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DIY | Gemstone Rings

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds
It’s no secret that I love gemstones, but I don’t just love painting them – I love wearing them too. Showy cocktail rings are a great way to glam up an outfit, but can often cost you up to $20+ per ring. Guys, these rings cost me about $4.00 each to make, and only took about 5 minutes each. Seriously. I’m not lying. The trick?
Go to your local rock/gemstone store (or order online if you don’t have one). The ones you see above cost anywhere between $1-$3 each.
Search through all the different gems and choose ones that have a flat side. Next, buy sizable rings. My local gemstone store (which is actually down the street…how perfect is that) sold them for .35 cents a piece. So let’s get started.
DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds


  • Jewelers Epoxy
  • Gemstones
  • Sizable rings with round base
  • Emery board or sand paper
  • Tin foil
  • Toothpick or other small disposable item

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds


1 Gently rough up the surface of your ring with an emery board or sandpaper. Wipe the ring clean, and also ensure your gemstone is clean.
2 Mix the epoxy according to the jewelers instructions. Do so on a non porous surface (such as tin foil) and mix with a disposable item (such as toothpicks).
3 Place a dab of glue on both the ring and the gemstone.
4 Press the two together.
5 Wipe up any extra glue with a paper towel, then continue to apply pressure to allow epoxy to set – 4-6 minutes.

DIY Gemstone Rings | Squirrelly Minds

Which precious rock will you turn into a ring?

The Friday Five – DIY Hair Accessories

The Friday Five - DIY Hair Accessories | Squirrelly Minds

Braided T-Shirt Headband from Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth / Typographic Hair Pins from Fall For DIY / Rodarte Star Hair Pins from Hello Whimsy / Knitted Headband from Craft Snob / Hair elastics from Julep

Ever since cutting my hair short (yep I need to update my profile pic) I haven’t accessorized it as much as I could (aside from my Madston & Co headband that is). Really, short hair is kind of perfect for accessorizing, and these DIY’s have me excited! Except for the knitting one, cause I can’t knit yet. I added it in case any of you are more knitting needle inclined than I.

I did make one hair accessory a few years back – the star headband. It was super easy and fun to wear.

DIY Star Head Band | Squirrelly Minds

Happy hair accessorizing!

The Friday Five – DIY Gifts

The Friday Five - DIY Gifts | Squirrelly Minds

Body Butter with Essential Oils from Make+Haus / Printable Pillow from Kristi Murphy / ‘Lump of Coal’ printable bag from Confetti Sunshine / Gift Card Holders from Kojo Designs / Clay Macaron Ornament from Adventures in Fashion

One year I almost exclusively handmade all my gifts, and it was one of my favourite Christmasses ever. Each year since then I say I’ll do the same…..but yeah it hasn’t happened. Now that I’m on vacation (huzzah!) and still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping (oops) maybe I’ll turn my days to making some fabulous gifts for fabulous people! I’m loving the above ideas, especially that cute little macaron ornament. You could easily swap out the hardware and turn it into a year round gift like a keychain!

Are you making any gifts this year?

DIY/Holiday | Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Remember those golden pinecone place card holders we made last month? Remember me asking you to hold onto them? Here’s why folks – they look great on christmas trees!
Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
I was going to make proper ornaments with a ribbon and all that jazz, but this year we got a balsam fir for the first time, and the branches weren’t just begging for ornaments to be hung on them, but to be nestled in them.

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Now I should clarify for those of you who follow along on instagram that these photos were taken prior to the big crash. No, it wasn’t Lucy’s fault, but rather that of a weak tree stand. We didn’t figure this out until 40 or so minutes of struggling to get the tree back in the old stand. With 20 minutes left until store closing time, the mister rushed out to grab a new one while I cleaned up the rest of the spilled water and ornaments, and stripped down the tree down so we could start all over again. While a bunch of baubles and other ornaments were scattered all over the floor, guess what mostly stayed on? You got it – the pinecones!

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
To add golden (spray painted) pinecones to your christmas tree, simply separate a couple branches from each other and nestle the pinecone in between, about a 1/3 of the way down. Place the pinecones throughout the tree, particularly on dense boughs. Sit back and enjoy your natural glam christmas tree!

What’s something different on your Christmas tree this year?
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