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DIY | Cactus Props

WHAT!? It’s less than 3 weeks until Squirrelly Babe turns 1, and just over 2 weeks until his taco party bash!
Excuse me while I go clutch my sides and cry by myself in a corner….

While I’m emotionally not ready for him to already turn a year old, I am very excited about his taco fiesta! I mean, I get to make cute things like cactus to decorate the backyard with! And hey I figured you might want to throw a fiesta of your own, so let’s make some cactus together!


  • Cardboard
  • Exacto Knife
  • Green Spray Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Brush
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper Clip


1 With an exacto knife, cut out two cactus shapes from your cardboard. Cut slits in the centre, one of them from the top, the other from the bottom.
2 Spray paint the cardboard and allow to fully dry. With a small brush, paint strokes to resemble spikes with white paint.
3 Slide the two cactus pieces together. You may have to jiggle it around a bit to get it to fit. If the bottoms are crooked, use an exacto to trim them evenly.
4 To make a flower, cut 5-10 (your choice depending how full you want it) sheets of tissue paper into a rectangle, approximately 7×12. Make one inch folds and fold back and forth like a fan. Fold in half and trim the edges to make a point.
5 Uncoil a paper clip and wrap it around the centre of the tissue paper, twisting it at the bottom to secure it.
6 Pull the pieces of tissue paper apart and shape into a flower.
7 Push the paper clip through the cardboard where you want it placed.
8 Spread the paper clip ends to secure it in place.

If you want to make arms like the large cactus prop above, cut them out and paint as described in the steps. Then if your cardboard allows, cut a slit between the cardboard sides and slide it into place. Secure with hot glue. Or you can simple hot glue it on.

Happy fiesta-ing amigos!

DIY | 9 Crazy Fun Back to School DIY’s

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So some of you or your littles are already back to school, whereas others like me are watching the last of our summer days flit by one by one, all too fast. Sigh.
But at least you can go back to school in style. I mean seriously, I can’t even handle how crazy fun these DIY’s are! Those notebook cookies right there? You can write on them. YOU CAN WRITE ON THEM.
Life is complete.

And don’t forget our fun erasers, this card for your teacher, and a whole ton of ideas from this collaboration here.

Let’s make the most of this back to school season friends!

DIY | Painted Marble Effect

So let’s talk marble. It’s awesome right? I mean, there’s just instant class and style when marble is involved. (Well certain marble. I’m sure as hell not talking about this ugly stuff).

But with beauty often comes a price that, if you’re a broke cheapskate like me, sometimes you’re just not willing to pay. So make it to fake it baby! (See what I did there? Yeah I’m pretty clever folks).

Last year I did a ceramics workshop where I made the above tray. I couldn’t decide how to paint it, so I channeled my inner child, got my fingers messy and played. Yes, I am giving you permission to be a child AND make something pretty! No sequins or primary coloured pom poms here folks (though they have their place). Just straight up class.

Before we start, let me give you a little warning though. It’s REALLY easy to REALLY mess this up. Okay no, it’s not actually hard, but there’s such a desire to over do it. So here’s a little tip: RESIST THE URGE TO PERFECT. Really, if it looks pretty good that means it actually looks awesome. Otherwise you’ll end up with a grey mess (cause ya know, black+white=grey).

Now that you have the most important tip, let’s get to it!


  • Black and white paint – acrylic or ceramic
  • Ceramic or wood object

Yep, that’s really all you need. I used ceramic paint for the ceramic clay, but for the wooden box I used acrylic white paint with ceramic black paint. No special reason, just cause it’s what I had. Good thing too cause it worked out great.


1 Put a generous amount of white paint on your surface and spread with your finger. A very generous amount.
2 Add one, maybe two drops of black paint on the white paint. If you want a lighter ‘marble’, use less black paint.
3 With a light touch, mix the black paint into the white. If it’s too dark you can add more white paint. But like I said above, be sure not to over mix it otherwise it will turn grey. If this does happen you can always wipe off the entire surface and try again. It’s okay, I had to do it too.

