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Print/DIY | Printable Ice Cream Party Invites

Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
If you’ve been with Squirrelly Minds a while, you’ll know that in honour of national ice cream month, I hosted this ice cream party last July, and offered these ice cream party printables for you to throw your own. Well I’m at it again! I’m prepping (aka making buckets and buckets of ice cream) for this year’s ice cream party taking place this Saturday. And I made these invitations for you to print. Hooray!
Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
Although I have a confession to make guys. While I made these well before inviting friends to the party, I didn’t actually use them as an invitation. Instead, I used the graphic as the header for the facebook invitation.
Yes guys, I’m not perfect. While I prefer sending and receiving invitations in the mail, I often use facebook events to set up parties for sake of time and convenience. Although I admit, I really wish I did send these out in the mail. I mean, who wouldn’t want an ice cream shaped invitation – complete with sprinkles! It’s like a little taste of what to come.
Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
So if you’re like me and short on time (or your address book is a little lacking), go ahead and use the above graphic and slap it on your facebook event header. I’m in no place to judge. In fact, I’ll high five you!
But if you’re super awesome, totally with it (totally enviable), Martha-Stewart-esque, go ahead and print and DIY up these invitations! How can your guests RSVP no to receiving one of these in the mail?
Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds


Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
  • Printer
  • White cardstock
  • Wax paper
  • Sprinkles
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Colourful pens
  • 5×7 envelopes


Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds1 Download (see above) and print off the invitations. Carefully cut them out. On the back, write your party information using your best handwriting. Make sure to leave a space in the ice cream area.
2 Cut a piece of wax paper into a circle and place glue or double sided tape along the edges of all around except the top.
3 Adhere the wax paper on the back of the invitation, leaving the unglued gap at the top.
4 Use a small spoon to carefully place sprinkles behind the wax paper. When all filled up, seal the top of the wax paper with glue or double sided tape.
5 Make the back of the invitation colourful with some drawn on sprinkles, seal in a 5×7 envelope and send away!

Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
Now go make or buy a bunch of ice cream and start planning that party!
Printable Ice Cream Party Invitations | Squirrelly Minds
Every year I make all the ice cream and set up a station for people to serve themselves and have fun with all the different flavours and toppings. This year I plan to have an ice cream sundae station (as always) plus pre-made ice cream sandwiches. My favourite ice cream made so far? Peanut butter cup. Mmmmm.
And so, because I always have to ask,

what’s your favourite ice cream?

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DIY | Stamped Dish Towels

 photo 140710-pars-caeli-stamped-squirrel-towels_zps1149a959.jpg
Make a squirrel stamped kitchen towel for your favorite squirrelly mind!
I’ll admit it. I have a squirrelly mind. The first time I heard of Tan’s blog and the intriguing title, I wanted to know more. I write a blog with its own unique name (Pars Caeli, Latin for piece of heaven), and I felt a kindred spirit through the unusual naming. And, for sure, after reading the definition of said Squirrelly Mind, I completely qualify. Often. It’s awesome to be interested in many, many things right? All at the same time? And distract yourself from one awesome project to another?
Today we’re honoring all those among us who are squirrelly minded or wish to be. I wanted to create a project with squirrels because, not everyone knows it yet, but I’m declaring squirrels the new hip animal. So long hedgehogs, owls, and foxes. Squirrels are where it’s at.
 photo 140710-pars-caeli-stamped-squirrel-towels_1_zpsd485a5e1.jpg
Grab some fabric paint, a paintbrush, a stamping medium (found at art/craft stores or use a pink eraser), carving or Xacto knife, and a pencil. You’ll also want a towel with a flat surface for your stamping. We chose two with a color block stripe to show off the white, painted squirrels.
I printed out Tan’s cute illustration of the squirrel and traced over it with a pencil. On a stamping compound, I retraced the drawing (upside down to reveal the reverse image). I carved all the way around the details (nearly chopping off a leg) of the squirrel’s body.
 photo 140710-pars-caeli-stamped-squirrel-towels_2_zps30b1030f.jpg
Fabric paint is really easy to use. Brush an even coat on the stamping surface to create your squirrel pattern. Since the white contrasted so much with the red and brown, I went back in with my brush to make sure that I had a solid white coat for each one.
Let paint dry for four hours and then hold a steaming hot iron half an inch above the surface until the paint appears textured.
 photo 140710-pars-caeli-stamped-squirrel-towels_3_zps98096c52.jpg
Of course, now that you have your adorable squirrel stamp, why not put it on paper for a cute notepaper set? Or stamp it all over the next package you mail?
Mine are on their way to a fantastic blogger I know with a Squirrelly Mind.
xoxo, MJ

DIY | Easy Geometric Art

Some art from an artist for you today, a huge welcome to Beatrice Clay who’s taking over while I’m away!
Yes yes, I intended to make that super nursery rhyme like.

