The Friday Five – DIY Gifts

The Friday Five - DIY Gifts | Squirrelly Minds

Body Butter with Essential Oils from Make+Haus / Printable Pillow from Kristi Murphy / ‘Lump of Coal’ printable bag from Confetti Sunshine / Gift Card Holders from Kojo Designs / Clay Macaron Ornament from Adventures in Fashion

One year I almost exclusively handmade all my gifts, and it was one of my favourite Christmasses ever. Each year since then I say I’ll do the same…..but yeah it hasn’t happened. Now that I’m on vacation (huzzah!) and still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping (oops) maybe I’ll turn my days to making some fabulous gifts for fabulous people! I’m loving the above ideas, especially that cute little macaron ornament. You could easily swap out the hardware and turn it into a year round gift like a keychain!

Are you making any gifts this year?


DIY/Holiday | Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Remember those golden pinecone place card holders we made last month? Remember me asking you to hold onto them? Here’s why folks – they look great on christmas trees!
Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
I was going to make proper ornaments with a ribbon and all that jazz, but this year we got a balsam fir for the first time, and the branches weren’t just begging for ornaments to be hung on them, but to be nestled in them.

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Now I should clarify for those of you who follow along on instagram that these photos were taken prior to the big crash. No, it wasn’t Lucy’s fault, but rather that of a weak tree stand. We didn’t figure this out until 40 or so minutes of struggling to get the tree back in the old stand. With 20 minutes left until store closing time, the mister rushed out to grab a new one while I cleaned up the rest of the spilled water and ornaments, and stripped down the tree down so we could start all over again. While a bunch of baubles and other ornaments were scattered all over the floor, guess what mostly stayed on? You got it – the pinecones!

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
To add golden (spray painted) pinecones to your christmas tree, simply separate a couple branches from each other and nestle the pinecone in between, about a 1/3 of the way down. Place the pinecones throughout the tree, particularly on dense boughs. Sit back and enjoy your natural glam christmas tree!

What’s something different on your Christmas tree this year?

Shop | Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy Gift Guide | Squirrelly Minds

top row: Citrus Trio Natural Soaps from Carriage 44 [CANADA] / Forest Animal Wooden Nesting Dolls from Wee Gallery [USA]/ Alder Geometric Photo Holder from The Crafted Life [USA]
middle row: Hand Lettered Mug from Printable Wisdom [USA] / Small Serving Bowls from Noe Marin [SPAIN]
bottom row: Printable Monthly Wall Calendar from Art File Vicky [INTERNATIONAL] / Etsy Gift Card [INTERNATIONAL] / Geometric Diamonds Print from Little Cat Draw [AUSTRALIA]

I’ve always been a fan of Etsy, but ever since joining the community, I’m a huge supporter of regular ‘ol people like me putting up their handcrafted beauties for us all to enjoy. What makes a better gift than something handmade?

It’s cutting it close (sorry I didn’t get this out earlier!), but depending where you are in the world and if you use express shipping, you just might get these beauties in time for the big day.

I’ve labeled where each item is from in the world for reference on where it will be quickest for you to order from. But if ordering product to arrive for christmas just isn’t going to cut it, you still have options. An etsy gift card is a great gift for that allows the person to shop anywhere on the entire site. Want to make it a bit more personal? Go the printables route with a calendar, print, or planner. Download the files immediately and get them professionally printed at a local print shop for a beautiful gift.

At the end of the day, I’m a huge supporter of handmade and, if possible, local. On a side note: I met the lady behind Carriage 44 when she was here last summer at a local craft fair. I can tell you first hand that the lavender oil is incredible, and the packaging beautiful!

Happy shopping friends!


Eat/Holiday | Eggnog Cupcakes

Eggnog Cupcakes | Squirrelly Minds
I love eggnog, but am a bit of a wimp when I drink it. I take my eggnog at least half and half with milk to dilute all that tongue smacking creaminess. But what is better than diluting your eggnog with milk you ask? Why by diluting it with flour and sugar and all things delicious. Aka, by turning it into eggnog cupcakes!

While she’s off cuddling her newest family addition, I’m over at Lulu The Baker today sharing my eggnog cupcake recipe. The perfect treat for the holidays.

See you there!

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