DIY | Cupid’s donut hole arrows

Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly Minds
Fancy a cute little treat for an upcoming valentine’s day party? Why not make a few of cupid’s arrows, complete with donut holes?
(Or as I like to call them being a Canadian, timbits…and these are in fact timbits).
This cute and simple DIY is a great way to spruce up a yummy treat for this Valentine’s day. And it doesn’t have to be donut holes. You could use mini donuts, fruit, or even veggies. But let’s admit it…anything donut related is way more fun.
Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly Minds


  • Bamboo skewers
  • Glitter card stock (or any card stock)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Donut holes or other treats


Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly Minds1 Cut your bamboo skewers to approximately 6 inches long
2 Create a template for an arrowhead and tail (example here) with heavy card stock. Trace the templates on the back of your glitter card stock, or any other card stock you choose. Trace 2 tails and two heads per skewer.
3 Carefully cut each shape.
4 Start with the arrow tails. Line a bead of hot glue on one side of your arrow tail and press together to another matching piece, glitter side facing outward. Make sure the two arrow tails line up evenly before the glue sets. Place the end of the bamboo skewer directly in the centre of the two pieces of card stock. Line another bead of hot glue inside the card stock, beside the skewer, and press firmly together until the glue sets.
5 Place your donut holes on the skewer. I put three on each one but you can choose to use more per arrow.
6 Follow step 4 again but with the arrowheads instead. When it’s time to glue them together, place the opposite end of the skewer in the centre of the arrowheads and glue together.
Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly MindsAnd there you have it! A fun and easy way to make it look like cupid left tasty treats at your Valentine’s party. Donut you want to party with cupid’s donut hole arrows?Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly MindsCupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly Minds

Tell me, what tasty treats would cupid put on your arrows?

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Comment (12)

  1. Wavatar Amanda says:

    these are perfect. what a sweet idea for a valentines-themed party! I LOVE the subtle incorporation of glitter with the arrowhead and feathers…nice work :)

  2. Wavatar laura says:

    so stinking cute!! definitely showing this idea to our food coordinator for our teen girl’s conference! xo

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love this! I’m having a girl’s night at my house for Valentine’s day and I’m SO doing this! Just pinned it :)

  4. Wavatar Heather says:

    These would be great for a “Brave” themed party as well!

  5. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    These are so delightful! Great idea!

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