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Shop | 10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Striped Cat Studio
I still love this painting of Paint, done last year by Kate of Striped Cat Studio. Paint is my parents’ family dog. Their massive old dog with a puppy personality. He has suffered with arthritis and other ailments for years, and the last two weeks has seen a drastic turn in his health. This morning, he is being put down to end the suffering he has endured for too long. It’s hard to swallow, and I can’t imagine going over to visit my parents and not seeing him lounging under his favourite tree. I’m going to miss that lethal wagging tail (it would knock you right out), his playful manner, and his unending adoration and love.
Paint, you are loved, and you will be missed.

To honour the most loving dog I’ve known, here are 10 of my favourite 10 art pieces honouring our furry friends.

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Anna Tyrell

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Red Gate Arts

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Dear Catherina

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Valerie Davide

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Happy Menocal

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Water in my Paint

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Dawning Crow

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Thomas Rude

10 adorable dog art pieces to hang in your home | Squirrelly Minds
Forever September

And of course, you can also check out Kate’s Etsy Shop Striped Cat Studio for custom dog portraits.
Sending all my love to Paint and every dog out there

Home | 9 perfectly indoor plants

9 Perfectly Indoor Plants | Squirrelly Minds
This is a sponsored post by Gaddy’s Plant Hire. Opinions are always my own.
Thank you for supporting those who keep Squirrelly Minds up and running!

It feels SO good to be back, and to come back to an exciting weekend.

I’ve searched for a fiddle leaf fig all year with no luck, until Saturday.
Walking through Home Depot I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe it and seriously approached the tree like a feral animal, afraid it would run away. But it stayed put there and all they way home until it landed in our living room.
Her name is Frankie. Isn’t she beautiful?

9 Perfectly Indoor Plants | Squirrelly Minds
Yes I name my plants, and I have a new theory. If you don’t name your plants, they will feel unloved and die.
At least that’s what happened to my dear aloe vera plant. I had to cut the root off and save each healthy stem in hopes that I can create new plants. Wish me luck!

I’m still quite new to the indoor plant thing (I used to have quite the black thumb) so I’m always on the hunt for plants that thrive indoors and are easy to take care of. From purifying the air to being dead easy to take care of, here are my top 9 plant picks for your home. Click on the sources for more suggestions and information on the plants:

9 Perfectly Indoor Plants | Squirrelly Minds

These plants work extra hard to purify the air in your home. Be sure to do a bit of research to find the best growing conditions for each one.

9 Perfectly Indoor Plants | Squirrelly Minds

For those afraid of being a plant murderer, these guys are your best bet. Many lists included aloe, which I managed to kill. This one didn’t so I’d say it’s fairly reliable.

9 Perfectly Indoor Plants | Squirrelly Minds

Sometimes it’s hard to find a lot of light for your indoor plants and your window area ends up being hijacked by the green beasts. These guys are perfect for homes with a little less natural light to go around for all.

Plants are meant to live a long time, and if your style changes often then buying plants may not be appealing. Did you know you can rent/hire plants? Find a gardener who rents/hires plants, choose one you like and keep it until you want a change. This is especially perfect in an office or for an event.

If you’re in the Sydney area, Gaddy’s Plant Hire not only has plants you can hire, but they’ll also take care of them, making sure you don’t have to worry about how much water or light the plant is getting. An easy solution to indoor greenery! They have quite gorgeous containers too, like the marcato and quadro desktop planters and the lechuza floor planter. Can you tell I like white? Check them out if you’re in Sydney (Oz) and tell me what you think!

What are your favourite indoor plants?

Home | Camping in Cute Campers

Camping in Cute Campers | Squirrelly Minds
Image via Miss Gracie’s House

For a while I’ve thought about campers and how fun it would be to get an old one and update it to maximum cuteness. This past weekend when I went away camping for a night I realized it wasn’t only a fun dream of mine, but that it would one day have to be a reality. I mean, once we have kids there’s no way we’ll want to hunker down in a tent. Nope, I’ve decided, we’ll have to get a camper. It will have to be something small that can hitch onto the back of our CUV (compact suv), but large enough that we can sit around the table while it pours outside, because living on the west coast you know that’s always a possibility.

