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The Friday Five – DIY Gifts

The Friday Five - DIY Gifts | Squirrelly Minds

Body Butter with Essential Oils from Make+Haus / Printable Pillow from Kristi Murphy / ‘Lump of Coal’ printable bag from Confetti Sunshine / Gift Card Holders from Kojo Designs / Clay Macaron Ornament from Adventures in Fashion

One year I almost exclusively handmade all my gifts, and it was one of my favourite Christmasses ever. Each year since then I say I’ll do the same…..but yeah it hasn’t happened. Now that I’m on vacation (huzzah!) and still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping (oops) maybe I’ll turn my days to making some fabulous gifts for fabulous people! I’m loving the above ideas, especially that cute little macaron ornament. You could easily swap out the hardware and turn it into a year round gift like a keychain!

Are you making any gifts this year?

DIY/Holiday | Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Remember those golden pinecone place card holders we made last month? Remember me asking you to hold onto them? Here’s why folks – they look great on christmas trees!
Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
I was going to make proper ornaments with a ribbon and all that jazz, but this year we got a balsam fir for the first time, and the branches weren’t just begging for ornaments to be hung on them, but to be nestled in them.

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
Now I should clarify for those of you who follow along on instagram that these photos were taken prior to the big crash. No, it wasn’t Lucy’s fault, but rather that of a weak tree stand. We didn’t figure this out until 40 or so minutes of struggling to get the tree back in the old stand. With 20 minutes left until store closing time, the mister rushed out to grab a new one while I cleaned up the rest of the spilled water and ornaments, and stripped down the tree down so we could start all over again. While a bunch of baubles and other ornaments were scattered all over the floor, guess what mostly stayed on? You got it – the pinecones!

Golden Pinecone Christmas Tree | Squirrelly Minds
To add golden (spray painted) pinecones to your christmas tree, simply separate a couple branches from each other and nestle the pinecone in between, about a 1/3 of the way down. Place the pinecones throughout the tree, particularly on dense boughs. Sit back and enjoy your natural glam christmas tree!

What’s something different on your Christmas tree this year?

DIY Air Plant Christmas Cracker

DIY Air Plant Christmas Cracker | Squirrelly Minds
I don’t want to call this a DIY. It’s more of an idea really. Air Plant christmas crackers. I mean really, who would love (and be pleasantly surprised about) cracking open their christmas cracker and a tillandsia land in their lap! Slap some calligraphy on that kraft paper before rolling it up and you’ve got some name markers for your Christmas dinner.
DIY Air Plant Christmas Cracker | Squirrelly Minds
Just layer a piece of kraft paper and red tissue paper, place a cracker, confetti and your airplant on top, roll up, tie the ends and voila!
You do want to make sure your kraft paper is quite thin however and not layered on top of each other. Thick layers of pape rwill make it very difficult to pop open the cracker.
DIY Air Plant Christmas Cracker | Squirrelly Minds
Happy cracking!

DIY/Holiday | Squirrelly Minds Advent Calendar Roundup

Advent Calendar Roundup | Squirrelly Minds
Last year on every Wednesday of November, I posted a new DIY Advent Calendar. I had so much fun thinking up ideas that I planned to do it the following year (aka this month). I even had ideas all laid out. Unfortunately friends, things you plan a year in advance don’t always go to planned. But that’s okay because these advent calendars are still a ton of fun to make, and in case you forgot about them or haven’t seen them before, here they are again! We have just a bit under a week until December 1st comes rolling around, so let’s get making.
Message in an Ornament Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Message in an Ornament Advent Calendar
Instead of chocolate (which of course is awesome) the mister and I like to opt for an advent calendar that offers favours and date nights instead. We each write 12 items and alternate days, and end up doing things like ‘baking cookies date night’ or ‘christmas music jam fest’. It started with this advent calendar and evolved into a much prettier version – messages in glass ornaments. You can put whatever you like inside to decorate, and choose whatever kind of date nights your imagination can dream up.

Advent Calendar Roundup | Squirrelly Minds
Paper Roll Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
I think this might be my favourite. You can stick all sorts of things in the back of each paper roll, whether it be treats, toys, or date night ideas. I think I also love it because hello, it’s a christmas tree. That and it’s made out of toilet paper rolls. I’m a sucker for reusing/recycling.

No Sew 'Build-A-Tree' Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
No Sew ‘Build-A-Tree’ Advent Calendar
This was modelled after the mister’s childhood advent calendar. It’s another great no-candy option, and building the tree is quite fun!

Mandarin Orange Wrapper Advent Calendar | Squirrelly Minds
Mandarin Orange Wrapper Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
I don’t know about you, but during Christmas time our house is full of mandarin oranges. I simply couldn’t let those little squares of green tissue paper go to waste, so yes, I turned it into an advent calendar. If you want some messy fun like the one above, you can fill all 24 pouches with some confetti. If that’s not your style, little treats or notes work just as well.

Which advent calendar (from here or elsewhere) do you plan to use?

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