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Our 3rd annual Yanksgiving on Squirrelly Minds
Last year’s Yanksgiving was our second, and the last in our cramped narrow alleyway of a dining room in our rental. This year we did our best to cover up the in-reno dining room with its wallpaper torn walls (and walls still covered in nasty wallpaper) to make the space delightful for our yanksgiving festivities. Thankfully we had some help from Minted.
Our 3rd annual Yanksgiving on Squirrelly Minds
I can’t get enough of our “Happy Yanksgiving” banner and table runner. Those little extra touches really personalized the party. Plus I must admit, with report cards, renovations, and planning a party all happening at once, it was really nice to order decorations rather than try and find the time to make them. …actually let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have had time to make anything.
Our 3rd annual Yanksgiving on Squirrelly Minds
I was immediately drawn to the Fall Foliage line and must admit, it was the fun patterns and typography that totally sold me. Plus it’s just so perfectly autumnal and yanksgiving appropriate.
Our 3rd annual Yanksgiving on Squirrelly Minds
The table runner is my absolute fave. I loved being able to customize the wording and am so happy it has a light plastic coating so I could wipe it down and store it for use next year.
Fun fact: for the first time we had an actual ‘yank’ at our yanksgiving dinner and got quite the education! Turns out us Canadians are a tad ignorant on the term ‘yank/yankee’. You see, we all thought it applied to anyone from America, but our friend from Tennessee was quick to correct us and say it only applies to people in the north east, and that some people down south would get upset at being called a yank.
Interesting! but I’m sorry….I’m not changing the name of Yanksgiving.
Our 3rd annual Yanksgiving on Squirrelly Minds
Three cheers for good food, good fun and good friends! That’s what Yanksgiving is all about. That and an excuse to eat a second thanksgiving meal.

Who did you spend your thanksgiving with this year?

I was supplied decorations from Minted and was not financially compensated. All opinions are my own.

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Comment (4)

  1. Thank you so much for having us, Tan! You’re the only girl I know who could make torn wallpaper look so stylish!

  2. Wavatar Rose says:

    Looks absolutely lovely! The lace hanging from the ceiling is gorgeous.
    Sad to have missed out on the festivities. But glad it was a success!

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