Easy Geometric Art by Beatrice Clay | Squirrelly Minds
You can find almost every kind of paint, paper and embellishment in my kitchen turned art studio. I’m primarily a painter, but before landing back in front of the canvas, I experimented with a number of mediums and techniques, including jewelry making, letter press and printmaking, and collected a whole lot of supplies over the years.

Although I’ve arrived at my happy place and embraced my medium of choice – the easel and paints – I still make time for easy and fun craft making projects like this Geometric Art print. It will be the happiest 8.5 minutes of your week!

Let’s jump in.

Easy Geometric Art by Beatrice Clay | Squirrelly Minds
The supply list is short and if you’re already a crafty maven, you’ll have what you need to make some Geometric Art goodness. If not, then you can find all of these supplies at your neighborhood craft store.

Here’s what you’ll need
Watercolor or Mixed Media Paper (something heavy that will hold your paint)
Washi Tape or Painters Tape
Paint – Gouache, Watercolor, Acrylic are all fine (use what you have)
Paint Brushes
Palette paper or paper plate for mixing your paints
Here’s what you’ll do

Easy Geometric Art by Beatrice Clay | Squirrelly Minds
1. Secure your paper on a clean surface using 4 tiny pieces of washi or painters tape on each corner.
2. Once secured, now it’s time to make shapes using the washi tape by placing long strips of tape across your paper in different directions. I tend to start with placing one long strip of tape across my paper first and then use this strip to anchor all my other stripes of tapes.
3. Aim for shapes that vary in size. And rub your fingers over the tape to remove any air bubbles and to ensure a crisp clean line.
4. Now, decide on your color palette. If you’re stuck, think about where you will place your Geometric Art print and the color scheme of that location. Still stuck, head to Pinterest and use keyword: “color crush” for color combination inspiration. The possibilities are endless.
5. Once you choose your color palette, mix your paints.
6. Now the fun part begins! Using your paintbrush, start to paint the spaces in between your washi tape. As you’re painting you may want to add more washi tape to create more shapes, this is totally fine and encouraged!
7. Once you are done painting your shapes, let your Geometric Art print dry (25-30 minutes). Once dry, carefully remove each strip of washi tape pulling it toward the line/side of the geometric sharp. Doing this will ensure that your lines are crisp and the paint won’t bleed or crack.
8. Viola! You’re done darling!
9. Your Geometric Art print will look great framed or unframed.
Easy Geometric Art by Beatrice Clay | Squirrelly Minds
You’ll probably want to make a few more prints in other color palettes cause they are oh so fun and oh so easy! Try the same process on different paper sizes and share the Geometric Print love with your friends and family. These cuties are great for adding pops of color to your home and workspaces.

Who is Beatrice Clay?
writer. artist. beautiful life maker. Beatrice Clay believes a beautiful life is within everyone’s reach; one just has to choose it and create it. Not quite sure where to start? Let me help. I’ll hold your hand. Welcome to inspired by Beatrice Clay: the art & design of a beautiful life.

Find Beatrice
Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter / Google +

DIY/Printables | Canada Day Sparkler and Candy Cone Free Printables

Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly Minds
Time to get out your red and white, Canada day is near!
So often I find fantastic printables for the 4th of July that I admire but just can’t use. When I hopped on Confetti Sunshine and saw Sara’s sparkler holders, I knew I had to make a Canadian version. Sparkle on Canada! I don’t know about you but I’ll definitely be lighting up these bad boys Tuesday night (yes, Tuesday night, start planning!).
When browsing the dollar for sparklers I saw a bag of twizzlers. My thought? “They’re red, so obviously they’re Canada day appropriate.” So I also created a “Happy Canada Day” printable cone for you to fill with treats. Yummers.
Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly Minds
Fire up your printer to make your Canada Day party super patriotic, cute, and fun. Simply click on the links below to download each PDF and print!
Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly Minds
Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly MindsDownload and print white card stock. Cut along the guidelines to create three sparkler holders and use an exacto knife to cut slits on the red lines above and below the text. Slip sparklers in the slits and pass out to friends for sparkler fun when the sun goes down.

Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly Minds
Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly MindsOnce downloaded and printed onto white card stock, cut out each cone along the black line. Place a strip of double sided tape on the designated area, roll and seal. Fill with your favourite treats and munch away!

Canada Day Free Printables | Squirrelly Minds
I hope your Canada Day is full of red and white fun amongst your closest friends and family!

So fellow Canadian friends, what are you up to this Canada Day?
And if you aren’t Canadian, what are your July plans?

psst. did you enter the $150 Wayfair gift card giveaway?

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