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Entertainment with the Fiesta Movement on Squirrelly Minds
Okay, so this month’s Fiesta Movement theme is just plain fun – entertainment! Each month the Fiesta Movement picks a theme which bloggers share while Agents from all over shoot fantastic videos, and this one has me brainstorming all kinds of crazy for our next big party.

We’ve all seen and done the photobooth, and I still think they’re fantastic. But I just love the idea of a video booth! How fun would it be to totally goof off in front of a camera and have clips of you and your best friends pieced together in a video, complete with slowmo. Naturally, confetti poppers are required.

It might not come as a shock that my favourite form of entertainment is a good old fashioned party with close friends, preferably at a home with lots of sparkly things. Now that we have a bigger space, I anticipate a lot more parties happening in our home, complete with lots of sparkle! So check back this time next week for some entertaining inspiration.

The theatre, hanging with friends, a walk -
what’s your favourite way to keep entertained?

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  1. Wavatar Corina says:

    Hehe that video is insanely awesome. now i wanna make one :)

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