DIY/Holiday | Squirrelly Minds Advent Calendar Roundup

Advent Calendar Roundup | Squirrelly Minds
Last year on every Wednesday of November, I posted a new DIY Advent Calendar. I had so much fun thinking up ideas that I planned to do it the following year (aka this month). I even had ideas all laid out. Unfortunately friends, things you plan a year in advance don’t always go to planned. But that’s okay because these advent calendars are still a ton of fun to make, and in case you forgot about them or haven’t seen them before, here they are again! We have just a bit under a week until December 1st comes rolling around, so let’s get making.
Message in an Ornament Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Message in an Ornament Advent Calendar
Instead of chocolate (which of course is awesome) the mister and I like to opt for an advent calendar that offers favours and date nights instead. We each write 12 items and alternate days, and end up doing things like ‘baking cookies date night’ or ‘christmas music jam fest’. It started with this advent calendar and evolved into a much prettier version – messages in glass ornaments. You can put whatever you like inside to decorate, and choose whatever kind of date nights your imagination can dream up.

Advent Calendar Roundup | Squirrelly Minds
Paper Roll Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
I think this might be my favourite. You can stick all sorts of things in the back of each paper roll, whether it be treats, toys, or date night ideas. I think I also love it because hello, it’s a christmas tree. That and it’s made out of toilet paper rolls. I’m a sucker for reusing/recycling.

No Sew 'Build-A-Tree' Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
No Sew ‘Build-A-Tree’ Advent Calendar
This was modelled after the mister’s childhood advent calendar. It’s another great no-candy option, and building the tree is quite fun!

Mandarin Orange Wrapper Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Mandarin Orange Wrapper Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
I don’t know about you, but during Christmas time our house is full of mandarin oranges. I simply couldn’t let those little squares of green tissue paper go to waste, so yes, I turned it into an advent calendar. If you want some messy fun like the one above, you can fill all 24 pouches with some confetti. If that’s not your style, little treats or notes work just as well.

Which advent calendar (from here or elsewhere) do you plan to use?


Christmas Decorations for the Home

Christmas Decorations for the Home | Squirrelly Minds
Above image from Christmas Cracker DIY. All other images curated and designed by Squirrelly Minds.
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Christmas decorating is one of my favourite things ever! We aren’t allowed to decorate until after Yanksgiving (the mister’s rules not mine, though I agree), so I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend. Our decor is a bit all over honestly. The tree is pinks, silvers, whites and reds, while the decor is more natural. Everyone likes to style a bit differently so I found 3 different Christmas decorations looks: gold and black, natural, and colourful.

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Gold geometric stag head / 2: / Honeycomb decorations / 3: Gold glitter star / 4: Gold and black christmas tree baubles / 5: Gold beaded ribbon / 6: Gold glitter reindeer ornaments

Seriously that gold geometric stag head. I just can’t handle how amazing it is! I love the idea of a gold and black Christmas. Totally contemporary and not what you’d expect at all, but man is it oh so classy or what?

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Hanging Star Advent Calendar / 2:Laser cut wooden windmill ornament / 3: Pine cone and berry branch garland / 4: Wooden ornaments / 5: Twig & Star Wreaths

I love the look of decorations in natural colours and materials. It feels super homey, handmade, and christmassy to me. I have the deer version of that laser cut wooden ornament and it’s my favourite item that hangs on our tree.

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Felt circle garland / 2: Retro glittery ornaments / 3: 50 pack pink and purple decorations
4: Jingle bell garland / 5: Door mat

Who doesn’t love colour! This is for people who might not like the whacky shapes of a Dr Seuss Christmas, but who sure love rainbows!

Gold and black, natural or colourful, what’s your christmas decorations style?


DIY/Holiday | Gold Pine Cone Place Card Holders

Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
Pssst. I am fully aware that today is supposed to be #PinMakeEat10. Truth is, in the hecticness of November, I’ve only made one. And I know with the hecticness of the holidays I probably won’t get around to very many. So instead I will post #PinMakeEat next Monday, break for the holidays, then resume again in January!

Pine cones are the perfect place card holder, which is why I’m not the first to think it up. Just do a simple search on Pinterest, they’re everywhere. The little notches are perfect for nestling in a piece of paper with your guests name neatly written on, making it a festive and easy DIY. I, of course, couldn’t use a regular pine cone (though they look lovely on their own). Nope, I had to spray that stuff gold. Oh yes.


  • Pine cones
  • Gold spray paint
  • Card stock
  • Calligraphy pen and ink


Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
1 Spray paint your pine cones outside. Give it a couple layers to get in all the crevices.
2 Cut out pieces of cardstock paper (approx 1.5×2 inches), one for each guest, and write their names on each one. You can use gold calligraphy ink or, if it’s not your thing, just the neatest hang writing with a regular pen.
3 Nestle each name card in the pine cones and place on the place settings.
Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
The great thing about these is that, aside from spray painting, you aren’t altering the pine cone in any way, so you can reuse them as place card holders for Christmas/New years or stick them in a bowl as decorations. I have another idea I’ll be sharing closer to christmas, so moral of the story is don’t throw these guys out after Thanksgiving.
Happy spray painting!

Find the Give Thanks napkin printables here


Friday Five – Thanksgiving Printables

The Friday Five - Thanksgiving Printables | Squirrelly Minds

Leftover labels from Elegance and Enchantment / Pie box labels (and more) from Freckle and Fair / Menu cards from Elegance and Enchantment / Thankful cards from Julie Blanner / Poster from Christina Adventures

It’s almost time for Yanksgiving! *ahem*. Sorry. Thanksgiving. We’ll be hosting our 4th annual ‘yanksgiving‘ next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t imagine how excited all you american friends are! Then again, I probably love thanksgiving more than the average person…
And I’m loving the thanksgiving printables. Anything to add a little personality to the dinner party! And don’t forget, there’s also these printable napkin designs.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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