About Tan from Squirrelly Minds

I started blogging in 1999.
It’s been a long time friends.
I went from gurlpages to geocities to straight up coding in notepad. I’ve never been formally trained but have always had a passion for web and graphic design. Burning myself out with running 12 websites and studying full time, I quit the blogging world. But 4 years later I missed it too much and decided to come back full force. Am I ever happy I did.

Squirrelly Minds is a place where I create and curate all things pretty and fun, from food to crafts to fashion to home. I post daily from Monday to Friday.

So friend, let’s explore this pretty and fun world together shall we?

Dying to know more? E-mail me at hello[@]squirrellyminds[.]com

Profile image from Angela and Ithyle via Blogshop
“Meet Tan” image from our engagement shoot with Ameris. Above image from our wedding.
Above arrows from Creature Comforts
Squirrel logo illustrated by me.
Please note: Squirrelly Minds receives a bit of revenue through ads and occasional sponsored posts. Sorry friends but I need to get a little something for the hours put in.