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DIY | Sequin Message Pumpkin and the Teal Pumpkin Project

I grew up on a dark street along a long dark driveway – trick or treaters everywhere be warned! Except we always had A TON of candy and treats to give out to kids because absolutely no one would come. No one.

So when it came time to buy our own home I had one (among many others) requirement – a trick or treating friendly neighbourhood. And friends, do we ever have it, and yes, we are that house that gives our full sized chocolate bars.

I always have peanut free options available for those several kids who I can only imagine struggle every halloween with all the candy they can’t eat. I didn’t even think about the kids who have far more allergies than peanuts. I bring you The Teal Project.

A friend with several allergies posted it on facebook and I instantly got excited. Another way to make halloween accessible to everyone! The gist? Put a teal pumpkin outside your door to signify to kids with allergies that there are non food items available. Think small toys, pencils, stickers, etc. And you don’t have to worry about your house getting egged at the end of the night!

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything guys. I JUST LOVE ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN and want to spread the good word!
And you can dress up your teal pumpkin (and any pumpkin) with a little bit of hot glue and sequin trim.


  • A pumpkin – either a fake one that’s already teal, or paint a white one
  • Pencil
  • Sequin Trim
  • Hot glue gun

(yes that’s it)


Step 1 Write out your message in pencil.
Step 2 Run a small bead of hot glue, one inch at a time, along the pencil mark. If you’re using a real pumpkin, make sure it is at room temperature or warmer, otherwise the glue will harden too quickly.
Step 3 Press the sequin trim along the glue line. Repeat steps two and three until finished.

Of course if you don’t want to write a word you can do decorations instead.

There you have it! Happy safe and fun halloween to you and everyone!

DIY Piñata Rocking Horse

Story time!
Once upon a time (5 years ago) we found a discarded rocking horse on the side of the road. It was scrubby, but solid wood and solid construction, so we picked it up for our future children.
Fast forward to today and squirrelly babe is old enough to ride it, but I couldn’t just leave it as a plain old rocking horse now could I? No. Enter his upcoming taco themed birthday party.

Yep, I went full on fiesta on this bad boy and turned him into a pinata rocking horse for his first birthday bash! Because why the heck not!? All it took was a butt load of felt and a few terrible Netflix shows (do not watch The Queen of Versailles….or maybe do. It’s entertaining in the worst possible ways) to transform this guy.

The plain wooden look is great and all. I mean it’s a classic! But if I have the opportunity to slap a bunch of colour onto something imma gonna do it. I think he looks much peppier as a pinata don’t you?

But the beauty of it is that it isn’t permanent, or at least it doesn’t have to be. I used heavy duty double sided tape to adhere the felt. When I say heavy duty, I mean the stuff that glaziers use to adhere metal trim onto mirrors. YEAH. I don’t mess around with double sided tape folks! It’s seriously the only stuff I use for crafting. DO yourself a favour and get some. Seriously guys. And no that isn’t an affiliated link.
But as heavy duty as it is, if I want to I can remove the felt and then peel off the tape leaving very little residue. But thankfully it’s strong enough to hold up to a lot, so my rocking horse is going to stay as a pinata for a long while.
I mean look at that kid, he’s totally loving it! Okay I realize he looks pretty serious in that photo, but his face BEAMED when he first saw it, and every time he’s in the same room he bee lines for the thing. All that extra felt is nice too for bum cushion. Who doesn’t want some of that?

So how can you transform your old rocking horse into a rocking pinata? Easy peasy. Just make sure you have some time on your hands.


