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Print | Printable Color Game for ESL/early learners plus a giveaway with Astrobrights

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds

This post is sponsored by Astrobrights. All opinions remain my own.
Thank you for supporting those who keep Squirrelly Minds running!

Happy back to school days (mostly) everyone!

Classrooms are a bright, happy, colourful place, and paper often makes that happen.
Between classwork/assignments, bulletin boards, games, and art projects, teachers consume a tree’s worth of paper every year. (Sorry environmentalists that’s just how it be.) Us teachers can get very creative in how we use paper and colour to enhance learning. It’s an imperative part of any classroom, particularly early education/elementary, and so I was really excited to see that Astrobrights understood the impact paper and colour have in learning and in the classroom environment. So when they asked if I would like to be a part of their #ColorizeYourClassroom campaign, I immediately jumped on board.

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds

Pssst, don’t forget to head to the bottom of this post for a contest and a rad giveaway!

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate colour and games into the classroom. Since shifting teaching roles into learning support/english as a second language, I thought – hey, why not combine the two? This colour game is great for students in the school system who are just learning English, or for very young children in preschool or earlier who are just learning their colours. It’s tactile, visual, encourages speaking, and (what teachers like most of all), easy to whip up.

Here’s what you need and how to play:


  • Free printable game cards
  • Various colours of Astrobrights paper – red, green, purple, black, brown, orange, yellow, blue
  • Masking tape
  • Double sided tape or adhesive velcro
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds
Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds

How to play

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds
1 Print and cut the free game cards. On the back of each card, place a piece of double sided tape. If you want to reuse this game, laminate the cards and the sheets of paper and place adhesive velcro on each.
2 First teach the vocabulary and how to say a full sentence using the vocabulary and colour. For example: Strawberries are red/Bears can be brown.


3 Tape various coloured sheets on an empty wall or on walls throughout the school. If you don’t have a spare wall available, spread them out on a table.
4 Give each student/team a set of cards and a time limit. Students need to match their card with the corresponding colour. To encourage speaking, they must say a full sentence to gain a full point “The sun is yellow”, “The ocean is blue”. The first student/team to match all their colours and cards and say a proper full sentence wins.

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds
You can extend this activity with more colours and more pictures. I just found these images from a google image search, selecting “Labeled for reuse”. Just make sure you teach the vocabulary beforehand and that the content isn’t too colour ambivalent or culture specific.
Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds
While some schools have a large classroom supply budget and a wealth of colourful paper at their disposal, my province is not so fortunate, and I’m sure others are in the same boat. I remember (not so) fondly one year desperately trying to find pink, red, and/or purple paper for a Valentines day craft. Sadly there was none in the school because the budget couldn’t afford new paper that year.
The realities of the school system friends.

Astrobrights has two incredible things happening right now to help ease educational budget cut woes.

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds

#1 – #ColorizeYourClassroom Contest
To enter, teachers can share a photo of how they Colorize their Classroom on their Facebook page from July 7-Sept. 12. If you win, they’ll help you Colorize Your Classroom all year! One winner per state plus a Grand Prize winner will be awarded! PLUS Bonus entries earned for each original lesson plan uploaded to the page.

You guys….that means Astrobrights colourful paper for your classroom ALL YEAR ROUND. Unlike myself, you won’t have to go without Valentine’s Day Appropriate materials! There’s only ten days left so hop to it! (Only open to U.S. Residents).

And if you aren’t a teacher but still love Astrobrights paper, or are a teacher but want to up your chances of winning, there’s more.

#2 – Astrobrights Giveaway here on Squirrelly Minds
YEP! Exclusive to Squirrelly Minds readers, Astrobrights is giving away a customized package of their gorgeous papers, plus a $50 Office Depot gift card for your crafting supply needs. This is all kinds of amazing! Seriously if you aren’t familiar with their paper you need to get your hands on some. I was so impressed with the quality and the punchy colours – each with their own fun names! (Gamma Green is my faves). I realize this is a sponsored post but I’m 100% speaking from the heart here guys. And I’m so excited you have a chance to win some!

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds

Here’s how to enter:


Details are in the widget with multiple ways you can enter. The more you enter, the better your chances are.


There will be one winner chosen randomly via rafflecopter. The giveaway ends at 12:00am PST on Wednesday, September 10th. The winner will be contacted via e-mail. If there is no reply within 48 hours another winner will be drawn.

Shipping etc

Giveaway is open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Color Game Printable with Astrobrights | Squirrelly Minds
Good luck everyone!!

