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Style | 5 Spring Dresses Under $50

5 spring dresses under $50 | Squirrelly Minds

‘Whimsical garden quilted dress’ from Shop Ruche – $48.99 / ‘Daytime radiance dress’ from ModCloth – $49.99 / ‘Chiffon high waist shoulder dress’ from Jolly Chic – $39.99 / ‘Pleated Dress’ from H&M – $49.95 / ‘Tiny bird print dress’ from Rosegal – $11.15

If you’re over on the east coast then
a) I am truly sorry (hey, snow is fun right?)
b) Come back to this post in a couple months

If you’re lucky enough to live on the west coast like me, then HAPPY SPRING! The last few weeks here have been absolutely incredible. The sun is bright, the cherry blossoms are in full force (I seriously feel like I’m in an anime walking down the street) and the birds are chirping up a symphony. I love spring and the warm weather it brings, and with that, the cute dresses!
I’m in love with the top five dresses, and they’re all under $50. Score! If it’s still a bit chilly where you are, layer them with leggings, boots, and a comfy cardigan. I’ve been living in leggings the last few months, maybe it’s time I try on a dress without eh?

Are you ready to embrace spring dresses or still buried high in scarves and toques?

Style | Short hairstyles for women

Cutting long hair | Squirrelly Minds
When I was a kid I was known for my butt-length locks. My mom loved my hair and had visions of me appearing on a shampoo commercial. I probably could have if I tried.
I pleaded to get my hair cut. It was after all my hair, but I wasn’t allowed. When my mom was at work I pestered my dad to let me cut my hair until, out of frustrations, he finally gave in. My sister took a pair of scissors and CHOP! Hair all off. Needless to day, it was a bit of a shock for my mom.

I look back at that time quite fondly, but also with a pang of regret. Not for the near heart attack to caused my mom (though I do feel bad) but because I didn’t know hair could be donated for a cause, so it all simply went into the trash. I have felt horrible about it for nearly two decades.

A few years ago I decided to leave my hair alone. To let it grow in its untreated/uncoloured state until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then I’d chop it all off and donate it to a good cause.
I thought I would never reach that moment. That I would have an internal battle with myself
“Time to cut your hair Tanya”
“But I love it!”
“But you don’t need it!”

Last week while in the shower washing my hair, I realized that internal battle was over when I spent the entire time imagining what it would be like to have short hair. It is time.

Short Hairstyles | Squirrelly Minds
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

I’ve done a bit of research finding my face shape by using measurements and this flowchart. Looks like I have an oval face shape, which means I have a pretty wide range of hair options.
I was originally inspired to cut my hair short by Kate Bracken’s hair in Being Human. I love the sweep and asymmetry of it. I don’t know if I’m quite ready for hair that short, but I know I want long sweeping bangs, asymmetry, and chin length or (maybe) shorter. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll end up with when I do go in for my appointment, but I’ll show a few photos, say a few key words, take a deep breath and let my hairstylist go at it.

Until then, I need to decide where to donate my hair. I made sure not to colour/treat my hair and to grow it extra long so I could pick any donation centre I wanted. I’m sure each is as good as the other but I want to make the right decision.

Have you donated your hair before? What was your experience?

The Friday Five – Fall Fashion

The Friday Five - Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Parker Peacoat from Anthropologie / Fur Vest with waist seam from Zara / Wilfred Biot Sweater from Aritzia / Soto Ribbed Sweater from Club Monaco / ‘Sweatpants’ from H&M

Aside from cozy meals, one of my favourite things about fall is cozy outfits. As much as I love to strip off the layers and bare arms and legs at the start of summer, I equally love to layer on the cami’s, the sweaters, the jackets, the scarves, the leggings, the knee high socks…etc etc etc. Yes, I love layering.
And I love these items above. I’ve wanted to jump on the ‘fur’ vest wagon for a while now, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. I have a version of those ‘sweatpants’ (which I prefer to call glammysweats) however that, while the mister calls them ‘I dream of Genie PJ bottoms’, I absolutely love.

On a side note – I put together a different look than the one above originally, and realized every single girl was blonde. Not okay. I had to actually work at getting ethnically diverse (aka not blonde) models for the pictures. Hmph.

Hope you have a lovely weekend layering up!

Style | Mix and Match Fall Fashion

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds
Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Asos / Humble Chic NY / Ruche

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Urban Outfitters / Dynamite / Top Shop

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Zappos / 6pm / Anthropologie

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Anthropologie / Top Shop / J.Crew / J.Crew

While I declare summer to be my favourite season, fall always takes a close second. There’s something about the cool air, the leaves turning colour, and layering up against that crisp breeze. Yes, fall fashion is my absolute favourite of them all because of the layering. I just love putting various pieces together to create an ensemble – scarves, hats, cardigans, peacoats, etc.
The above items are things I either always wear (I only wear BDG skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters) or an idea of what I like to wear during the cooling season. I love the idea of mixing and matching them all to have very different outfits each time. The only things missing are my staple dark grey or black leggings, my yellow peacoat, and brown leather jacket.

What are your fall fashion must wears?

Psst. Tomorrow is the last day for the Gemstone Watercolour Giveaway! And don’t forget there’s also the Astrobrights paper and $50 Office Depot gift card giveaway – perfect for teachers and crafters!

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