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Print | Printable Halloween Allergy Poster (it’s also a colouring sheet!)

I seem to be on an allergy friendly kick this halloween, first with the teal pumpkin project and now with this printable. But hey man, kids with allergies need to trick or treat too!

Last year I slapped on a hand written note saying “We have peanut free too!”. The kids who needed it were very appreciative, especially their parents. This year I decided to graduate that hand written note into a fun printable for any of you! Bonus? You can give it to the kids and colour it in! Or ya know, pour yourself a glass of wine and do a little bit of colouring yourself.

By the way, please ignore the horrid state of our door and front entry way. It is in such a dire need of a repaint. But ya know, mortgage/bills/starbucks comes first.

Just click on the button above, save and print! I taped mine onto an orange piece of paper (as you can see) to help it stand out more.

See? What a sad front step. *sigh*. Anyone care to come over and paint my house/redo the front?

And don’t forget to top off the whole “HEY WE’RE ALLERGY FREE” message to those trick or treaters with a teal pumpkin, decorated with gold sequin trim of course.

DIY | Sequin Message Pumpkin and the Teal Pumpkin Project

I grew up on a dark street along a long dark driveway – trick or treaters everywhere be warned! Except we always had A TON of candy and treats to give out to kids because absolutely no one would come. No one.

So when it came time to buy our own home I had one (among many others) requirement – a trick or treating friendly neighbourhood. And friends, do we ever have it, and yes, we are that house that gives our full sized chocolate bars.

I always have peanut free options available for those several kids who I can only imagine struggle every halloween with all the candy they can’t eat. I didn’t even think about the kids who have far more allergies than peanuts. I bring you The Teal Project.

A friend with several allergies posted it on facebook and I instantly got excited. Another way to make halloween accessible to everyone! The gist? Put a teal pumpkin outside your door to signify to kids with allergies that there are non food items available. Think small toys, pencils, stickers, etc. And you don’t have to worry about your house getting egged at the end of the night!

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything guys. I JUST LOVE ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN and want to spread the good word!
And you can dress up your teal pumpkin (and any pumpkin) with a little bit of hot glue and sequin trim.


  • A pumpkin – either a fake one that’s already teal, or paint a white one
  • Pencil
  • Sequin Trim
  • Hot glue gun

(yes that’s it)


Step 1 Write out your message in pencil.
Step 2 Run a small bead of hot glue, one inch at a time, along the pencil mark. If you’re using a real pumpkin, make sure it is at room temperature or warmer, otherwise the glue will harden too quickly.
Step 3 Press the sequin trim along the glue line. Repeat steps two and three until finished.

Of course if you don’t want to write a word you can do decorations instead.

There you have it! Happy safe and fun halloween to you and everyone!

Last Minute Thanksgiving ideas

Printable Thanksgiving Napkins

Like, super last minute. HOW is it Thanksgiving weekend already! This holiday always creeps up on me. I think it’s because September is always so busy with teaching (and now squirrelly babe’s birthday) that when it’s over it’s like BAM HELLO OCTOBER/PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON/HALLOWEEN/THANKSGIVING!
I’m not ready yet. Nope. If you’re like me you might be scrounging for some ideas. Because printables (like the above napkins) are mega fast and the perfect way to create a handmade holiday, here are a few to quickly put together this holiday weekend.

Love these ‘give thanks’ cards from Lemon Thistle to give your guests at your dinner.

Perfect labels for leftover packs or take away treats. Gobble gobble.

Decorate the mantel by printing off a poster that says‘Always Something to be Thankful for’, ‘Gather Together Give Thanks Eat Pie’, or simply ‘Give Thanks’.

Keep the kiddos occupied with this colouring placemat.

Or you could play some thanksgiving bingo.

Personalize each place setting with these editable thanksgiving place cards.

Happy thanksgiving fellow Canadian friends!

Canada Day and 4th of July Ideas

Printables Party Pack from Botanical Paper Works | Ice Cream and Cupcake Wraps from Lemon Thistle | Raspberry Cheesecake popsicles from The Novice Chef | Canada Day Centrepieces: Love Create Celebrate
We leave Paris today and fly out to Lisbon to see my family! So so excited. But just because I’m traipsing around Europe doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about some very important dates coming up, so I’m popping in to share some Canada Day and Fourth of July inspiration.

Printable Nautical Banner from Tater Tots and Jello | Eraser Stamped Star T-shirt: Cutesy Crafts | Firework Fruit kebabs from The Baby Bump Diaries | Easy Patriotic Table Decor from Today’s Creative Life
It’ll be strange celebrating Canada Day from afar, but we’re well equipped with some red and white!
Happy celebrating!

Looking for more projects?

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