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Style | Spring Break Must Haves under $100

Spring Break Must-Haves under $100 | Squirrelly Minds
While my spring break has sadly come to an end, several others are right in the middle of the much needed vacation from learning. Whether you’re taking a break yourself or going through the daily grind at work, these 8 items are perfect for the budding spring time. I mean really, aren’t those polka dot shoes just the best ever?

The Friday Five – Spring Break

The Friday Five - Spring Break | Squirrelly Minds

Spring break packing guide from Sunglass Warehouse / Waverly Cocoon Tunic from Anthropologie / Homemade sparkly play dough from Pretty and Delectable / 12 TV free spring break ideas from She Knows / Tips for watering your plants while on vacation from WonderHowTo

3:00pm (or technically 2:38pm for me) is the official start to spring break! I couldn’t be more excited, really. With the basement done and me finally having time to focus on the blog and house projects, spring break couldn’t have come at a better time. Aside from a mini trip to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver at the end of my two week break, we aren’t going anywhere this year (though I wish we were going back to Portland!).
So for any of you also about to enjoy spring break, above are travelling tips, crafts to keep the kids busy at home, or fantastic fashion finds no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

What are your spring break plans?

Style | Valentines Outfits 3 ways

Valentine's Outfits 3 ways - dinner date night | Squirrelly Minds

Valentine's Outfits 3 ways - coffee date | Squirrelly Minds

Valentine's Outfits 3 ways - date night with friends | Squirrelly Minds

Regardless what you’re up to this Friday for Valentine’s Day, there’s an outfit for the occasion. Even grey sweatpants is totally appropriate for a movie night at home. Bonus points if it has hearts on them.
We’re having a casual Valentine’s Day as all our money is going to the basement. We’ll cook a nice meal at home, then go out for dessert with a gift certificate I got ages ago (hooray!). I’d love to say I’ll be dressed like ‘dinner date night’, but I’ll more likely look like ‘date night with friends’. After all, my husband is my best friend.

What are your outfit plans for Friday?

DIY | Mini pom pom sprinkled hat

DIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly MindsWinter is still holding fast, and what’s a better way to keep your head nice and toasty than with a pretty white knit hat sprinkled with mini pom poms!
DIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly MindsIt’s a super simple project that just requires a teensy bit of time and hot glue. Bonus: it’s super cheap too. I got the hat in the Target $ bin for $3, and the poms for a bit over $2. Yes, this fabulous hat cost me less than $6. Steal!


Knit hat
Mini pom poms
Hot glue

DIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly Minds


1 Lay your hat flat on a hard surface.
2 Apply a teensy amount of hot glue onto one end of the pom pom, then place it onto the hat, pressing gently to adhere. Make sure you’re placing the glued pom pom on a piece of yarn rather than one of the gaps between the knit. This will ensure you aren’t also glueing onto another part of the hat!

Note: Instead you could sew the poms on for a bit more stability, but I had a hard time as they’re so tiny, and my sewing skills are sadly limited.
DIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly MindsDIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly MindsDoesn’t this darling hat look like it’s been sprinkled with little bits of confetti?

DIY Mini pom pom sprinkled hat | Squirrelly Minds
Go ahead and add some sprinkled pom pom fun to your winter accessories!

What winter item in your wardrobe could use a pom pom facelift?

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