The Friday Five | Beach DIY’s

The Friday Five - Beach DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Graphic Beach Towels from Studio DIY | Straw Tote with Tassels from Boxwood Avenue | Outdoor Game Mat from Kojo Designs | Watermelon Beach Blanket from Within The Grove | Sunglasses case from Baby Bug Journals

Yeeeeeeah summer! It’s this season in particular that makes me so happy to live on an island with instant beach access whenever I want! Now, I don’t get to the beach NEARLY as much as I should/want, but at least it’s there! And I’m loving these beach DIY’s to help make your beach day the best ever.
Man…I really need to get to the beach….

Are you a beach bum?


Life | Pregnancy Update – 35 weeks

Pregnancy Update - 35 weeks | Squirrelly Minds
I realized that, aside from the odd tweet or instagram here and there, I’ve really kept you guys in the dark about being pregnant. Did you maybe even forget I was pregnant? It’s totally okay if you did.

Pregnancy Update - 35 weeks | Squirrelly Minds
Honestly it’s really flown by since my last pregnancy update 13 weeks ago. How was that 13 weeks ago!? I thought time was supposed to slow down during pregnancy, not speed up. Here I am now with 5 weeks to go and it feels like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. I remember finding out on the morning of December 23rd. I couldn’t wait to tell the mister so I asked him to come home for lunch. I wrapped up the pregnancy test in christmas wrapping paper with sparkly ribbon and had it on the table waiting for him. That news was definitely the best present I’ve ever given anyone ever.
But anyway, enough talking about the past. I’m sure you’re wondering how the pregnancy is going in the present, so let’s get started with the questions.

Pregnancy Update - 35 weeks | Squirrelly Minds
I’ve had a lot more back pain in the last couple weeks, which I completely expected and accepted due to my history. It’s mostly okay, but if I get up after sitting/laying down to long, I hobble like an old woman and grasp onto any wall/surface I can for the first few steps. A glimpse ahead of my elderly years! More than pain though is the swelling I’m experiencing. I really miss my ankles and being able to wear cute shoes!

I miss my healthy cravings of various crispy fruits. I crave sugar way more than I should be eating (ahem). Thankfully I don’t have gestational diabetes. I think that would just put me over the edge.

Okay, honesty time guys. I (and the mister) have been very fortunate to not have cray cray hormonal mood swings at all throughout my pregnancy. That is until a couple days ago. I’m not really having mood swings per se, but I’m definitely on edge. I have a lot going on this last month leading up to our squirrelly baby’s arrival, and a lot of to do’s that need checking. It’s all getting to be incredibly overwhelming in all honesty, so, yesterday I had two huge crying fit meltdowns, and I find myself on the verge of tears all day every day. I’m getting exhausted, and it’s so much harder to do anything, yet I have way more to do now than I have the last few months (because my procrastinator self is an asshole who let it get this bad). I’m starting to accept help wherever I can, but a lot of it is only things I can get done. I’ll get there, I just have to take it one step at a time.

Baby Growth
At my last midwife appt 2 weeks ago, squirrelly baby was measuring a couple centimetres over, which is completely within the normal range. But I got some shocking news from my mama the other day. My whole life I thought I was a solid but average 8lb baby. NOPE. I weighed in at a hefty 9lb 2oz! WHAT!????? Now I’m really freaking out that this squirmy baby inside me is going to come out as chunky as his/her mama!

Baby Movement
Both our families have a strong love of soccer, and I think baby knows its in their blood! While the kicks aren’t as sharp as they used to be, and have turned more into rolls and nudges, baby moves a heck of a lot. I just love watching my tummy bounce and roll around.

Well, as you know by my mood, I have a lot of things to get done before baby gets here. One of them, the big one, is so near completion – the nursery! Actually, do you notice anything about where I’m standing in the 22 week photo and the above pictures? If you’re super Sherlock, you’ll notice that it’s the exact same room, but entirely different! We started to dismantle the studio in late May and moved it downstairs in order to get that upstairs room painted and prepped for the nursery. I’m just waiting on a few items to finish the room up and then I’ll be able to give you a full tour. Can’t wait!
As far as other preparation, you might be wondering ‘what about THE day!’? I’ve been doing a lot of mental and physical preparation for squirrelly baby’s birthday by studying a birthing technique called Hypnobirthing. It’s about putting your body into a state of alert hypnosis so that birth can be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. You might find me totally out to lunch, but I don’t care. I personally know a few women who have birthed this way and have had incredible and positive experiences. One said it felt like an ‘intense yoga session’. I won’t bore you with details, but if you’re interested I highly suggest you check it out.

