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DIY/Holiday | Gold Pine Cone Place Card Holders

Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
Pssst. I am fully aware that today is supposed to be #PinMakeEat10. Truth is, in the hecticness of November, I’ve only made one. And I know with the hecticness of the holidays I probably won’t get around to very many. So instead I will post #PinMakeEat next Monday, break for the holidays, then resume again in January!

Pine cones are the perfect place card holder, which is why I’m not the first to think it up. Just do a simple search on Pinterest, they’re everywhere. The little notches are perfect for nestling in a piece of paper with your guests name neatly written on, making it a festive and easy DIY. I, of course, couldn’t use a regular pine cone (though they look lovely on their own). Nope, I had to spray that stuff gold. Oh yes.


  • Pine cones
  • Gold spray paint
  • Card stock
  • Calligraphy pen and ink


Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
1 Spray paint your pine cones outside. Give it a couple layers to get in all the crevices.
2 Cut out pieces of cardstock paper (approx 1.5×2 inches), one for each guest, and write their names on each one. You can use gold calligraphy ink or, if it’s not your thing, just the neatest hang writing with a regular pen.
3 Nestle each name card in the pine cones and place on the place settings.
Gold Pine Cone Place Cards DIY | Squirrelly Minds
The great thing about these is that, aside from spray painting, you aren’t altering the pine cone in any way, so you can reuse them as place card holders for Christmas/New years or stick them in a bowl as decorations. I have another idea I’ll be sharing closer to christmas, so moral of the story is don’t throw these guys out after Thanksgiving.
Happy spray painting!

Find the Give Thanks napkin printables here

Friday Five – Thanksgiving Printables

The Friday Five - Thanksgiving Printables | Squirrelly Minds

Leftover labels from Elegance and Enchantment / Pie box labels (and more) from Freckle and Fair / Menu cards from Elegance and Enchantment / Thankful cards from Julie Blanner / Poster from Christina Adventures

It’s almost time for Yanksgiving! *ahem*. Sorry. Thanksgiving. We’ll be hosting our 4th annual ‘yanksgiving‘ next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t imagine how excited all you american friends are! Then again, I probably love thanksgiving more than the average person…
And I’m loving the thanksgiving printables. Anything to add a little personality to the dinner party! And don’t forget, there’s also these printable napkin designs.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Christmas Gift Guides with Uncommon Goods

Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds
All images curated and designed by Squirrelly Minds.
This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions remain my own.
Thank you for supporting those who keep Squirrelly Minds running!

Eeeee! I am so so so so so SO excited for Christmas this year. Why? Because I’m buying presents!
Last year we went away for Christmas, so presents were kept to a minimum. But this year all bets are on. And no, when I say I’m excited to buy presents that’s not code for “really I’m excited for ME to get all the presents”. Honesty I can think of one thing I want/need – an electric toothbrush. Isn’t that boring? Buying presents for others however comes with so many possibilities, and I’m working with Uncommon Goods today to bring you an ultimate gift giving guide. They have tons of great artisanal gifts, including items for your home, wardrobe, and items that can be given a personal touch.
Today I’ve put together two gift guides for you that’ll come in handy for several people on your nice list – gift guide for her and gift guide for the foodie. Let’s get shopping!

Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds

‘I’ll be there’ Necklace / State Dishtowels / Personalized Love Birch Cuff
Rose Quartz Platter / DIY Body Butter Kit / Agate Coasters / Tea Party Soap Set
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
More ideas at the Christmas Gift Guide for Women, found here.

Okay I lied about only wanting a toothbrush. That platter would be too perfect. It is pricey though so if you can add that to your shopping list all the power to ya.
Gift Guide For Her with Uncommon Goods | Squirrelly Minds

Salt Collection / Coffee Explorer Set / Manhattan Rooftop Honey / Cheese & Crackers Serving Board
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Manhattan rooftop honey? Okay how cool is that.
I always love looking at the process behind a creators product, so I love the behind the scenes look on their site. They even give budding creators/artists a chance to show off their skills with design challenges over here. Fun fun!
If you head on over to Uncommon Goods you can find tons more ideas, plus a curated christmas gift list here.
Happy shopping!

The Party Hop – Printable napkins, glasses and favours

Party Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Photo by Sara of Confetti Sunshine | Squirrelly Minds
All photos by Sara of Confetti Sunshine
It’s our last day of Party Hop fun! Did you see what we were up to on Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday?
Well today it’s my turn to share my DIY with you, on my birthday no less. Hooray!
I made the above napkins and have a free printable for you to make your own. But of course, I had to add some gold sequin trim to glam it up. Nothing is complete without a little sparkle at this party!
But before we get to my napkin DIY, let’s check out what else we have going on today:

Party Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Photo by Sara of Confetti Sunshine | Squirrelly Minds
Diana of Whatever Dee Wants will show you how to glam up your drinking glasses with some glitter.
Party Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Photo by Sara of Confetti Sunshine | Squirrelly Minds
Send your guests home with these adorable favours by Kirsten of Kojo Designs.

And now let’s nab that free printable and make some glitzy holiday napkins!
Party Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Reindeer Napkin Free Printable  | Squirrelly MindsParty Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Reindeer Napkin Free Printable  | Squirrelly Minds


  • Above free printable
  • Printable iron on transfer paper
  • Plain white cloth napkins
  • An iron
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Sequin trim
  • Hot glue gun
  • Steps

    1 Print out the reindeer and cut out.
    2 Follow your iron on transfer paper instructions to iron the reindeer onto your napkins.
    3 Cut a piece of sequin trim the length of your napkin.
    4 Approximately one inch at a time, run a line of hot glue fun along the bottom of your napkin – I chose to run it along a stitched seam. Place your sequin trim on top. Repeat until you reach the end of your napkin.
    5 Happy festive dinner!

    *Note: Due to the iron on transfer and the sequin trim, these napkins are hand wash only.

    Party Hop! The Season to Sparkle - Photo by Sara of Confetti Sunshine | Squirrelly Minds

    Well guys that brings us to the end of our Season to Sparkle Party Hop! I hope you enjoyed our flurry of DIY’s and recipes!
    May you have a very sparkly upcoming holiday season.

    Now I’m off to go devour some birthday cake.
    Happy weekend!

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