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Eat | #PinMakeEat11 – Tested Pinterest Recipes

#PinMakeEat11 - Creamy Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole from Pinch of Yum | Squirrelly Minds

Creamy Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole from Pinch of Yum

Hooray! #PinMakeEat is back!
Boo….I only did one recipe this month.
And it’s kind of weird, because with the international students staying with us we’re certainly cooking more than we were before. But I think because of that we just have less energy to try new things and default to recipes we know and love. One of the reasons I picked this recipe is because it looked so easy – and it really was. It was the students’ first time having quinoa and they really enjoyed it. Plus I loved having the broccoli in there for that added green veg. I didn’t add bacon though…and I really should have because hello, bacon makes everything better always.

So I may not have made a whole lot of pinterest recipes this month, but this one was a definite winner that I will try again!

What’s your favourite Pinterest casserole?

Eat | Top 10 Smoothies

I’m a huge smoothie fan. In fact I’m enjoying one right now as I type this – kale, strawberries, pineapple, peanut butter, hemp seeds, and ginger. I tend to stick to the same ‘ol though and am wanting to branch out a bit more. In case you’re in a smoothie rut like I am, I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favourites from a bit of soul (aka pinterest) searching. I look forward to trying each of these soon!

Blogging Over Thyme
This beautiful smoothie includes dates, coconut water and hemp seeds. What an incredible way to start the day!

The Pioneer Woman
I’m not waiting until the fall to try this smoothie. Yum! For a healthier alternative, I’d swap vanilla yogurt for plain yogurt, and crushed graham crackers for crushed pecans.

What’s Gaby Cooking
Greens are a must have in my smoothies. This one is packed full of spinach and almond butter.

Eat Yourself Skinny
Put avocado in anything I’m happy. An avocado and mango smoothie? You’ve won my heart.

Something Swanky
I’ve never put chocolate anything in my smoothies as that always felt like too much of a treat, but I may have to start with this Chocolate Almond Oatmeal smoothie.

Love and Lemons
If you’re looking to cut down your coffee intake but still want a bit of caffeine, consider this Japanese green tea (matcha) smoothie instead.

This Rawsome Vegan Life
Just using 4 ingredients makes this smoothie super easy and delicious.

Kath Eats
I love topping my smoothies with peanut butter for a bit of extra protein and yummy flavour. This smoothie is turned into a meal – it can’t get any better than that!

Oh My Veggies
Ginger has such incredible health benefits, and it’s spicy flavour gives any dish a kick. This Kale-Ginger detox smoothie is great for a boost of nutrients.

The Green Forks
A carrot cake smoothie that’s 1000x healthier than the real thing? Sold.

What is your favourite smoothie?

Eat | #PinMakeEat10 – Tested Pinterest Recipes + Cyber Monday Sale

Squirrelly Minds Paper Shop Cyber Monday Sale
I promised a #pinmakeeat today, but I couldn’t let the day go by without reminding you about the one day only sale at the Squirrelly Minds Paper Shop. Head on over to get 25% off your entire order, for today only!

And now back to regular programming…

#pinmakeeat 10 | Squirrelly Minds - Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Red Onion and Avocado from Heather Christo

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Red Onion and Avocado from Heather Christo

#pinmakeeat 10 | Squirrelly Minds - Kale and Wild Rice Casserole from Half Baked Harvest

Kale and Wild Rice Casserole from Half Baked Harvest

#pinmakeeat 10 | Squirrelly Minds - Baked Pumpkin Kale Macaroni & Cheese from Some The Wiser

Baked Pumpkin Kale Macaroni & Cheese from Some The Wiser

Yes I only got to 3 recipes last month. But man I tell you they were worth it.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Red Onion and Avocado: I’m a bit of an anomaly in that I LOVE brussels sprouts. Yes, I love them so much that the word warrants capitals. But man, when you add them to bacon, red onion and AVOCADO!? It’s a freaking dream of a side dish friends…or main dish if you like to gobble them all down like me.

