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Print/DIY/Holiday | Printable Advent Calendar

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
It’s advent calendar time! Every year (except I dropped the ball last year) I like to create at least one advent calendar DIY, but this year due to a minimal amount of time with squirrelly baby, I created a bit of a hybrid DIY/Printable instead.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsI took inspiration from those classic chocolate a day advent calendars, but kept up with my tradition of creating activity based calendars instead. Every day features different activities behind each ‘door’.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsI created two versions to make this as versatile as possible. One has activities already written for you, while the other is blank so you can personalize and write them in yourself. This is perfect if there are any holiday events happening in your area that you’d like to include on specific days.

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
As previously mentioned, there is a bit of DIY involved in order to get the doors to open. You don’t need a whole lot to create this calendar – busy infant-mom approved.


Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds


1 Download the file and open. Hit print, and select pages 1 and either 2 or 3, depending if you want the activities written already or if you prefer to write your own. Print onto cardstock.
2 Place the first sheet onto your cutting mat. Using a metal edged ruler and exacto knife, carefully cut along three sides of each door. The sharper the exacto knife the better! I find it helpful to line it up across a row and cut the bottoms all at once, the tops, then the side. Cut all but two angles on the star. Make sure all sides are properly cut before going on to step 3.
3 Glue the white space surrounding the tree on your second (activities) sheet. Carefully place the first sheet on top, making sure everything is aligned.
4 Hang and enjoy your daily Christmas activities!

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsDownload the file below and get crafting!
Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly MindsPrintable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds

Printable Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Happy counting down to Christmas friends!

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out past Squirrelly Minds advent calendars:

From The Christmas Archives


HDon’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $250 Credit to Minted! It closes this Saturday so hop to it.
And a very happy Thanksgiving friends in the US!

What are your must-do Christmas activities?

DIY | Printable Halloween Onesie

Printable Halloween Onesie | Squirrelly Minds
I know I normally don’t post on Tuesdays, but this just couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Yesterday you may have heard (read) me complaining how I didn’t get to do any fun halloween DIY’s this year. Well, I just couldn’t help myself guys. Grandma was over watching squirrelly baby and I just HAD to take the opportunity to create a halloween something for you all! Well and to be honest, for me too, because I couldn’t resist getting him into a halloween onesie!

Printable Halloween Onesie | Squirrelly Minds
If you have a little one, they may not be ready to go trick or treating yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dress the part. I wanted squirrelly baby to still be a part of the halloween festivities, so I whipped up this little printable to be made into a onesie. All you need (aside from a printer, iron, and onesie) is iron on transfer paper.

Printable Halloween Onesie | Squirrelly MindsPrintable Halloween Onesie | Squirrelly Minds
Simply download the above file and print onto iron on transfer. Cut out the design and iron onto your onesie as per the transfer instructions.
Note: the text on the download is backward, but don’t panic. It’ll turn itself right around once transferred!

Printable Halloween Onesie | Squirrelly Minds
If your kids are a little too old for a onesie, try a t-shirt, or a tattoo instead! ? Just follow the same idea but on printable tattoo paper. Could be fun to give alongside halloween candy! I say alongside, because anyone who gives fruit leathers, toothbrushes, or anything other than candy truly doesn’t understand the spirit of halloween. Bring on the cavities!

FYI: I tried to get a decent photo of squirrelly baby in his onesie but he wasn’t in the modelling mood. I don’t know how baby photographers do it.

The Friday Five | Halloween DIY’s

The Friday Five - Halloween DIY's | Squirrelly Minds

Pineapple Jack o Lantern from The Sweetest Occasion | Bat Wreath from Tell Love and Chocolate | Halloween Treat Bags from Live Laugh Rowe | Candy Corn Coasters from Lemon Thistle | Autumn Pumpkin from Damask Love

There’s still some time to whip up halloween DIY’s to make your home festive! I mean really, you know you want to carve a pineapple jack o lantern!

Some more Halloween ideas from the archives:

Halloween DIY's | Squirrelly Minds
Make these bats out of paper and toilet rolls.

Halloween DIY's | Squirrelly Minds
Top your treats with these bat cupcake toppers.

Halloween DIY's | Squirrelly Minds
Make these tin can candle holders for either outside or indoors.

Halloween DIY's | Squirrelly Minds
Print some cards to give to other halloween-loving friends.

The Friday Five | Halloween Costumes

The Friday Five - Halloween Costumes | Squirrelly Minds

Pet Cupcake Costume from Lovely Indeed | Planet Halloween Costumes from Delineate Your Dwelling | Circus Family Costumes | Strawberry Costume from Studio DIY |

Now that thanksgiving is over, we can focus on the next October holiday – Halloween!
I LOVE halloween, especially the costumes. It’s so fun to get creative and make a costume to sport for the evening. This week I’ve got costumes not only for you, but the entire family which, yes, includes the dog!
I made a very similar deer costume to the one above a few years ago and it’s still one of my favourite costumes ever. The antlers are now ruined after a couple moves (sigh) but I was able to reuse the costume a few times for other events – bonus!

What was your favourite halloween costume?

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