Print | Free Printable Back to School Card

Free Printable Back to School Card | Squirrelly Minds
How did school get to be one week away? And some of you are already back in school! Summer always seems to fly by doesn’t it?
The start of the school year is a pretty magical time, filled with excitement, uncertainty, and fun surprises. To kick off the year with a little something for your teacher, why not print off this free card and show your teacher how excited you are for the new school year!
Free Printable Back to School Card | Squirrelly Minds

Free Printable Back to School Card | Squirrelly Minds

Yep, usually it’s customary to give a word of thanks and maybe even a gift at the end of the school year, but why not at the beginning? It surely will leave a fond impression on your teacher. No, I’m not encouraging brown nosing, just starting the new year on the right foot ;)

Free Printable Back to School Card | Squirrelly Minds
As it stands now our strike isn’t nearing an end, so it looks like I won’t be back in the classroom come Tuesday. *sigh*. So I wish all of you a LOVELY first day back at school! I hope your new teacher tickles you pink!

Eat/Print | Back to School Series with Confetti Sunshine and Coco Cake Land

Back to School Series with Confetti Sunshine and Coco Cake Land | Squirrelly Minds
We’re back at it with day three of Back to School Week! And today we’re moving from DIY’s to a drool worthy recipe (with a DIY) and a fun printable!

Back to School Series with Confetti Sunshine | Squirrelly MindsOh dear Sara of Confetti Sunshine always has incredible printables, and today is no exception! Check out this fantastic Back to School Printable Poster – perfect to take a snapshot of your child on their first day back.

Back to School Series with Coco Cake Land | Squirrelly MindsOkay, apple pie donuts. Need I say more? Anything Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land whips up makes me want to board the next ferry and stalk her in Vancouver to eat all her delicious cakes. These apple pie donuts would be a perfect send off for the first day of school.

Back to School Series | Squirrelly Minds
We have another day of Back to School DIY’s! Check back tomorrow, and look through and see what we’ve already made for you:
Tan of Squirrelly Minds – Printable Math Game
Rachel of The Crafted Life – Colour blocked pencils
Lidy of Hello Lidy – DIY sequin planter
Sara of Confetti SunshineBack to School Printable
Lyndsay of Coco Cake LandApple pie donuts
Joy of Frock Files – coming tomorrow!
MJ of Pars Caeli – coming tomorrow!

Print | Back to School Series and a Free Math Game Printable

Back to School Series | Squirrelly Minds
As much as I don’t want to admit that school is fast approaching, it’s time to start planning. Lucky for you, I’ve teamed up with 6 other fantastic bloggers to bring you a week jam packed with back to school DIY’s, printables, and recipes. Welcome to Back to School Week. Hooray!
We have fabulous school worthy DIY’s from Rachel of The Crafted Life, Lidy of Hello Lidy, Joy of Frock Files, and MJ of Pars Caeli, plus a recipe from Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land and a free printable from Sara of Confetti Sunshine! Guys, it’s seriously awesome. Be sure to tune in each day this week for some awesome Back to School projects!

And to kick us off, I have a teacher approved math game printable for you:

Math Game Printable | Squirrelly Minds
I’m entering my sixth year of teaching, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve – or rather, a bag of tricks. This math game, Calculator Path, has been the best trick of all. Students love this game and so do I. It has a simple math concept and easy to follow rules, making it easy for students to grab and play. It also exercises their mental math abilities, encouraging students to do math in their head – or if they’re really stuck they’re free to write down the math equation.
Math Game Printable | Squirrelly Minds
Educational games are a great way to get your kids engaged and school ready. They help exercise the brain to get back to thinking critically and mathematically, making the school transition a little easier. This game is ideal for late primary students working on adding and subtracting double and single digit numbers – though my grade 4′s and 5′s love it too, treating it like a race.
Back to School Series | Squirrelly Minds

Math Game Printable | Squirrelly Minds

Each player takes turns choosing two numbers from the blue bar (turquoise in the above image, not sure why) and either adding or subtracting them. If the answer is on the board, they cover it with their marker, and then it’s the next person’s turn. The goal of the game is to make a continuous line from one side to the other. Younger kids will focus on this specific goal, while older kids will try to figure out ways they can block their opponent – strategy!

Math Game Printable | Squirrelly Minds
You can choose to print the game once (even laminate it for maximum durability) and cut out circles of two different colours for each player, or for a single use game you can simply use different coloured markers to cross off the numbers.

So get printing and playing to get ready for school!

Be sure to stick around all week to see what other fun activities we have to get you and your kids back to school ready.

Edit: Added:

Back to School Series | Squirrelly Minds
Here’s what you can expect coming up this week!

Tan of Squirrelly Minds –
Rachel of The Crafted Life – coming tomorrow!
Lidy of Hello Lidy – coming tomorrow!
Sara of Confetti Sunshine – coming Wednesday
Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land – coming Wednesday
Joy of Frock Files – coming Thursday
MJ of Pars Caeli – coming Thursday

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