You can add additional details if you so choose. I cut a strip of Silhouette Printable Gold Foil and adhered it to the bottom. Ya know, you can never go wrong with a bit of gold flair.

Happy marbling!

DIY | Four ways to make DIY Erasers

Back to school is a weird time isn’t it? There’s mixed feelings of excitement, sadness, wonder, and dread. Well… at least that’s how it has always been for me! So let’s make this time a little more fun with some DIY school supplies mmmkay?

I had probably way too much fun making erasers. I mean, I didn’t even know eraser clay was a THING until recently. But I didn’t have fun until after getting upset and frustrated at my original idea (which I’ve had for months) somewhat failing. See that little diamond eraser there? I was planning to make a bunch of gemstone erasers, but aside from the diamond one, the gemstone molds and eraser clay just didn’t play very nicely together. So it forced me to try get my hands dirty, figuratively and literally, and try some other methods. Life lesson folks – like the mythical Phoenix, great things come out of the ashes of failure!

(Side note, anyone else immediately think of Harry Potter when they see/hear/read the word Phoenix? Side side note, how good is the new book!? WAIT don’t tell me anything, I’m only a few pages in).

So I totally just went all rambo rando when figuring out what else to do. Like seriously I just played around until something happened. So from left to right we’ve got pencil spiral erasers, mold erasers, free form shaped erasers and cookie cutter erasers!The four methods I used were good old fashioned making with your hands, cutting shapes with a cookie cutter, using molds, and rolling it out. Let’s go have some fun friends.


  • Eraser clay (This is what I used and they’re fantastic)
  • Pencils
  • Exacto Knife
  • Silicone Molds
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Cookie sheet

Pencil Spiral Erasers

Maybe it’s the colours or because they resemble those grippy things that harken back to my elementary school days, but these feel totally 90′s to me, and that’s a good thing (long live the 90′s!).

1 Start off by softening your piece of eraser clay and roll it out into a thin cylinder.
2 Next break apart small pieces of other colours and scatter them on your work surface, then continue to roll out your eraser clay to pick up the pieces and blend them in.
3 From the top (eraser end) down, firmly wrap the clay around a pencil. When finished, carefully pry the clay from the pencil and gently shake it off (it takes some doctor steady) to keep it’s spiral.
4 Place it on the cookie sheet and bake according to eraser clay instructions.

Diamond Pencil Toppers

So as mentioned above, I didn’t have much luck with the molds, so I warn you to exercise some caution with the molds you select. As for the gems, having multiple facets made it too difficult to get all those straight edges, but play around cause you never know what will work.
1 Be sure to press the clay out deep into the mold to get it into all the crevices.
2 Press a pencil 3/4 of the way into the clay.
3 Check the mold from the outside to straighten any edges with your fingers, then remove the pencil.
4 Bake the eraser in the mold, and remove when cool.

Cookie Cutter Erasers

Hint for the cookie cutters – the smaller the better.
1 The eraser clay, at least the one I had, is fairly thin (5cm), so I stacked two clay pieces on top of each other then used a rolling pin to spread it out.
2 Carefully press a cookie cutter into the clay and gently remove.
3 Place on the cookie sheet and bake according to instructions.

Hand Shaped Erasers

So this version is by far the most fun. Why? Cause it full on involves getting creative and playing with clay in your hands. What’s better than that! I really don’t have any steps for this one, other than using an exacto knife to get any clean edges like I did for the taco. Other than that, decide what shapes (or in my case…food) you want to make and GO FOR IT.

So many different options! I could totally see this being a really fun back to school party with the kiddos. It would be so fun to see what they create! And if they do, be sure to tag me in a photo cause I would LOVE to see it! Especially if anyone makes a unicorn.

Happy eraser making!
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