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Have you heard of PostSecret? It’s been around for a while, so if you haven’t then where have you been? (j/k). Even though it’s nothing new, I still absolutely love the project. Complete strangers send in postcards confessing secrets they have never shared with anyone. From the hilarious (“I peed my pants leaping on the trampolines at TedActive – woops!”), to the sad but relatable (“I want to help you but I don’t know how”), everyone has a secret. Some people can’t share it with anyone but need to get it out somehow, which makes the anonymity of PostSecret the perfect outlet.

Would you share your deepest secret with a stranger (and hundreds of thousands of others on the website or in a PostSecret book?


The Friday Five – Chicken Noodle Soup

The Friday Five - Chicken Noodle Soup | Squirrelly Minds

Picture Perfect Meals / Iowa Girl eats (Gluten Free) / Smitten Kitchen / Damn Delicious / Pip and Ebby (Slowcooker)

I’m one of those gals who loves a steaming cup of chicken noodle when feeling under the weather. Truth be told however, I often go for the canned variety as I’m in no condition to actually make chicken noodle soup from scratch. Perhaps when the mister is sick I’ll tackle some of the above soups, because knowing how to make a hearty chicken noodle soup is a life skill everyone should have.


DIY | Gemstone Rings

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds
It’s no secret that I love gemstones, but I don’t just love painting them – I love wearing them too. Showy cocktail rings are a great way to glam up an outfit, but can often cost you up to $20+ per ring. Guys, these rings cost me about $4.00 each to make, and only took about 5 minutes each. Seriously. I’m not lying. The trick?
Go to your local rock/gemstone store (or order online if you don’t have one). The ones you see above cost anywhere between $1-$3 each.
Search through all the different gems and choose ones that have a flat side. Next, buy sizable rings. My local gemstone store (which is actually down the street…how perfect is that) sold them for .35 cents a piece. So let’s get started.
DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds


  • Jewelers Epoxy
  • Gemstones
  • Sizable rings with round base
  • Emery board or sand paper
  • Tin foil
  • Toothpick or other small disposable item

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds


1 Gently rough up the surface of your ring with an emery board or sandpaper. Wipe the ring clean, and also ensure your gemstone is clean.
2 Mix the epoxy according to the jewelers instructions. Do so on a non porous surface (such as tin foil) and mix with a disposable item (such as toothpicks).
3 Place a dab of glue on both the ring and the gemstone.
4 Press the two together.
5 Wipe up any extra glue with a paper towel, then continue to apply pressure to allow epoxy to set – 4-6 minutes.

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds

Which precious rock will you turn into a ring?


Home | Gold Bathrooms

Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds
The Hunted Interior

Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

Smitten Studio

Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

Elements of Style

Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds


Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

The Design Files

I am a sucker for gold and brass fixtures. All gold all the time! The mister however disagrees. He feels all this gold hoopla in the home will be outdated in a few years.
I get where he’s coming from. I mean, look at gold fixtures from the 80′s. One look at those old bathrooms is enough to make you feel like you should be off to aerobics in neon coloured spandex. But the difference between 80′s and current gold lies within the lines. While the 80′s was the gaudiest of all decades, gold is currently being used in a far more streamlined and classic. In fact, current gold fixtures hearken back to early 20th century with its clean lines and minimalist approach, making it more timeless. But I do wonder, as much as I LOVE gold in the home, despite the classic lines will it look oh so ’2015′ in another 10 years.

What do you think?

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