  • Felt, approximately 3-4 sheets (depends on size of horse) in following colours: pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and 4-5 sheets of black
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Card stock paper, 1 sheet each in black, white, and brown


1 Cut the felt sheets into quarters length wise, then cut half inch fringe all the way across, leaving approximately 2-3cm uncut along the top.
2 Place a strip of double sided tape across the top.
3 To assemble, you’ll be adhering rows of fringe, always starting from the bottom and working your way up. Start with black at the bottom, placing strips from one end all the way to the other, making sure to slightly overlap when adding a new piece. Trim as necessary before moving up to the next row. Place the next row approximately 1 inch above the previous row. Keep repeating, changing colours as needed. I used a photo of the classic pinata as a colour guide.
Note: There are parts that will have curves or be a little tricky. Just keep the lines as straight as possible. If you goof up it’s totally okay as you can just peel off the tape and try again.
4 To make the tail, take several fringed strips and tape them together, then adhere it to the pinata’s backside.

5 To make the eyes, cut circles in the following colours from largest to smallest: black, white, brown, black. Also cut a piece (kind of like a large wedge of pie) out of white paper. Use double sided tape to attach the pieces to each other, then onto the pinata. To get an idea of size and shapes, you can use the photo above as a reference guide

And that’s that! Like I said, this project is easy, but will take you anywhere between 2-4 hours. So park yourself in front of your favourite binge watching television and tuck in for some TV time crafting!

If you’re looking for some other fiesta style DIY’s, don’t forget the cactus props! Also, today is the VERY LAST day to enter the Squirrelly Minds 5th Blogaversary giveaway! Definitely be sure to head over and enter to win 5 amazing prizes! Go go go!

DIY | Cactus Props

WHAT!? It’s less than 3 weeks until Squirrelly Babe turns 1, and just over 2 weeks until his taco party bash!
Excuse me while I go clutch my sides and cry by myself in a corner….

While I’m emotionally not ready for him to already turn a year old, I am very excited about his taco fiesta! I mean, I get to make cute things like cactus to decorate the backyard with! And hey I figured you might want to throw a fiesta of your own, so let’s make some cactus together!


  • Cardboard
  • Exacto Knife
  • Green Spray Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Brush
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper Clip


1 With an exacto knife, cut out two cactus shapes from your cardboard. Cut slits in the centre, one of them from the top, the other from the bottom.
2 Spray paint the cardboard and allow to fully dry. With a small brush, paint strokes to resemble spikes with white paint.
3 Slide the two cactus pieces together. You may have to jiggle it around a bit to get it to fit. If the bottoms are crooked, use an exacto to trim them evenly.
4 To make a flower, cut 5-10 (your choice depending how full you want it) sheets of tissue paper into a rectangle, approximately 7×12. Make one inch folds and fold back and forth like a fan. Fold in half and trim the edges to make a point.
5 Uncoil a paper clip and wrap it around the centre of the tissue paper, twisting it at the bottom to secure it.
6 Pull the pieces of tissue paper apart and shape into a flower.
7 Push the paper clip through the cardboard where you want it placed.
8 Spread the paper clip ends to secure it in place.

If you want to make arms like the large cactus prop above, cut them out and paint as described in the steps. Then if your cardboard allows, cut a slit between the cardboard sides and slide it into place. Secure with hot glue. Or you can simple hot glue it on.

Happy fiesta-ing amigos!

DIY | 9 Crazy Fun Back to School DIY’s

Lovely Indeed Desk Organizer | Enthralling Gumption Gold Foil Pens | Lines Across Secret Message Lunch Notes
Pretty Life Girls Abstract Zipper Pouches| Studio DIY Graphic Laundry Baskets | The Decorated Cookie Notebook Cookies
Francois et Moi House Shaped Clipboards | Lovely Indeed Gold Foil Notebooks | Dream Green DIY Iron on Pencil Case

So some of you or your littles are already back to school, whereas others like me are watching the last of our summer days flit by one by one, all too fast. Sigh.
But at least you can go back to school in style. I mean seriously, I can’t even handle how crazy fun these DIY’s are! Those notebook cookies right there? You can write on them. YOU CAN WRITE ON THEM.
Life is complete.

And don’t forget our fun erasers, this card for your teacher, and a whole ton of ideas from this collaboration here.

Let’s make the most of this back to school season friends!

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