Friday Five – Thanksgiving Printables

The Friday Five - Thanksgiving Printables | Squirrelly Minds

Leftover labels from Elegance and Enchantment / Pie box labels (and more) from Freckle and Fair / Menu cards from Elegance and Enchantment / Thankful cards from Julie Blanner / Poster from Christina Adventures

It’s almost time for Yanksgiving! *ahem*. Sorry. Thanksgiving. We’ll be hosting our 4th annual ‘yanksgiving‘ next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t imagine how excited all you american friends are! Then again, I probably love thanksgiving more than the average person…
And I’m loving the thanksgiving printables. Anything to add a little personality to the dinner party! And don’t forget, there’s also these printable napkin designs.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Home | Pillows and Throws with Wayfair

Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We finished our dining room and my studio a while back now, then took a little break before moving on to the kitchen and living room. These are the largest rooms in the house so they’re taking a while, especially the living room. We finally finished the main painting and are working on touch ups now. The next thing will be bringing in the piano, getting art up on the walls and changing curtains, which is proving to be a bit nightmarish.
Anyone know where I can get affordable and stylish 14 foot pin hook curtains?
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
But I just can’t wait long enough for everything to come together, so I add little decor touches like styling the bookshelf or coffee table, or adding pillows and throws. So I was excited when Wayfair invited me to try out items from their pillows, throws and poufs sections. I knew it would be the right boost of decor in the ‘work-in-progress’ room.
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We’re painting our mantel navy and gold, so this pillow was a perfect match, especially as it sits on the barcelona chairs across from the fireplace. With our moroccan rug and other items we also have a lot of geometrical black and white patterns throughout the room, so this throw was the perfect way to continue the theme throughout the space.
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We’re still a long ways from finishing (hello basket-box turned side table, your days are numbered), but it’s refreshing to be able to add little elements to make the room feel more homey and styled. Textiles, including pillows and throws, are the perfect way to do just that.
Thanks Wayfair!

I could use some more advice:
What’s your #1 decor tip on how to easily style a room?


Blog/Life | About me on Sugar & Type

Squirrelly Minds
Hey y’all!
….Yes, I’m Canadian and I occasionally say y’all.

Did any of you happen to stumble across Sugar & Type yesterday?
The adorable Ilana asked if she could interview me and be a part of her Creative Crush series.
Uhhh…talk about honoured.

If you want to know a little bit about how I blog, teach, and now run a paper goods shop, (on top of my sweet tooth kryptonite), pop on over to read the interview.
See you there!


Christmas Gift Guides with Uncommon Goods

Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds
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Eeeee! I am so so so so so SO excited for Christmas this year. Why? Because I’m buying presents!
Last year we went away for Christmas, so presents were kept to a minimum. But this year all bets are on. And no, when I say I’m excited to buy presents that’s not code for “really I’m excited for ME to get all the presents”. Honesty I can think of one thing I want/need – an electric toothbrush. Isn’t that boring? Buying presents for others however comes with so many possibilities, and I’m working with Uncommon Goods today to bring you an ultimate gift giving guide. They have tons of great artisanal gifts, including items for your home, wardrobe, and items that can be given a personal touch.
Today I’ve put together two gift guides for you that’ll come in handy for several people on your nice list – gift guide for her and gift guide for the foodie. Let’s get shopping!

Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds

‘I’ll be there’ Necklace / State Dishtowels / Personalized Love Birch Cuff
Rose Quartz Platter / DIY Body Butter Kit / Agate Coasters / Tea Party Soap Set
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
More ideas at the Christmas Gift Guide for Women, found here.

Okay I lied about only wanting a toothbrush. That platter would be too perfect. It is pricey though so if you can add that to your shopping list all the power to ya.
Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds

Salt Collection / Coffee Explorer Set / Manhattan Rooftop Honey / Cheese & Crackers Serving Board
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Manhattan rooftop honey? Okay how cool is that.
I always love looking at the process behind a creators product, so I love the behind the scenes look on their site. They even give budding creators/artists a chance to show off their skills with design challenges over here. Fun fun!
If you head on over to Uncommon Goods you can find tons more ideas, plus a curated christmas gift list here.
Happy shopping!

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