DIY | Gold Dipped Clay Heart Keychain

I think if all keychains had tassels and pretty gold things to look at, we’d lose them less often. Or maybe that’s just me.
I decided to make this Valentine’s appropriate keychain, but really it’s cute all year long. Using some air dry clay, gold paint, and tassels, this keychain is perfect as a gift for Valentine’s, a birthday, or just a little treat for yourself.

Looking at this, I kind of want to go get all my keys recut so they’re all gold. ….I may have a problem.
Let’s get making shall we?


  • Air dry clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Heart cookie cutter
  • White spray paint
  • Gold paint
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Plastic container
  • Embroidery thread
  • Gold lame cord
  • Cardboard or small book
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Jump rings
  • Keychain

I know I know. The materials list is long and there are so many steps! Aside from drying time, this DIY really doesn’t take all that long, and is a lot simpler than it may seem. I glammed it up a bit with gold lame cord rather than using just embroidery thread for the tassels, so you can certainly cut corners if you choose to.

Clay Heart Instructions

1 Roll the clay out onto parchment paper using a rolling pin about 1/4 inch thick.
2 Use your cookie cutter to cut out several shapes. If the surface of the heart is rough, wet your finger and lightly smooth it over.
3 Carefully poke a hole in each heart using a bamboo skewer. Place the heart back onto the parchment paper and allow to dry for 24+ hours (read your air dry clay packaging for more details).
4 Once dry, spray paint white. Once dry again, dip your heart in gold paint and place it back on the bamboo skewer.
5 Suspend the skewer over a plastic container to catch the dripping paint. Every half hour or so check on the progress. If the paint is thick, you may need to wipe the extra paint, or lightly spread it evenly over the bottom of the heart with your finger.
6 Loop a jump ring through the hole.
Alternate: If actually dipping in gold paint is just too much work for you, go ahead and use a gold leaf pen instead.

Tassel Instructions

1 Loop embroidery thread over a piece of cardboard or a small book. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the length is double the final tassel length. Keep winding until you are satisfied with its size – the tassel will be twice as full as what’s currently looped around. Cut off the excess thread.
2 Cut a piece of lame cord and place it down. Slip off the embroidery thread and place it in the centre of the lame cord. Tie a firm double knot in the centre and trim the ends, making sure the cut ends are facing up.
3 Fold the tassel in half, making sure the cut end of the lame cord is hidden inside. Cut a 15 inch piece of lame cord and carefully wrap it from top to bottom around the top to create the tassel neck. You’ll want to make sure none of the threads overlap.
4 While keeping the lame cord secure with one hand, place a needle underneath with the other and thread the bottom loose lame cord end through the eye. Pull the thread up underneath the tassel neck, then tie a firm double knot with the top thread. Thread it back through behind the tassel neck and cut off the ends.
5 Cut the thread loops to create your tassel.
6 Attach a jump ring.
(If my explanation was a bit confusing – my pictures aren’t super clear – check out this tutorial)

Finally, put it all together!
Now of course, you don’t neeeeed to add all those tassels, but it just makes it that much more fun, am I right?


Print | ‘You Rock’ Printable Valentine

A few years ago I had a student who gave me a heart shaped box of chocolate that said two simple words on it – you rock.
This was from a kid who didn’t easily tell anyone what he/she thought of them, and ‘you rock’ was about as sentimental as they were going to get. It was absolutely perfect.

This year I wanted to make a valentine using the same simple sentiment. But of course, I had to add a pretty rock (diamonds holla!) to the design.
Here’s to you student of the past. I often wonder how you’re doing. I hope you’re all. And p.s., you rock too.

Print off the file and cut out each valentine to give out to your friends. If you need valentines for your kiddos then as a teacher I highly suggest giving them out to the entire class so everyone feels loved on this day!
If you want to go the extra mile, put some rock candy in a little bag to give along with the valentine.
Print the file onto heavy card stock.
Cut out each card along the white lines.
Write your to’s and from’s on the back and give out to your friends! Or strangers. You know, go ahead and make someone’s day.

A happy valentine’s day to you all. You rock!


Life/Blog | My Baby Comes First

I had a really hard time writing this post to best illustrate my feelings, so bear with me. Get ready for a long and personal post friends.

Here’s the quick truth: it’s impossible to get motivated to do something when you feel it takes you away from your baby. So things around here are going to change.

I’ve been trying to produce quality content while running the etsy shop and spending time with our squirrelly baby, but it’s been very hard physically and emotionally. When I think about my other friends on maternity leave, and the fact that we, as Canadians, are entitled to a full year off work to devote to our children, I began to resent the fact that I don’t. Every time I pass him off so I can work I hate the blog a little more. So I need to stop what makes me angry and do more of what I love.

This blog is such a huge part of me, so I can’t completely stop. I just don’t want to post because I feel I have to. I want to get back to the reason why I started blogging in the first place – because I’m excited to share.
I’ll no longer post on a MWF schedule, and I won’t post round ups or any non original content. Instead, I will post original content on a schedule that suits Rhys and I best. It may be once or twice a week, or once or twice a month. Just know that when I do post, it will be filled with excitement and love because it’s something that didn’t unnecessarily take me away from my most important job – being a mom.

I hope you understand. I truly look forward to this change, the freedom it will bring, and the projects I will create and share with you all.


Blog | 9 Beautiful Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Did you catch this photo of my disaster of a DIY on Instagram? If so, you’ll know that it was meant to be today’s post. But alas some DIY’s just aren’t meant to be, and that leaves you DIYless today (sorry). But instead I took the time to go through the accounts I follow on instagram and round up 9 of the most beautiful ones I am always excited to see come up in my feed. If you aren’t already, I highly recommend you check them out and follow along.

Mary Lauren
Posts: 791
Followers: 60.6k
Following: 393
Website: Headed Somewhere

I don’t know how this mom to a toddler is able to make her house, herself, and her kid look like they stepped out of Domino magazine, but it’s inspiring to say the least.

Francoise Et Moi
Posts: 524
Followers: 2.1k
Following: 1.2k
Website: Francoise Et Moi

This refreshing feed makes me want to live in a beautiful world of white, with her black and white cat of course.

Ahoy Miss
Posts: 503
Followers: 7.9k
Following: 216
Website: n/a

Full of pinks and pastels, this feed makes me feel like I’ve entered a bubblegum fairytale dreamland.

Kate Jerryy
Posts: 231
Followers: 11.3k
Following: 500
Website: Birch Bliss

Every time she posts one of her gorgeous art works it makes me want to drop everything and run back to my brushes.

Hello Maypole
Posts: 898
Followers: 22.9k
Following: 525
Website: Hello Maypole

This colourful feed fills me with so much happy.

Think of a Dream
Posts: 156
Followers: 58.1k
Following: 109
Website: n/a

I want to eat everything on this post, and I love practicing my Japanese with each caption.

Jessica Trent
Posts: 1.5k
Followers: 4.4k
Following: 214
Website: The Cabinet Maker’s Love Tale

Jessica Trent’s flat lay botanical arrangements are simply gorgeous.

Hello Sara Tramp
Posts: 394
Following: 300
Website: Hello Sara Tramp

Bright, sunny and fun, I want to be BFF’s with this feed.

Satsuki Shibuya
Posts: 1.8k
Following: 786
Website: Satsuki Shibuya

Another stunning and inspiring artist.

Are we friends on instagram? Follow along!

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