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Camille Moir-Smith - Pot & Pan | Squirrelly Minds
Pot & Pan

All pictures from Camille Moir-Smith’s website

I don’t know how I first came across Camille Moir-Smith, but I fell in love with her work as soon as I did. The simplicity and clean lines behind her design work makes it modern and somehow soothing. Plus, these fantastic looking cafe’s and restaurants make me want to hop on a plane to Australia right now.


Blog/Life | Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds

Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds | Squirrelly Minds
Hey there! We’re going to do something a little bit different today.
Last week, the inspiring Carrie of Dream Green DIY tagged me in a little Blog Hop where you get to know the blogger a little more. I just recently became acquainted with Carrie and my gosh am I ever glad we did. Managing her own creative ventures while creating adorable DIY’s, I can’t help but be impressed and inspired.
Thanks for tagging me!

Ready to see what it’s like to be inside my squirrelly little mind?

Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds | Squirrelly Minds - Photo by Ma-Luxe

Why do you write?

I’ve never considered myself a writer, but I have always written. I was that emotional (re: annoying) teenager writing bad poetry, and at 15 wrote a “novel” about a teenager who travelled back in time to the Salem Witch Hunt. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I actually daydreamed about appearing on Oprah as the youngest, most accomplished novelist of the times.
I guess the answer is – I don’t know why I write, I just know that I do. It’s not always grammatically correct and it may not be the most eloquent, but it’s just one of the ways I choose to communicate.

Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds | Squirrelly Minds

What are you working on?

Squirrelly Minds Print Shop!!!!
I’m in the process of finding a good printer and selecting the right papers. It’s a bit of a daunting task as I want it to be perfect from the get go, but I can’t wait to see the first prints/cards and to be able to open shop!

How does your blog differ from other blogs in the genre?

This is an impossible question only because there is simply only one answer for everyone – my blog differs from other blogs in the genre because it comes from my voice, my ideas, and my creations. No one can match that, just like I can’t match anyone else, as much as I would love to some days.

Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds | Squirrelly Minds

What is your writing process?

Like Carrie, I procrastinate when writing and most other things. Having a clear deadline looming ahead motivates and pushes me to work harder and better.

My 16 page university essay on Japan’s post war economy was tough so I started immediately. I struggled to arrange my words into a cohesive mess, until the unthinkable happened on page 14. The night before the due date my computer crashed and destroyed the file, dissipating into nothingness. I huddled under my desk, rocked myself back and forth, and ugly cried for what must have been at least an hour. Yep. Total breakdown.
Once I started again, not only did I finish it, but I wrote an even better essay than the first. That overwhelming pressure to finish at a specific time got me there, because good for my health or not, pressure is my best motivator.

Always leave things to the last minute, because if it all gets destroyed, at least you only worked on it for a few hours instead of weeks.

Behind the Scenes of Squirrelly Minds | Squirrelly Minds
Well I hope you enjoyed that candid look at my life. Any surprises? Can you relate at all?

Next in the blog roll list, I’m tagging Joy of Frock Files! I simply adore Joy. We met last January at Alt and instantly clicked. She’s incredibly sweet, a bundle of fun (dare I say joy?) and her blog is so reflective, open, and honest. Definitely go check it out, and make sure to visit her next Monday for her rendition of the behind the scenes blog hop!


The Friday Five – Top 5 Vase DIY’s

The Friday Five - Top 5 Vase DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Painted vases by Hearts a Flutter / 10 Minute Vase DIY by The Crafted Life / Concrete Vase DIY by Hege in France / Gold Succulent Vases by We Lived Happily Ever After / Copper Candlestick Holder and Vase DIY by Monster Circus

Truth be told, until recently all of my vases were just mason jars. Only recently have I been acquiring proper vases, but I still don’t have enough. I’m itching to try some of these Vase DIYs though and expand my vase collection! With all these new vases I suppose that will mean we’ll need to have more fresh flowers in the house. Oh darn…

There’s also this milk carton vase I made last year – complete with a video.

On another note, you may have noticed a few changes around here on the blog (sidebar and pages mainly). When I last maintained my personal blog called Blue Glass, I used to change the design every month, sometimes multiple times a month. I’m a bit ADHD when it comes to web design, so having this same style for a few years is driving me batty. I’m in desperate need of a total site overhaul but just don’t have the ability to do so yet. So to keep my web designer self satisfied, expect little tweaks here and there.

Happy weekend everyone!


DIY | Cut Out Typography Posters

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
When I saw this photo from Sugar & Cloth’s office tour on Glitter Guide, I instantly fell in love. My next thought? “I could make that”.
And so I did. My own version of it anyway, mainly because my cutting machines aren’t large enough for poster paper and because I love to add pops of colour. I only intended to make one poster, but it was so addicting I ended up making four. And guys, I’m probably not done. Don’t be surprised if you find an instagram picture of my entire studio covered in these things!
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
If you have a paper cutting machine (I used my Silhouette) then this DIY is super easy. All it takes is a bit of typing (with the perfect font of course), cutting, glueing, pasting. Voila! Oh, and searching for those perfect phrases of course. Since I have these up in my studio, I wanted quotes that would motivate me to work hard and have fun. I loved the quote from the original poster “things are about to get really good”. Don’t you just feel excited about the future reading that!? I then went on to create posters for “Make it happen”, “Go get it girl”, and “Throw kindness around like confetti”, because honestly that’s just the best imagery ever, especially when the poster has real confetti.
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

You could certainly leave the poster with just the text, but I wanted to jazz mine up a bit with glitter, confetti, gold leaf and adhesive gold foil. It adds a bit more interest to the poster.
I offer the templates for each of the 4 posters below, but if you make your own there are just a few things to remember
1. the simpler the font the better
2. cursive fonts do not work well
3. be very careful when removing the cardstock so as not to rip the lettering.

Ready to make your own? Let’s do it!


  • Cardstock
  • Silhouette templates and machine (or equivalent)
  • Mod Podge and/or double sided tape
  • Various decorative (shiny) items


DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds1 Cut out the selected type (downloads below) according to machine instructions
2 Carefully remove the cardstock from the plastic, making sure not to rip any of the letters
3 If necessary, use tweezers to remove any delicate parts
4 Place cardstock on a flat surface – use a folded piece of paper if you want to easily collect the glitter/confetti/whatever you’re using
5 Lightly brush on some mod podge. Alternatively, you can use double sided tape
6 Sprinkle glitter/confetti over the glue/tape until it is entirely covered. Shake off the excess glitter/confetti
7 Hang using masking tape or washing tape on the back of the poster

Other options: Apply the same method for the gold leaf, except apply small amounts of glue at a time and use tweezers to carefully place each bit of gold leaf on top, until you have as much as you desire. For the gold foil, simply cut the sheet into a desired size (mine is 4 inches), remove the backing and carefully adhere to the bottom of the page.
If you don’t have a cutting machine, you could still make a cut out poster, but you’ll want to use a short quote and very simple, straight lines. Use a ruler and pencil to write out your phrase, then a ruler, exacto knife and cutting mat to cut them all out.

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

Click on the ‘download here’ buttons to download your desired individual template, or the ‘download all here’ at the bottom to get all four. Please note – these are silhouette files, so you’ll need a machine to make them work.

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds
DIY Cut Out Typography Posters | Squirrelly Minds

Warning, you may find making these posters highly addictive.

I mentioned how the quotes I chose make me feel good and get motivated!

What quotes motivate you?

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