Canada Day and 4th of July Ideas

Printables Party Pack from Botanical Paper Works | Ice Cream and Cupcake Wraps from Lemon Thistle | Raspberry Cheesecake popsicles from The Novice Chef | Canada Day Centrepieces: Love Create Celebrate
We leave Paris today and fly out to Lisbon to see my family! So so excited. But just because I’m traipsing around Europe doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about some very important dates coming up, so I’m popping in to share some Canada Day and Fourth of July inspiration.

Printable Nautical Banner from Tater Tots and Jello | Eraser Stamped Star T-shirt: Cutesy Crafts | Firework Fruit kebabs from The Baby Bump Diaries | Easy Patriotic Table Decor from Today’s Creative Life
It’ll be strange celebrating Canada Day from afar, but we’re well equipped with some red and white!
Happy celebrating!

Looking for more projects?


Print | Printable Papa Bear Shirt and Baby Bear Onesie for Father’s Day

You guys, we leave for Paris TOMORROW. I can’t believe this day came so quickly! But I’m so glad amidst all the planning mayhem that I was able to get this post out to you. Truth be told, I needed to get this DIY done cause it’s going to a very special mister this Sunday (I really hope he doesn’t read this).

It’s no secret we love constellations over here, and the mister’s favourite animal is the bear. How could I resist ursa major and minor with the script ‘papa bear’ and ‘baby bear’. A little latin lesson just in case you aren’t aware – ursa is bear in latin, so these constellations translate as big (or great) bear and little bear. Too cute no?

I’m so excited for the mister and squirrelly babe to be strutting around Paris in their matching (but not blah-cutesy-matchy-matchy) shirts. And it’s a great gift for any dad’s out there with little ones. Only a few materials are required.


  • Plain men’s shirt
  • Plain onesie or baby/child’s t-shirt
  • Iron on transfer paper
  • Printables (below)
  • Scissors
  • Iron

1 Download the above file and print onto two sheets of iron on transfer paper. The lettering will be backwards – this is totally cool folks.
2 Carefully cut out the circle – it’s best if you leave a small white trim rather than trying to get a perfect navy circle and messing up – you won’t be able to see a little bit of white but you will see a wonky circle.
3 Place the circle face down where you want it on the corresponding shirt. Iron it on according to the instructions from your iron on transfer paper. Repeat for the other shirt.

Package it up and give it to dad Sunday morning, and relish in the fact that you can have your kiddos match with dad before they’re old enough to think it’s totally lame. And if you happen to snap any photos on instagram, be sure to tag with #squirrellyprojects so I can see! It seriously makes my day to see DIY’s and such from the blog out there in the wild.

And hey need another gift idea? How about some ‘Hops for Pops’ with this printable homebrew kit?

Happy father’s day!


DIY | Father’s Day Homebrew Kit with Printables

Living on the west coast, we have a huge micro-brewery culture here, especially in Victoria BC. It’s created a lot of excitement amongst beer drinkers, but some are deciding to give it a go on their own.

The mister and a few friends are a few of those who turn their kitchens into mini breweries every few weeks. So I thought, maybe there’s other dad’s out there who wanna give this whole brewing thing a shot! Enter the mini homebrew kit with printable labels.

Get dad started on homebrewing with this mini kit, cleverly named “Hops for Pops” (gotta give the mister full credit for that one). To make this kit you’ll need the following:


To make the kit, affix the appropriate labels on the box/bottles/bags and fill with items. Assemble in your box or crate and, if needed, fill the bottom with crinkle paper or other filler. Voila!

Download and print these labels to make a homebrew kit for dad this father's day | Squirrelly Minds

This is a very basic brewing kit just to get dad started. To actually brew he’ll need additional objects like a large pot, airlock and stopper etc. (find a full list here). Either you can give these items separately or let dad pick them up when he’s ready to go.

Happy father’s day pops!


DIY | Stitch-in Designs at Fall for DIY

Photo by Fall for DIY

When my friend Fran asked if she could use my artwork in her new series stitch-in designs, I said hells yes, because that girl is the Midas of the crafting world. Whatever she puts her hands on turns into pure gold.
She’s a trained (like in real school people) textile artist in embroidery (amazing right?) and wanted to do something to get back to her craft. So she’s taking artwork and turning it into embroidered pieces. I’m honoured that my gemstone was the first.

It’s pretty darn amazing to see my painting be given new life. That’s one really cool thing about art/DIY’s/creative work in general. Just because you finish creating something doesn’t mean it has stopped evolving.
Go head over to see which gemstone she transformed, and grab a free printable of the gemstone outline to do your own embroidery art!

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