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Life | Biggest Announcement Yet

Baby Announcement! | Squirrelly Minds
I like to coin the above picture as “A Special Kind of Addition”. Clever isn’t it?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I did pre-Christmas. Well it was after Christmas that I not only took on a fuller work schedule but also had to endure the dreaded first trimester. Yes friends you read that right, I’m pregnant with our first! This late August/early September there will be a little baby running around in the Squirrelly Minds HQ. Okay maybe not running around, but certainly taking over the place. I’m 17 weeks along and couldn’t be more excited!

It’s still hideable with the right clothes, but I’m definitely developing more of a bump. And while I hate to admit it in fear of being exiled from 90% of mother’s out there, I’ve had quite an easy pregnancy so far. I did have nausea and food aversions (cooked onions!) but I thankfully never unwillingly gave up any meals churning in my tummy. The worst was battling inhumane exhaustion. Despite several naps and 9+ hours of sleep, I constantly felt like I was running on empty. It was hard feeling so exhausted and useless when I’m used to being so productive!

Now that the second trimester is well under way I’m hoping to get things back on track here. Though forgive me if SM is not up to its past vigor. I’ve got lots going on right now! YAY BABY!
I’m so excited to finally share the news with you all! Squirrelly Minds won’t be turning into a mommy/baby blog any time soon, but please forgive me for posting DIY’s and cute nursery inspiration here and there.

I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

Life | Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials | Squirrelly Minds
ModCloth Top / TopShop Leggings / J.Crew Ballet Flats / Warby Parker Sunglasses / Shop Ruche Tote / Project Juice / Nature’s Path Granola Bars / Target Trail Mix / Made in Nature Dried Fruit Mix / Young Living Essential Oils / Burt’s Bees Lip Balm / Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer
We’re still out there trekking it on the open road! Today we head to our favourite city – Portland!
If there’s anything I focus most on when packing for a road trip, it’s comfort. Every last thing I wear, eat, and do has to be to make myself more comfortable. Above is an example of things I brought with me to make this road trip the best yet.
Comfort always comes first when it comes to road trips. Leggings are my go to comfy pants in and out of the home, so they’re a no brainer for in the car. Paired with a baggy cotton shirt, a big bag to throw everything in, cool sunglasses and ballet flats (my go to comfort shoe), you’ll be looking and feeling good.
Water always comes first, but sometimes you need something to get those blood sugar levels up – enter pure veg/fruit juice! Sitting in a car for long hours I don’t crave a big meal, but I do want to snack. A lot. Like, the entire time. Granola bars, dried fruit and trail mix come in super handy.
I’ve recently REEALLY gotten into essential oils, so this is the first time I’ll be taking them on a road trip. But I can’t imagine going 10 days without them! I’m excited to try lemon and peppermint infused cotton balls in the vent slats for energy! Much needed on a long haul drive. I take sanitizer with me (wherever I got) for those times there isn’t soap and water around. And of course I need something to keep these lips moisturized!

What are your road trip essentials?

Life | Oregon Coast Road Trip

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo from Kevin & Amanda | Squirrelly Minds
Original photo from Kevin & Amanda
What? A post on a Tuesday? Yes! Why? Because I need your advice!
The mister and I are heading out on a road trip down the oregon coast and to northern California this Friday. I’m so excited! And I was hoping some of you maybe had some tips and advice on the places we’re going to stay. Favourite restaurants, favourite sightseeing spots, favourite ice cream joint – I wanna know!

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo from the Jefferson County Website | Squirrelly Minds

Photo from the Jefferson County Website

We’ll be hopping through Port Townsend when we get off the ferry. Honestly we’ll probably only have time for coffee or lunch, but we wanted to at least check it out.

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo by Dan Sealy| Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Dan Sealy

This is our first main stop. We originally planned to stay right in Canon beach, but the accommodation I fell in love with got snatched up before we booked. But that’s okay because Astoria looks pretty cool. We’ll be here for two nights. What are your suggestions for the area?

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo by Michael Kauffmann | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Michael Kauffmann

The Redwoods! That really is the only reason we’re staying at Bayside. (That and it makes me think about Saved by the Bell.) All we care about while in northern California are trekking through those gigantic trees! Well that’s not true, we’ll be heading over to Eureka as it’s supposed to be a pretty cool town. What do you think?

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo by Graham Lewis | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Graham Lewis

A coworker told me how cool a city Ashland is, especially during the Shakespeare festival. BONUS! We’ll be there for the festival! Boo, we won’t arrive or be there long enough to catch a show. Oh well! We’ll be wandering the streets instead.

Oregon Coast Road Trip - Photo by Jennifer Barry | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Jennifer Barry

And Portland! We fell in love with the city when we came two years ago and have been wanting to come back ever since. I can’t wait! This time we’ll have the chance to check out Multnomah Falls as well as our favourite places like The Bailey’s Taphouse and that grilled PB&J sandwich street cart. Gosh I hope it’s still there…

We’ll also be spending our last night in Port Angeles WA, but that’s just a stop over so we can catch the morning ferry. We’ll swing by Olympia WA to do a major Trader Jo’s shop (hello grass fed butter!) and maybe check out that state government house thing. I don’t know, we drove by it last time and it was pretty.

Have you been to any of these places? What are your recommendations?

Life | Family Day

Family Day | Squirrelly Minds - Image by Ameris
Image from our engagement photo shoot with Ameris

Today is Family Day in BC, so I’m spending some time offline to enjoy the day. I’ll be back Wednesday with some Valentine’s fun.

Are you spending time with your family lately? What do you like to do together?

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