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Print | Oscar Party Tattoos

Printable Oscar Party Tattoos | Squirrelly Minds
The Oscars are nearly here! Are you throwing a party?
I did once years ago and have always wanted to again. Unfortunately the one downside to not having cable is missing out on cool events/party opportunities like this one. But hey I’ve got your back – printable Oscars tattoos!
In this free printable, you can cut up cute tattoos of Oscar statues for your guests to proudly sport at the party. Additionally, there are 5 special tattoos for guests of honour:
Best Snacks goes to the person who skipped over the chips and salsa and really went all out to contribute to the feast.
Best dressed goes to the one that looks like they belong on the red carpet.
Most Correct Guesses is for that psychic in the group whose ballot most closely matches that of the results.
Best Speech is for any of you who want to play a little game – each person goes up and gives their award winning speech. After a vote, the person with the speech most awarding to be up on stage gets the prize.
Most Movies Seen is for that person who went all out to make sure they watched the most movies on the Oscars roster.

Printable Oscar Party Tattoos | Squirrelly MindsPrintable Oscar Party Tattoos | Squirrelly Minds
Print onto tattoo paper, cut out and voila! Happy Oscars viewing!

Are you attending or hosting an Oscars party this year?

*Note: Just a heads up that there won’t be a Friday Five Post tomorrow. See you on Monday!

The Friday Five – Valentine’s Printables

The Friday Five - Valentine's Printables | Squirrelly Minds

Unicorn Poster from CreativeLive / Heart Gift Box from Next to Nicx / Typography shirts from The DIY Diary / Art from Making it in the Mountains / Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards from Tinsel and Trim

What!? How is Valentine’s tomorrow? Seriously time is going way too fast guys. If you’re totally on the disorganized side of things like I am, these printables just might come in handy. Hang up poster or two, make a new t-shirt, fill the box with goodies and print off a card – boom! Valentine’s day is done.

Have a great one friends!
The mister and I will be celebrating Valentine’s day at our favourite Ethiopian restaurant, and then heading to the board game cafe for some gaming fun. Can’t wait!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Download | Free Amethyst Desktop Wallpaper

Free Amethyst Desktop Wallpaper | Squirrelly Minds
It’s a new month, which means a new desktop wallpaper!
Last month it was the garnet, and now in February the birthstone is amethyst. It’s gorgeous rich purple hues make it an eye catching stone. It is known as the stone of sobriety – ancient Greek’s believed it would protect you from poison.

Free Amethyst Desktop Wallpaper | Squirrelly Minds
Free Amethyst Desktop Wallpaper | Squirrelly MindsTo save, click on the download button and right click to save the image, then set it up as your desktop wallpaper..

Be sure to check out the shop for each birthstone, sold as greeting cards, prints, and a calendar.
A happy birthday to all you amethyst babies!

Friday Five – Thanksgiving Printables

The Friday Five - Thanksgiving Printables | Squirrelly Minds

Leftover labels from Elegance and Enchantment / Pie box labels (and more) from Freckle and Fair / Menu cards from Elegance and Enchantment / Thankful cards from Julie Blanner / Poster from Christina Adventures

It’s almost time for Yanksgiving! *ahem*. Sorry. Thanksgiving. We’ll be hosting our 4th annual ‘yanksgiving‘ next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t imagine how excited all you american friends are! Then again, I probably love thanksgiving more than the average person…
And I’m loving the thanksgiving printables. Anything to add a little personality to the dinner party! And don’t forget, there’s also these printable napkin designs.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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