It won’t happen for a few years now. After all we have a house to remodel before we can even think about a ‘summer home’. But that doesn’t mean I can ogle over some amazingly cute campers now right?

Camping in Cute Campers - My Vintage Party | Squirrelly Minds

My Vintage Party

Camping in Cute Campers - The Modish Manor | Squirrelly Minds

The Modish Manor

Camping in Cute Campers - The Fancy Farmgirl | Squirrelly Minds

The Fancy Farmgirl

Camping in Cute Campers - Cody and Audra Wright | Squirrelly Minds

Cody and Audra Wright

Camping in Cute Campers - Sweet Meas | Squirrelly Minds

Sweet Meas

Some more examples:
1950′s camper remodel on Design Sponge
1964 caravan remodel on Apartment Therapy
1968 Serro Scotty camper on Westphoria
1972 Frolic camper remodel on The Joy of Caking

Do you camp in a camper?
If so I want to hear all about it – is the maintenance worth getting one?

Home/Life | Dining Room Makeover – After

Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly Minds
Remember what our dining room used to look like? It’s a far cry from that now! This room really was a labour of love from day one. We worked on it slowly overtime, and in fact are still working on it. What you see here is not the final product, and to be honest I was hesitant posting this knowing it isn’t the final remodel. But if I waited until everything was put in place you might not see the dining room until another few months…if ever.
Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly Minds After refinishing the dining room table, the light fixture was the first thing we changed in this space. We were determined to find a statement piece but something that was still suitable to the modest space. Because we knew the rest of the dining room renovation was going to be fairly cheap, we allowed ourselves to splurge a little here. So the light fixture was the first to change, followed by the curtains, and several months later, the wallpaper. And oh man ripping down that wallpaper made all the difference. As much of a pain as it was to remove, it was well well worth the trouble.Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsWe actually began tearing down the wallpaper in November, but this 30+ year old glue didn’t want to play nice. We only got a quarter of the wall done until we had to call in a dry waller to fix all the deep gouges. With basement renovations taking over and Christmas in Cuba around the corner, we ended putting the room on hiatus for longer than intended. We finally got back to it last month and it came down much easier than anticipated. *phew*!Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsI’m insanely happy with the wall colour. Hoping to divert another disaster like this one, we bought four paint samples and painted them all on a wall. Over 24 hours we observed the paint colours in all forms of light until we finally made our choice – Behr Marquee in Cascade Green.
A HUGE thanks to Home Depot for sending me a gift card. We picked up a gallon of Behr Marquee paint, and now I’ll never paint with anything else. This paint went on so smoothly with such amazing coverage. It only took one coat plus touch ups! I’ve since raved about this paint to my friends and anyone who will listen because it’s that good. I promise you, I am not just saying this because I was given a gift card. These are totally my own words and opinions!
Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsWe also freshened up the old wooden wainscotting with a coat (or 5) of crisp white paint. We used left over paint but let me tell ya, I wish we had gone out and purchased a new one from Behr Marquee. Because of the oils on the wood, it took several coats to turn the panelling from yellow to white. We got there eventually and are super happy with the results.
Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsDining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsDining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly Minds
Dining Room Makeover - After | Squirrelly MindsAs the above picture demonstrates, the kitchen (which badly needs a redo) leads into the dining room. While the set up makes them two distinct spaces, you can’t be in one room without seeing the other. Which leads me to ask for your help:

What do you think I should do?
- Paint the kitchen walls white with Cascade Green cabinets (dining room wall colour)
- Paint the kitchen walls Cascade Green with white cabinets
- Paint the kitchen white, grey, and maybe some other accent – but not Cascade Green.

What’s your vote?

Shop the room:
Light Fixture – McLaren Lighting (local)
Curtains – Jysk
Chairs – Overstock (We bought ours elsewhere but they’re no longer available)
Sheepskin – IKEA (We bought ours at Costco for $27 each – steal!)
Bamboo rug – Natural Rug Co
Lamp – Urban Barn
Silver Hammered Bowl – Target (Ours is from Superstore)
Silver Frames – IKEA
Botanical Prints – IKEA

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