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Holiday | Custom stationery, wrapping paper, and gifts

Thank you Tiny Prints for helping customize my Christmas! Fear not friends, product was supplied but all writing, thoughts, opinions, etc belong solely to moi
Procrastinators fear not! You can get your personalized christmas cards, wrapping paper and gifts at your doorstep well before Christmas. Woohoo!
I seriously love Tiny Prints. No, I am not just saying that. There’s so much to choose from and it’s so great sending out personalized cards and gifts – and people are always amazing at the wrapping paper!

Come join me and check out all the goodies I got this holiday season. If you like florals, gold foil, and all things pretty, you’ll wanna keep scrolling. Plus I give a couple tips on picking out your ornaments and more, cause everybody loves tips!

I love giving notebooks and notepads as gifts cause they’re just so darn useful. To the melody of REM, “Every body writes sometimes”. (the mister just called me a dork for writing that, but I don’t care imma gonna own it).

If I know exactly who I’m gifting to, I like adding the recipients name for that extra personal touch. This year I’m going for a simple monogram for my sis and full name for my sis in law…gosh I hope they don’t read this post).

I also like having generic gifts for for hostess gifts or last minute additions, and so adding sayings to the notebooks and notepads is perfect. Notepads are built for making lists and crossing things off, so I added the quote “Today is the day” to this floral and gold effect notepad.
But guys, guys…..these matching painted rose notebook and notepad are TO DIE FOR. It comes in an entire stationery suite – serious christmas list addition.
Once upon a time my parents were the HARDEST people to buy for…until squirrelly babe came along. Now I just slap his photo on anything and it’s the best gift ever. But these custom ornaments really are the best gifts ever.

I love how light shines through the glass ornaments, so I chose brightly lit photos for this round and this square one. If you want a solid, easier to see photo, then a zinc ornament is the way to go. For one of my favourite photos, I went with this square and this round ornament to see how the picture sat on each one.
Tip! When picking your ornament, really pay attention to where the picture gets cut off along the edges and ribbon hole. When ordering you can see where the hole is, but factor in extra space for the ribbon.

It’s no secret I love invites and all things paper. Hello I have a stationery shop! So I am very picky about what I send out during the holiday season. Well, ya can’t go wrong with foil can you?
I went for scalloped edging this year on our christmas cards and love the extra bit of charm. I couldn’t resist these glamtastic (you heard me) new years party invites, and how fun are these cookie party invitations? For all of these I added printed envelopes (and of course fun liners) with my address already on them. Guys, it saves so much time.

Wrapping paper is always so much fun. I get compliments on it every year – especially the photo wrapping paper. No joke, last year my mom couldn’t bear to rip it, so she neatly opened her gift, folded the paper and saved it. THAT’S the kind of impression you want to make with your wrapping paper!

I loved the pink potpourri wrapping paper so much last year that I got it in a different colour again this year. The subtle monogram is ace. For photo wrapping paper I went with this one – be sure to use photos that have a similar feel/exposure in order to make the wrapping paper look cohesive. Lastly, I have a secret to tell you – my pink stars christmas wrapping paper isn’t christmas wrapping paper at all. I found it in the birthday section, but instead of happy birthday I wrote Merry Christmas! BAM. I like working outside the categories.

And there’s my personalized Christmas!
Now hop on over to Tiny Prints and get started on your own!

DIY/Holiday | Advent Calendar Wreath

It’s my favourite time of year – advent calendar season! This time we’re taking a wreath and turning it into an advent, cause why not!? And because of ‘why not’, I went for sparkly gold, pink, white, and a little bit of fur – woohoo!

Using little gift boxes allows you to fill your advent calendar with whatever goodies you like – candy, chocolate, flairs, jewelry…ya know, whatever floats your boat. I went for candy, because seriously people, candy/chocolate is the way to go.


  • Wreath frame
  • Faux flowers, twigs, and other sparkly bits to decorate your wreath with
  • 24 mini gift boxes
  • Gold floral wire
  • Number stickers
  • Exacto knife
  • Goodies to fill your boxes


1 Apply number stickers to each of your boxes, 1-24.
2 Decorate your wreath frame. You can go for a sparkly girly version like mine, or traditional with green wreaths, pinecones and red ribbon.
3 Use floral wire to attach the decorations.
4 At the bottom of each box, use your exacto knife to make two punctures. Thread floral wire through each hole from the inside. Affix each box around the wreath by twisting the floral wire. Be sure to make it snug so the box won’t move too much. You’ll have to fidget with them a little to make them fit snugly. If you don’t like them moving around on you then you may want to try hot gluing in addition to wiring. Lastly, fill your boxes with treats and place the lids on top. If they won’t stay put you can tape them shut.

There you have it! Along with the wreath, you can customize the gift holders too – mini envelopes, mini ornaments with messages inside like this one, or if you’re really ambitious, messages folded into origami stars.

Happy advent calendar making!
And in case you need more ideas, be sure to check last week’s post and the DIY’s below!

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Holiday | 9+ Must Make Advent Calendars

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It’s advent calendar season!
Yes I know, yanksgiving (aka american thanksgiving) hasn’t happened yet, but then it’s just a few days until it’s time to use your advent calendar, which means you better start planning and making NOW!
No pressure.
Whether you like to fold paper, paint, use power tools or printables, above are 9 fantastic advent calendars for you to choose from.
And in case you can’t make up your mind, below are 5 advent calendars I’ve made and shared in past years. Click on the picture to go to the link:

Stay tuned next week for this year’s advent calendar! You want a hint? Okay: cookie cutters. It’s not what you think. I know, I like to keep you in suspense.

Print | Printable Halloween Allergy Poster (it’s also a colouring sheet!)

I seem to be on an allergy friendly kick this halloween, first with the teal pumpkin project and now with this printable. But hey man, kids with allergies need to trick or treat too!

Last year I slapped on a hand written note saying “We have peanut free too!”. The kids who needed it were very appreciative, especially their parents. This year I decided to graduate that hand written note into a fun printable for any of you! Bonus? You can give it to the kids and colour it in! Or ya know, pour yourself a glass of wine and do a little bit of colouring yourself.

By the way, please ignore the horrid state of our door and front entry way. It is in such a dire need of a repaint. But ya know, mortgage/bills/starbucks comes first.

Just click on the button above, save and print! I taped mine onto an orange piece of paper (as you can see) to help it stand out more.

See? What a sad front step. *sigh*. Anyone care to come over and paint my house/redo the front?

And don’t forget to top off the whole “HEY WE’RE ALLERGY FREE” message to those trick or treaters with a teal pumpkin, decorated with gold sequin trim of course.

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