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The Baby – Newborn Photos with Snapbox Frames

Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds

All interior photos by Squirrelly Minds. All newborn photos by Centric Photography.
This post is sponsored by Snapbox. All opinions remain my own.
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Is there anything more precious than newborn photos? Didn’t think so.
I honestly don’t know how newborn photographers do it. Patience of all the saints. But I’m so thrilled we have our gorgeous newborn photos all framed and hung up on our walls! Having this done only a couple months after squirrelly baby’s arrival is a huge deal for us.
Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds
I’m normally really really bad at getting pictures printed, framed, and hung. Really bad guys. The mister and I got married 3 years ago and it took us until this past summer to print and hang four photos. Knowing my track record, I was a bit worried our newborn photos would sit on our hard drive forever for no ones eyes but our own. Add a baby to the mix and getting organized enough to do it all just goes out the window. Squirrelly baby would be enrolling in kindergarten before we got any photos up.

Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds
Thank goodness for the internet. Being a new mom, it’s hard enough for me to get out of the house, let alone go and take time to select the perfect frames for our newborn photos. Even assembling frames is daunting. So it’s such a relief to go to the computer, upload my photos and know that with a few mouse clicks, framed photos would arrived at my door ready for hanging.

Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds
You know how store bought frames (especially a certain low budget swedish home goods/furniture chain) often have the wire separate for you to attach on the back? I’m so thankful that snapbox frames are all ready to go, even with the cushion pads on the bottom. Time I would have spent frustrated at setting up the frames (I get frustrated easily) was spent cuddling squirrelly baby instead! Time well spent I say.

Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds
I received snapbox frames before, so I knew I would be pleased with the frame quality. It’s so much better than what I would have found off the store shelves, and they just look so good together on the walls.
I chose fine art paper for the photos. I wasn’t sure how it would look as I’ve only printed large photos on regular photo paper, but I was incredibly happy with how it turned out. Up close it has a watercolour paper texture, giving it depth, but from a foot or so back it looks like matte photo paper. The printing is high quality and just looks perfect in the frames!

Newborn Photos - Squirrelly Baby | Squirrelly Minds
I mean really, who wouldn’t love staring at a wall full of framed pictures of their baby?

Life | Introducing Squirrelly Baby

Introducing Squirrelly Baby - Photo by Centric Photography | Squirrelly Minds
All photos by Centric Photography
He’s here! Welcome to the world Squirrelly Baby!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen plenty of feet and outfit shots of baby Rhys. It’s taken me a little longer to share him with you here on the blog, but here he is, the love of my life.
Our beautiful baby joined us on September 13th at 2:59pm at a whopping 9lb5oz. Wahoo! He is now 5 weeks and a day old. How a month has already flown by I don’t know. It really is true what everyone says about time moving so fast when you have a little one. Even the days also move by so fast, which is funny to think considering they mainly consist of snuggles, diaper changes, feedings, and visits from family and friends.
Introducing Squirrelly Baby - Photo by Centric Photography | Squirrelly Minds
I’m absolutely in love with motherhood and, specifically, this wondrous little guy who made me a mum. He is such an amazing baby – calm, happy, expressive. Every day is filled with new discoveries, like how he smiles when I tickle his cheek, or how he loves to be held against my chest so he can observe the world around him.
The word love just isn’t enough to describe how I feel for him. When he looks up at me and I gaze into his deep blue eyes, the rest of the world falls away. His little facial expressions and murmurs fill me with an immense joy I can’t even fathom, and every time I look at him my heart bursts with a love that rivals that of the greatest love stories of all history.
I truly am the luckiest person in the world to have him in my life.

Life | Squirrelly Baby’s Due Date!

Squirrelly Baby's Due Date - Photo by Centric Photography | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Centric Photography.

Well folks, today is what doctor’s calculated would be squirrelly baby’s birthday! Of course babies never listen, so the chances of him/her coming today are incredibly slim. Nevertheless it’s time for me to say my mini farewell so I can rest before baby’s arrival and get ready to welcome him/her into our lives. I’m so excited!

I’ve planned ahead to keep up with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, with all Friday Fives and the desktop wallpaper posts ready to go until the end of October. I’ll try to pop in elsewhere but don’t be surprised if I miss a Monday or Wednesday here and there. But don’t worry, I have some incredible ladies coming over to hang out with you guys! Trust me, you want to keep coming back ’cause there are some gemstone posts headed your way.

If I can, I’ll pop on here shortly after squirrelly baby arrives with a little announcement, but no promises. You can however definitely follow along on Instagram, because you know I’ll be there.

x’s and o’s to you all. See you again when I’m a mommy!

Life | Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

Pregnancy Update - 38 weeks | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Centric Photography

Yes, we’re at 38 weeks. How was my last pregnancy update already 3 weeks ago? How is there only 2 (roughly) weeks to go? We’re in the home stretch friends, baby could come any day.

Things have been going really well. I got back a few pictures from our maternity photo shoot at 36 weeks and love them. I’ll be sharing a whole whack load more of them next week so get ready!
For now, let’s get on with the questions.

I’ve been all right in this department. The other night however I did have an insane evening full of braxton hicks. They weren’t painful, but rather my stomach would just go rock hard and no matter what I did (aside from take a bath) I could not get comfortable. Oh the joys of the body preparing itself for what’s ahead!

I can never get enough ice cream, a craving I try to curb with plain greek yogurt instead…try.

SO much better than the last update! I’ve gotten a lot more things finalized/finished and have had to force myself to take a few days off from doing anything but lay on the couch and watch gilmore girls. It’s been completely rejuvenating and so needed.

Baby Growth
My uterus was measuring just 1cm over at yesterday’s appointment – so hoping that means baby stays at a good size!

Baby Movement
I can definitely tell when squirrelly baby is sleeping, and certainly when he/she is awake! We’re now able to press around on my tummy and be able to tell if we’re feeling a foot and bum etc, which is really really cool!

I still have a few things on my to do list, namely getting Squirrelly Minds set so you all have something to see at least once or twice a week, but mainly it’s boring practical stuff like maternity leave, insurance papers etc. I had to knock a lot of items off my list because I just knew I couldn’t get it done in time, so the shop has remained a bit stagnant in result of that. But all the ‘must do’s’ are finished, and after purchasing a few more ‘must haves’, we’ll be all set to go!

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