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Style | Mix and Match Fall Fashion

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds
Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Asos / Humble Chic NY / Ruche

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Urban Outfitters / Dynamite / Top Shop

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Zappos / 6pm / Anthropologie

Mix and Match Fall Fashion | Squirrelly Minds

Anthropologie / Top Shop / J.Crew / J.Crew

While I declare summer to be my favourite season, fall always takes a close second. There’s something about the cool air, the leaves turning colour, and layering up against that crisp breeze. Yes, fall fashion is my absolute favourite of them all because of the layering. I just love putting various pieces together to create an ensemble – scarves, hats, cardigans, peacoats, etc.
The above items are things I either always wear (I only wear BDG skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters) or an idea of what I like to wear during the cooling season. I love the idea of mixing and matching them all to have very different outfits each time. The only things missing are my staple dark grey or black leggings, my yellow peacoat, and brown leather jacket.

What are your fall fashion must wears?

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Style | Camping in Style

Camping in Style | Squirrelly Minds

I’ve only gone camping one night so far this summer, but thankfully the mister has agreed to go camping for our anniversary, even though he doesn’t like it much. Oh what we do for love!

When I go camping I keep my outfits pretty simple – shorts, leggings or my VSD sweats, a tank, my plaid shirt, a hoodie, and always my birkenstocks. Pretty well exactly what you see here. However I don’t have a pair of sunglasses like that. I’d like to think I could pull them off but I’m not so sure. I’d be constantly imagining myself on the cover of Almost Famous, only not nearly as cool looking as Kate Hudson.
I also don’t have a backpack. I’ve loathed them ever since carting 40lb text books to and from school as a kid. But I think that hatred has dissipated – time to relive my backpack days don’t you think?

What do you wear when you go camping?

Psst if you want to cute-ify your camp site, check out this camping approved bunting from last year!
Note: I’m spending all day painting and working on signage for a friends wedding, so I’ll be signing off for the weekend. See you all Monday with the 6th #pinmakeeat!

Style/Shop | Spring Style

Spring Style | Squirrelly Minds

I just love this time of year don’t you? The layers come off, the sun is shining bright, and it feels like summer without the nasty heat waves.
Ahhh yes, this is spring.
Sadly I don’t have a pair of white pants, but if I did I would definitely wear it all throughout the spring time, paired with this gorgeous blazer and accessories. One thing I am wearing frequently nowadays? My straw hat I brought back from Cuba that looks much like the one above. These and my sunnies are a spring staple.

What are your spring style staples?

Style | The Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle

The Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle | Squirrelly Minds
Last week I posted this picture on instagram and right away had people asking how I did it. Instead of awkwardly explaining over instagram I decided to make a video to show you how. It’s been a long time since I last made a video and had a ton of fun! Scroll down to the bottom to watch.
The Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle | Squirrelly Minds
I call this the Jane Austen Twist as it’s the hairstyle I imagine all the Jane Austen female leads wear. It’s classic and feminine, and can be worn either casually or to a fancy grand ball. Not that we have those anymore…ya know they did some things right back in those days.

The best thing about the Jane Austen twist? While your hair is all wrapped up, it’s being curled at the same time.

The Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle | Squirrelly Minds
if you know me, you know I’ve often complained about how my hair never holds a curl to save my life. This hairstyle is an exception though. I’ll often wear it to bed (far comfier than our grandmother’s hair curlers) and wake up to lovely curls! Though they’re not always perfect, so if you plan to do this allow yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning to curl any straight strands with a curling wand.

The video quite clearly shows how to do the Jane Austen twist, but here are some notes:

  • You’ll need a headband and bobby pins
  • This hairstyle works best with slightly damp hair. Add product while damp to add extra hold.
  • The twisted hair can be manipulated pretty easily. You can see at :54 I’m pulling at the hair to ensure it entirely covers the headband.
  • Keep twisting your hair around the headband until you can’t fit anymore. Once you’ve reached that point then fold all the hair into the headband as shown in the video. You may need to a few place bobby pins to keep stray hairs in place.

Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle from Squirrelly Minds on Vimeo.

Now while I may be the only one to think of this as a Jane Austen twist, I’m certainly not the first to create this hairstyle. My hairdresser suggested it to me when I lamented about how difficult it is to curl my hair. Here are some more tutorials and variations on the headband twist:

The Jane Austen Twist Hairstyle | Squirrelly Minds

Yet Another Beauty Site / ModaMama / Aunie Sauce
Latest Hairstyles / Cute Girls Hairstyles
Style Me Pretty

This has definitely become my go-to hairstyle. I wear it at least once a week.
What’s your favourite way to style your hair?

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