Christmas in the Paper Shop + The Holiday Collective Giveaways

Christmas in the Squirrelly Minds Paper Shop
If you caught this little teaser pic, you would have seen that Christmas was on its way to the shop – and it has arrived! A different style from the usual watercolour gemstones but still illustrated by me, this season’s holiday cards feature an illustration I call “Peace Offering”, with the cards captioned with ‘Let there be peace’. Available are single cards at $4.75CAD each, or a box set of 6 for $25.75CAD.
See you there!
The Holiday Collective Giveaways
And oh no the good news doesn’t stop there. Remember that amazing thing I’m a part of, The Holiday Collective? It just got more amazing.
Starting today over two full weeks until December 14th, one of us is hosting a giveaway every single day! And the prizes are incredible guys.

Friday Nov. 27 | Design Improvised | $400 box of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies
Saturday Nov. 28 | Pars Caeli | $100 to Seedling
Sunday Nov. 29 | Fall for DIY | Silhouette Cameo
Monday Nov. 30 | Squirrelly Minds | $200 to SnapBox
Tuesday Dec. 1 | This Little Street | $200 to Anthropologie and a beauty assortment box
Wednesday Dec. 2 | Idle Hands Awake | $150 to Artfully Walls
Thursday Dec. 3 | A Bubbly Life | $250 to Pottery Barn Teen
Friday Dec. 4 | Alice & Lois | $200 to Banana Republic
Saturday Dec. 5 | This Heart of Mine | 4 pairs of Livie & Luca shoes
Sunday Dec. 6 | The Merrythought | 1 adult bicycle & 1 kids bicycle from Brilliant Bicycles Co.
Monday Dec. 7 | Shrimp Salad Circus | $200 to Michaels
Tuesday Dec. 8 | Lovely Indeed | $150 to Social Print Studio
Wednesday Dec. 9 | A Girl Named PJ | $250 to BRIKA
Thursday Dec. 10 | Brepurposed | Welcome package & $100 to Spoonflower
Friday Dec. 11 | Damask Love | Cricut prize bundle
Saturday Dec. 12 | Hey There Home | $200 to Pottery Barn
Sunday Dec. 13 | Alice and Lois | a Minted gift card
Monday Dec. 14 | Hello Lidy | A pair of Lotta From Stockholm Clogs
Tuesday Dec. 15 | Lulu The Baker | $200 to Design Life Kids

Make sure to hop over to Design Improvised today to enter the first giveaway, and check out each blog listed above every day for a chance to win. And I’ll see you over at the Squirrelly Minds Paper Shop!


Print/DIY/Holiday | Printable Advent Calendar

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
It’s advent calendar time! Every year (except I dropped the ball last year) I like to create at least one advent calendar DIY, but this year due to a minimal amount of time with squirrelly baby, I created a bit of a hybrid DIY/Printable instead.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsI took inspiration from those classic chocolate a day advent calendars, but kept up with my tradition of creating activity based calendars instead. Every day features different activities behind each ‘door’.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsI created two versions to make this as versatile as possible. One has activities already written for you, while the other is blank so you can personalize and write them in yourself. This is perfect if there are any holiday events happening in your area that you’d like to include on specific days.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
As previously mentioned, there is a bit of DIY involved in order to get the doors to open. You don’t need a whole lot to create this calendar – busy infant-mom approved.


Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds


1 Download the file and open. Hit print, and select pages 1 and either 2 or 3, depending if you want the activities written already or if you prefer to write your own. Print onto cardstock.
2 Place the first sheet onto your cutting mat. Using a metal edged ruler and exacto knife, carefully cut along three sides of each door. The sharper the exacto knife the better! I find it helpful to line it up across a row and cut the bottoms all at once, the tops, then the side. Cut all but two angles on the star. Make sure all sides are properly cut before going on to step 3.
3 Glue the white space surrounding the tree on your second (activities) sheet. Carefully place the first sheet on top, making sure everything is aligned.
4 Hang and enjoy your daily Christmas activities!

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsDownload the file below and get crafting!
Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsPrintable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Happy counting down to Christmas friends!

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out past Squirrelly Minds advent calendars:

From The Christmas Archives


HDon’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $250 Credit to Minted! It closes this Saturday so hop to it.
And a very happy Thanksgiving friends in the US!

What are your must-do Christmas activities?


Home | Gallery Wall + Minted Giveaway

Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds

Prints graciously given by Minted. Affiliate Links are used in this post.

We have lived in our home for just over 2 years and until this past month we were living with almost completely bare walls. No, it’s not because we were lazy, although that would be a very good guess.
In past rental spaces the walls were filled with whatever cute art prints/photos that looked nice in the space – a nice but temporary solution. When we bought our first house we knew every decision would be deliberate and well thought out, especially when it came to art. We weren’t willing to put art up just for the sake of having something on the walls. No. We wanted our art to be meaningful, so we took time to collect pieces we were drawn to and held some sort of significance.

Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds The map reminds us (or me) of how much of the world we have left to see, the first nations pieces pay homage to the people who own the land we are lucky enough to live on. The bison is a watercolour of mine that is a work in progress – a tribute to all the work the mister’s father has put into studying this great animal, and his grandfather (squirrelly baby’s namesake) who raised bison. Yes, we very carefully selected each piece of art that’s up on the wall because we want it all to tell a story of our past and who we are now. I was so thankful Minted granted us art to add to our collection and our story.

Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds
Beauty Inside by Kristi Kohut
The bright poppy colours in this piece are a nice contrast to some of the more somber tones. Given that I’m a fairly bright and positive person, I wanted the gallery wall to reflect this. Plus, the mister is convinced it’s the inside of a birthday cake, which is fitting because we love sweets. However it does make me hungry every time I see it.

First of October by Kelly Money
Moody and full of depth, I could get lost for ages staring into this painting. It reminds me of our stormy west coast skies, and how much I love listening to the rain pelt down on the roof and the wind whistle through the trees.

Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds
Wake II by Lindsay Megahed
I’m not one to play favourites, but……I just can’t get over the colours and strokes of this piece. This is one that might not tell a personal story, but certainly had both of us mesmerized. It reminds me of industrial age London with thick smoke below a beautiful pink sky. Isn’t it fun how art makes everyone see different things?
Marbled Wake by SylvieCeres Designs
Living on an island, I felt it only necessary that water be represented on our gallery wall. I love the movement of this piece. It makes me want to run to the beach and dive right in, which sadly in Canadian waters would lead to certain death.
Golden Gait by Andrew McClintock
The simplicity of this piece really drew me in. Cheetah’s are such a symbol of power and strength, attributes I try to embody.

Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds
One thing I love about Minted art is that it isn’t mass produced in a factory. Each piece is by an independent artists from all over the world, sourced through on-going art competitions. I love that I know the name of nearly every person’s art work on our wall.
I can’t wait to finish the bison painting (whenever I catch up on work and squirrelly baby lets me….never?) and put it in a gold frame to complete our wall. The living room is one of the last areas to get a makeover in the pink bungalow. All we need are new window treatments and a new couch for it to be complete! But even with the old granny curtains and couch that sinks every time we sit, filling our walls with art after a few years of blankness makes our house finally feels more like a home.
Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds
Want to create your own gallery wall? Minted is giving away $250 to one lucky Squirrelly Minds reader! Just in time for Christmas too! Either get yourself a well deserved Christmas present or pick up items as gifts! Click here to enter.
Living Room Gallery Wall | Squirrelly Minds

Milk Glass Cake Pedestals | Mid century Modern Gift Wrap | ‘Trellis Notes’ Notebook | ‘Whisper’ Pillows

Minted has a huge selection of art, stationery, home goods (the fabrics are stunning) and various gift items, only a fraction of which are shown above!
The giveaway for $250 Minted Credit runs until Saturday, November 28th so jump on it!

And hey, if you don’t win/don’t want to miss out, Minted has fantastic sales coming up over the next week!
Wednesday November 25th to Friday November 27th:
BLACK FRIDAY: 15% off $100+, 20% off $150+ on holiday / art gifts
Monday November 30th:
CYBER MONDAY: 25% off all non-holiday items


Holiday/Shop | Gift Guide for the Go Getter

Gift Guide for the Go Getter | Squirrelly Minds

1. ‘Visionary Journal’ from Keep Chasing the Stars – $55.00 – Because if you’re setting goals and getting sh*t done, you need to keep track of it all to hold yourself accountable
2. ‘Watercolour Birthstone Calendar’ from Squirrelly Minds Paper Shop – $22.86 – Shameless plug here but hey! The go getter has to keep track of the days of the week right?
3. ‘You Got This Mug’ from Shop Bella on Wanelo – $16.50 – A little reminder with each morning’s coffee to keep the go getter motivated
4. ‘Hustle Darling Pencil Set’ from The Smitten Collection – $8.00 – Because it’s all about the hustle
5. ‘Nate Berkus Pencil Case’ from Target – $8.99 – To keep all those pencils and other essentials in one place
6. ‘Gold Stapler’ from Poppin – $18.00 – Pretty office staples are a must
7. To Go Notebook’ on Amelia Presents – $ – A little notebook to quickly jot down to do lists

I realize nearly everything here is white, pink, and gold. But hey! Maybe that’s just the colour palette of the ultimate go getter.
You all know her (or him). She gets more things done by the time you wake up than you do all day. Yeah, I envy her too.
For the person who is seriously hustling and kicking arse.

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