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The Friday Five – Mother’s Day DIY’s

The Friday Five - Mother's Day DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Mother’s Day Wreath from Look What I Made / Calming Rose Sugar and Salt Body Scrub from Sprouting Healthy Habits / Printable Mother’s Day Card from Key Lime Digital Designs / Calendula Infused Body Oil from My Life Cookbook / Heart Thumbprint Necklace from That’s What Che Said

Just a couple days until Mother’s day, do you have plans? If you’re looking for a quick DIY for gifting, here are some great options for you. I for one want to make myself that body scrub. How relaxing….

A happy mother’s day to all you momma’s out there! I’ll be joining the celebrations with you next year!

Eat | How to make plain donuts fancy

How To Make Plain Donuts Fancy | Squirrelly Minds
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If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that has a full time delux donut shop, then maybe this post isn’t for you. If on the other hand, you’re like me where no such shop exists, settle right on in.
We do have some gourmet donuts in my city, but they’re in various coffee shops on certain days of the week. So I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and decorate plain old donuts you can get in any little town and jazz them up! A perfect treat for mother’s day.
Here are some donut combinations I dreamed up:
Jelly Donut
Make it a PB and J donut by making a peanut butter icing and drizzling it on top.
Chocolate Glaze
Add a fruity twist by topping it with glazed orange slices, sliced strawberries, or whole raspberries
You can have fun with this one. Dip half the donut in a chocolate sauce, top with chopped cherries and let it dry. Or dip it in maple icing, top with chopped bacon and let it dry. OPtions are limitless.
A delicate and beautiful touch for mother’s day, add edible flower petals to the top of your donut. Some options are roses, calendulas, tulips, chrysanthemums, yucca, and lavender. Just make sure they aren’t sprayed with anything nasty first.

This is what happens when you teach near full time and are pregnant with 1000 things on the brain – you get the idea for this post ages ago, plan to make each donut with real donuts and real flowers/strawberries/etc, and the night before hits and you realize you never got the chance.
Sorry friends. This post could have been way cooler. But I still wanted to share my ideas!

Fancy or not, what’s your favourite donut?

Pssst like donuts? Then you might like my donut ice cream cake.

The Friday Five – Easter DIY’s

The Friday Five - Easter DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Candy filled Easter Bunnies from Craft with Mom / Gold Animal Easter Eggs from Flax and Twine / Watercolour Easter Egg Cookies from We Are Scout / Geo Bunny Wall Art from Twine and Table / Galaxy Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

Okay, I’ll admit it, I totally dropped the ball this Easter season. Man, if I can’t juggle being pregnant with work and creating DIYs how am I going to do it with a baby around!?
Anyway, Sorry I don’t have anything for you, but I do have the below archives (check out all past Squirrelly Minds Easter fun!) and all the fantastic Easter DIY’s above. Hooray!

I’m away this weekend on an island Easter getaway with some friends so I may not be back around these parts until later next week.
Wishing you all have a lovely long weekend!

Easter Archives

DIY/Eat/Holiday | Easter – The Archives

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Tissue Paper Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Easter Egg Garland

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Confetti Easter Advent Calendar

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Egg Place Cards

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Golden Eggs

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Printable Easter Menu

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Mini Egg Explosion Cupcakes

Easter Roundup from the Squirrelly Minds Archives
Easter Nest Cupcakes

Easter. The season for bunnies, eggs and sweets! Here are past DIY’s and recipes to celebrating the holiday. Happy eating/DIYing!

We’re heading to the gulf islands for a long weekend getaway with friends.
What are your Easter plans?

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