Kale and Wild Rice Casserole: At first I was miffed at having to cook the onions for a whole 20 minutes. I mean, that’s an entire episode of Full House! But I decided to stick to the recipe and I tell ya, that 20 minutes was well worth it to get those caramelized delights on top of the casserole. I ended up cooking then baking the entire dish (minus the onions) in our cast iron skillet and it turned out perfectly.

Baked Pumpkin Kale Macaroni & Cheese: I don’t make mac and cheese a whole lot. I feel like the lack of nutritious value negates the delicious factor. I know it’s minor on the grand scale, but having kale in this mac and cheese made me feel a teensy bit better about eating it, especially paired with pumpkin. I’d love to try it with real pumpkin sometime too. And those bread bits thrown on top? Nice touch.

What’s your favourite recipe lately?

Eat | #PinMakeEat9 – Tested Pinterest Recipes

#pinmakeeat 9 | Squirrelly Minds - One Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta from Kitchen Treaty

One Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta from Kitchen Treaty

#pinmakeeat 9 | Squirrelly Minds - Portabello Gouda and Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese from Heather Christo

Portabello Gouda and Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese from Heather Christo

#pinmakeeat 9 | Squirrelly Minds - Spinach and Feta Crock Pot Lasagna from Diet Hood

Spinach and Feta Crock Pot Lasagna from Diet Hood

#pinmakeeat 9 | Squirrelly Minds - Skillet Lasagna from Boston Globe

Skillet Lasagna from Boston Globe

#pinmakeeat 9 | Squirrelly Minds - Baked Parmesan Spaghetti from How Sweet It Is

Baked Parmesan Spaghetti from How Sweet It Is

Yes, I am fully aware that the ninth installation of #pinmakeeat was disgustingly laden with pasta. We aren’t usually huge pasta fans around here, but I think the ease of it (and let’s face it, its cheapness) was particularly attractive to us this month. And you know what? We really enjoyed it. I now kind of see what all the hoopla is about pasta. It’s delicious!

One Pot Creamy Pumpkin Pasta: I was sold at ‘one pot’. The less dishes the better. I loved how easy this dish was to put together, but I think I must have grabbed a sugary can of pumpkin pie filler rather than just pumpkin pie mush as it was much sweeter than I would have liked. I definitely want to try it again because hello, it’s pumpkin pasta.

Portabello Gouda and Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese: I’m a fan of any grilled cheese. Aside from the horribly processed kind, you stick whatever cheese between two slices of bread and slap it on the grill and you can call me a happy girl. But guys, this grilled cheese was an explosion of flavours. I hate saying that because it’s so cliche, but it’s completely true. What really kicked this sandwich into high gear was the kale pesto – it was so damn good. I want to make a massive jar of it and slap it on every single meal.

Spinach and Feta Crock Pot Lasagna: Just like I’m drawn to the words ‘one pot’, I also love anything that has to do with a slow cooker. I didn’t really think of the possibility of making a lasagna in the slow cooker, but was it ever the best smell to come home to. It only requires a few hours in the slow cooker so it’s not one to start before you go to work, but it’s definitely the perfect (oh so cheesy) meal for those weekends when you’re running errands all day.

Skillet Lasagna: We tried this one out because it was different. The layers got a bit messy but my favourite thing about this lasagna was the fresh basil leaves. It really gave it a nice kick.

Baked Parmesan Spaghetti: We also tried this one because it was different – lasagna and spaghetti swapped cooking methods this month folks. I like the idea of throwing pasta in the oven and letting it bubble away. We didn’t add nearly enough tomato sauce to this one. I think it if we had we would have enjoyed it more. And it would have been incredible if we had that same butt load of cheese melted on top….mmmm cheese.

Here’s hoping for a healthier #pinmakeeat 10!

What pinterest recipe did you make this month?

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