximately 12pm PST (depends on the babe) I will post a photo on instagram showing what I am painting that day. That night at 7:30 PST, I will post another photo of the finished painting. Most paintings will be gemstones, but there will also animals, flowers and whatever else inspires me that day. That’s the beauty of this project. Unlike the birthstones, I won’t be spending a ton of time researching, selecting various reference photographs, sketching, outlining etc etc. I’ll just ask myself one question – “what do I want to paint today?”, and go for it!
Note: These posts will also go live on the Squirrelly Minds Facebook Page. Also, since these are originals painted daily, they won’t be photoshopped to perfection and therefore may have slight…how shall we call them? Charming characteristics.

Buying a Painting
Stay tuned on instagram. As soon as the final painting is posted, it’s available for sale. The first person to claim it by popping their PayPal address in the comments (via e-mail (hello @ squirrellyminds . com) will be sent a paypal invoice. If there are others in line, you will have 15 minutes to pay before it goes to the next person.

Each painting will range in sizes from 5×7 to 8×10, and will each cost $32USD (my age…ahem). This includes worldwide shipping.

That’s it! If you have any questions be sure to ask them in the comments before Wednesday, and stay tuned on the hashtag #Squirrelly15 for updates, progress and all the paintings! And a little heads up – do you like the above painting? Guess which one is up first ;)
I can’t wait!


Printable | Black and White Typography Art

After I get adjusted at the chiro I lay on a massage table for 10 minutes, staring at a TV screen that scrolls through nature images, facts/tips about health, and cheesy motivational sayings. There was one motivational quote that wasn’t so cheesy however.

This one really struck a chord with me. When things are tough and you don’t know why you’re working so hard and not seeing the results you want or expected, it can be very tempting to give up. Remembering why you started can be enough to light that fire and get you excited again. Whether it’s getting in shape, starting a new business venture, or pinching pennies for that trip, this art poster is a good reminder to keep at it. Plus it’s much prettier than what I saw at my chiropractor’s office.

So go ahead – download and print the file above and hang it on your wall to keep you excited and get you to your end goal!


DIY | Distressed Gold Foil Onesie

So sometimes you have a project in mind and it turns into a horrible mess (or so you think). So you post it on instagram to celebrate life’s mistakes with the hashtag #squirrellyfails, only to learn that people didn’t think it was an accident and you DIY’d it like that on purpose. So glad I started sharing my DIY fails! Welcome to my beautiful mistake friends.
I planned for the gold foil to look crisp and clean – I didn’t think it would work as distressed gold. When Amber of Damask Love first said that’s what she thought it was I was all “nah nah it looks awful in person”. Then Alyssa of Frou Studio chimed in saying she thought the same, so I started thinking maybe it could work. When the mister saw it and confirmed that no, it doesn’t look like complete crap and yes, it looks like you intentionally distressed it, I realized that mistakes can often turn out to be a beautiful thing. Funny to think I started the #squirrellyfails hashtag as a way to “recognize that through our mistakes there is truth and learning”. Fitting!

Thank goodness for impatience. That’s how I messed up in the first place, and that’s why I know exactly how you can replicate this look. I made two goof ups which I explain in the steps below. Let’s make!


  • Iron on foil adhesive and gold foil
  • A plain onesie, shirt, or whatever garment you choose
  • An iron
  • Scissors


1 Stretch out the onesie a bit and measure the width where you want your design to go. I went for irregular scallops, but you could do stripes, triangles on a strip, hole punched circles, etc.
2 Cut your design out of the foil adhesive, leaving a straight edge along the top.
3 Iron on the adhesive as per instructions. When slightly cooled, stretch the material in all directions a few times. This will cause some of the adhesive to break, which will help add stretch when the garment is worn. It’s also the first part of distressing.
4 Adhere the gold foil as per the instructions. Except! Now we get to the beautiful mistakes. There’s two ways to do this. The first was done on the top row. You’re supposed to remove the foil only when it is completely cooled. Ignore that. Slowly peel off the foil when it is still warm (not hot). Sections of gold will come off the adhesive. On the bottom row, I ironed for a shorter amount of time with less pressure. However in my opinion, this one didn’t have as nice of an effect.

An important note: because the gold foil isn’t adhered as per manufacturer’s instructions, loose bits will flake off. It should settle after the first wash. Make sure to read the gold foil packaging for washing instructions too. Dryer is a big no no.

So there you have it! Now of course if you want to have the full on gold effect without any distressing, then – unlike me – make sure to follow the directions on the adhesive foil packaging.

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