Pregnancy Update - 35 weeks | Squirrelly Minds
And that’s that! Just 5 weeks left until squirrelly baby’s guess date, but we’ll see when he/she decides to come! …hopefully not much earlier than September 2nd cause there’s too much to do. Stay in there nice and happy/healthy baby!


Eat | Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles | Squirrelly Minds
It’s time for our last recipe from the third annual ice cream party! And this one is definitely the healthiest. The flavours of coconut and cherry play together perfectly, and with chunks of cherries in these popsicles, it almost feels like a deluxe fruit salad. Not only is it dairy free, but if you so choose, it’s also sugar free.

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles | Squirrelly MindsI originally added maple syrup for sweetening, but I found the cherries added all the sweetness needed, so it’s up to you to decide just how sweet you want these treats to be, or if you’re on a sugar reduced diet, then enjoy the heck out of two simple ingredients! Yep, coconut milk and cherries is all you need to whip up these summer treats.

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles | Squirrelly Minds
Let’s get to it!
Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours

Yield: 8 popsicles

Calories per serving: 130/114

Fat per serving: 8g/8g

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles


  • 1 can full fat coconut milk
  • 3 cups cherries
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup (optional)


  1. If you want sweetened popsicles, add coconut milk and maple syrup in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Pit and chop 1 cup of cherries into halves and quarters. Fill your popsicle moulds halfway with cherries.
  3. Add coconut milk to the popsicle mould until it's 3/4 full. Take a spoon and mush the cherries a bit to release some colour and break up the fruit.
  4. Place popsicles in the freezer for approximately 45 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, pit the remaining cherries and thoroughly blend to make cherry juice. If you choose to have it sweetened, you could add another tablespoon or two of maple syrup, honey, or sugar.
  6. Top the popsicle moulds with the cherry juice and place back in the freezer. Allow to freeze for another 3 hours or more, until completely frozen


Calorie/Fat content based with then without maple syrup

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles | Squirrelly Minds

Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Cherry Popsicles | Squirrelly Minds
As I mentioned above, most of my ice cream recipes are no where near sugar/dairy free (bring on the cream and refined whites!). But it’s fig season, and I do have one more favourite coconut based popsicle from a few years back – Coconut Fig Popsicles. I’ll definitely be making these again with the figs waiting in my fridge!

For more ice cream inspiration….

From The Ice Cream Archives



The Friday Five | IKEA Hacks

The Friday Five - IKEA Hacks | Squirrelly Minds

RAST side table from Lindsay Stephenson | Vittsjö shelves on Style Me Pretty | Tarva dresser on Smitten Studio | Bestå shelf unit on Sugar and Cloth | PS 2012 side table on Kristi Murphy

I’m a big fan of taking something that’s plain and utilitarian and making them your own, which is why I love IKEA hacks. Sadly, my own IKEA ‘hack’ failed yesterday. We picked up a second hand ‘poang’ chair for $10. “Score!” we thought. We took it apart, sanded and painted it white (when I say we, I mean the mister) and bought the Isunda Grey cover to replace the nasty green corduroy one it came with. Last night were finally ready to put our squirrelly babies rocking chair all together.
….the frame and cushion didn’t fit.
Turns out the second hand chair we bought wasn’t a Poang after all but a very similar version. Guys, my pregnancy hormone levels rose to that point where I was very well near in tears and cranky the rest of the night. We’re on the hunt for another (proper) poang chair, because we’re going to make it work damn it! And soon, cause I gotta get this nursery done…
We’ll also be repurposing the ribba picture ledges for book ledges instead, and I have to say I’m very tempted to hack a side table for the nursery…not like I don’t have enough projects on the go…

Have you successfully hacked IKEA?

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