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PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds
Pssst…did you know there’s such a thing as Parent’s day? And did you know it’s this Sunday?
It’s okay. Your parent’s probably don’t know either. So if you have nothing planned you’re in the clear. But if you’d like to give them a little something, I’ve come up with this little DIY for you to surprise them with: little planters made with PVC pipes.
Yup. Dad’s bound to get a hoot out of this one, and mom’s gonna love it cause it’s a sweet little plant from sweet little you.
And the best part? The pipes cost a total of $7. And when I showed the guy how little screen cloth I needed (5×5) he cut me some for free.
Cheap, easy and cute! You couldn’t ask for more.
PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds
The PVC Coupling and Drain Flange don’t need to be 4″ if other sizes are available, but the two need to match. (Drain flange is the one with stripes on the bottom).
Screen cloth is what’s used on screen doors.
You may need a cutting mat (see step 3).
PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds


PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds
1 Remove any stickers and thoroughly wash and dry the PVC coupling. Cut the screen cloth to the shape of the PVC drain flange with 3/4″ border
2 Drain flanges fit directly inside the PVC coupling, but easily slip out. It will be snug in place with the screen cloth as well, so you’ll have to push hard. With the screen cloth draped over the drain flange (as pictured in step 1), push them all the way through the PVC coupling to create your drainage base. It will stop halfway through the coupling.
3 Use painters tape to map out the design you want on your vase. You can do horizontal or vertical stripes like I did on two of mine, or shapes like triangles or hexagons. To do this, wrap the PVC coupling with one layer of tape. Use a pencil to mark out the designs you want, then cut them out using an exacto knife. The plastic is quite soft but it’s okay if you make a scratch as it defines the shape more.
If you aren’t comfortable freehanding, then before placing the tape on the coupling stretch it out onto a cutting mat. Mark your shapes, then cut them on the cutting mat using a metal ruler to guide you. Carefully peel off the tape when done then wrap around the PVC coupling.
4 Apply two thin coats of spray paint as per instructions on the can. Allow to dry for at least one hour before removing the tape.
5 Carefully peel off the tape. If the lines aren’t as sharp as you’d like (spray paint has a way of sneaking underneath tape) then carefully use an exacto knife to scrape off excess spray paint. Remember, the plastic is very soft so be careful not to scratch it up.
6 Fill your new planter with soil and a happy little plant!
PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds
I just love how simple, fun and cute this DIY is. Though I must say the little succulents do a lot of the work on making this look uber cute!
PVC Pipe Planter DIY on Squirrelly Minds

So will you be celebrating parent’s day this Sunday,
sans or avec gifted PVC planter?

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  1. Wavatar Anita Boeira says:

    This looks AMAZING! Now on your next post, you need to write what do I do to not kill all of my plants!

  2. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    So cute! The triangle pattern is my favorite. Unfortunately succulents do not last long at our house, even though they are supposed to be hearty. <:( So well designed with the drainage at the bottom!

  3. Wavatar Stacey says:

    Awesome idea- Thanks! :)

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  5. Wavatar Rach says:

    Love it! Very clever Tan.

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