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Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds
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Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

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Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

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Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds


Gold Bathrooms | Squirrelly Minds

The Design Files

I am a sucker for gold and brass fixtures. All gold all the time! The mister however disagrees. He feels all this gold hoopla in the home will be outdated in a few years.
I get where he’s coming from. I mean, look at gold fixtures from the 80′s. One look at those old bathrooms is enough to make you feel like you should be off to aerobics in neon coloured spandex. But the difference between 80′s and current gold lies within the lines. While the 80′s was the gaudiest of all decades, gold is currently being used in a far more streamlined and classic. In fact, current gold fixtures hearken back to early 20th century with its clean lines and minimalist approach, making it more timeless. But I do wonder, as much as I LOVE gold in the home, despite the classic lines will it look oh so ’2015′ in another 10 years.

What do you think?

Christmas Decorations for the Home

Christmas Decorations for the Home | Squirrelly Minds
Above image from Christmas Cracker DIY. All other images curated and designed by Squirrelly Minds.
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Christmas decorating is one of my favourite things ever! We aren’t allowed to decorate until after Yanksgiving (the mister’s rules not mine, though I agree), so I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend. Our decor is a bit all over honestly. The tree is pinks, silvers, whites and reds, while the decor is more natural. Everyone likes to style a bit differently so I found 3 different Christmas decorations looks: gold and black, natural, and colourful.

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Gold geometric stag head / 2: / Honeycomb decorations / 3: Gold glitter star / 4: Gold and black christmas tree baubles / 5: Gold beaded ribbon / 6: Gold glitter reindeer ornaments

Seriously that gold geometric stag head. I just can’t handle how amazing it is! I love the idea of a gold and black Christmas. Totally contemporary and not what you’d expect at all, but man is it oh so classy or what?

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Hanging Star Advent Calendar / 2:Laser cut wooden windmill ornament / 3: Pine cone and berry branch garland / 4: Wooden ornaments / 5: Twig & Star Wreaths

I love the look of decorations in natural colours and materials. It feels super homey, handmade, and christmassy to me. I have the deer version of that laser cut wooden ornament and it’s my favourite item that hangs on our tree.

Gold and Black Christmas Decorations | Squirrelly Minds

1: Felt circle garland / 2: Retro glittery ornaments / 3: 50 pack pink and purple decorations
4: Jingle bell garland / 5: Door mat

Who doesn’t love colour! This is for people who might not like the whacky shapes of a Dr Seuss Christmas, but who sure love rainbows!

Gold and black, natural or colourful, what’s your christmas decorations style?

Home | Pillows and Throws with Wayfair

Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We finished our dining room and my studio a while back now, then took a little break before moving on to the kitchen and living room. These are the largest rooms in the house so they’re taking a while, especially the living room. We finally finished the main painting and are working on touch ups now. The next thing will be bringing in the piano, getting art up on the walls and changing curtains, which is proving to be a bit nightmarish.
Anyone know where I can get affordable and stylish 14 foot pin hook curtains?
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
But I just can’t wait long enough for everything to come together, so I add little decor touches like styling the bookshelf or coffee table, or adding pillows and throws. So I was excited when Wayfair invited me to try out items from their pillows, throws and poufs sections. I knew it would be the right boost of decor in the ‘work-in-progress’ room.
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We’re painting our mantel navy and gold, so this pillow was a perfect match, especially as it sits on the barcelona chairs across from the fireplace. With our moroccan rug and other items we also have a lot of geometrical black and white patterns throughout the room, so this throw was the perfect way to continue the theme throughout the space.
Pillow and Throws with Wayfair | Squirrelly Minds
We’re still a long ways from finishing (hello basket-box turned side table, your days are numbered), but it’s refreshing to be able to add little elements to make the room feel more homey and styled. Textiles, including pillows and throws, are the perfect way to do just that.
Thanks Wayfair!

I could use some more advice:
What’s your #1 decor tip on how to easily style a room?

Home | Bathroom Shopping Guide

Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide | Squirrelly Minds

Outtake from the Squirrelly Minds Studio Reveal
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When we finished our huge basement renovation, we took a much needed break from anything that would require a trip to the hardware store. But we slowly got over it and finished the dining room and studio. We’re now unexpectedly at full steam ahead with our bungalow redecorating with our copper and white kitchen slowly shaping up, and after over a year of dealing with the hideous banana split colour, our living room is finally getting painted in the next couple weeks. All that we’ll have left is the hallway, bedroom, and bathroom.
Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide | Squirrelly Minds
Ohh my much loathed bathroom. See, our bathroom is so tiny it doesn’t even warrant square footage on the floor plan. One day we plan to knock out a few walls and do a huge reno to the main floor (can’t wait) but for now, I’m going to dream about these beautiful bathrooms.
These two bathrooms are my inspiration for our mini bathroom makeover and our future bathroom overhaul, and if I lived in the UK like many of you lucky folk I’d be hunting down items over here. Care to come dream with me?
Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide - Photo by Per Kristiansen | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Per Kristiansen / Styled by Matt Carr & Joyce Lo

I’m obsessed with two styles of bathroom right now, and one of them includes lots of gold/brass touches. Yes there is a chance that in 10-20 years our hypothetical children with be thinking “god mom WHAT were you thinking!?”, but right now I just love the touch of regality gold and brass bring to a room. It can be tricky finding accessories in gold, but thankfully my friend spray paint is always by my side.
Here are some items to go along with the above image, including ones I would add to complete the look.
Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide | Squirrelly Minds

1 . Round Mirror / 2. Pedestal Sink / 3. Shelf / 4. Towel Rack / 5. Bath Faucet
6. Traditional Free Standing Bath

Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide - Photo by Andrew Grinton | Squirrelly Minds

Photo by Andrew Grinton / Designed by Barbara Purdy

Now this bathroom I have been obsessed with for years. Or at least since I first pinned it about a year or two ago. I just love the mix of cold ceramic tile with soft wood – especially the slatted wood on the shower floor! It gives the space a completely calming feel, making the bathroom a place you want to stay in, unlike mine which is a space you spend as little time in as humanly possible. Wood and white tile is the other bathroom look I’m completely obsessed with. Maybe I’ll mix wood, white and gold for our bathroom for the ultimate combo….
Beautiful Bathrooms Shopping Guide | Squirrelly Minds

1. Mirror / 2. Sink Faucet / 3. Vanity & Basin / 4. Shower Head / 5. Storage Unit
6. Heated Towel Rack / 7. Tub Panel

For the month of October, are having a huge accessories sale at 75% off. So if you’re in the UK,
a) I’m jealous (hope to join you in a few years)
b) Hop to it and go redecorate your bathroom! You lucky duck.

Contemporary, Modern, Spa like…What bathroom style is your fave?

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