How to love without being in love

Happy Valentines Day from Squirrelly Minds
Today is the day people love or hate, where people in happy relationships rejoice in their love and some (not all) in bitter or no relationships curse cupid’s name.
Yes, I am head over heels, madly in love with my husband, and so I don’t mean to sound harsh to those who are finding themselves annoyed with all the red and pink hearts adorning the internet.

On the contrary.

Before I met Ryan I was never in a relationship on Valentines day and I’ll admit I was bitter. I hated knowing that couples were going out tonight on romantic dinner dates and exchanging their I love you’s. I found it hard to enjoy the day when love was all around me and I had no one to share it with.

But I do wish I had stepped out of my bubble of self pity on this love filled day to realize one simple fact:

You don’t need to be in love with someone to simply be in love.

While yes, my husband takes spot #1, there are so many other loves of my life that have stayed with me for years, some even decades.
I hope, whether or not you’re spending today with your beau, you can realize today isn’t just about one person. It’s about love. Period.
So take a moment to think about all the other loves of your life.
Here are just a few:

15 Things to Love When not in Love From Squirrelly Minds

What is one thing you love?

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Comment (6)

  1. Wavatar Amy C says:

    Very cool post Tan! I like the list. :)

  2. Wavatar Lianne says:

    Thanks Tan! Great post, made my morning :) I know I don’t comment much, but I love reading your posts and seeing what craftyfunyummy stuff you’re up to!

  3. Wavatar Annie says:

    I don’t equate Valentine’s Day with romantic love anymore. I got over that a long time ago. Romantic love isn’t even the highest form of love. It’s just one facet and really can be quite fickle. Real love is unconditional and has nothing to do with sex. God is Love and Real Love never fails. It doesn ‘t turn its back on you when your body sags in all the wrong places and your hair turns gray. It is not selfish, believes and hopes the best. People who have that kind of love where you love the person in spite if their faults and shortcomings–not just the body– now that is something to celebrate!!

  4. Wavatar Joy says:

    So true! This reminds me of a video I love by a poet/filmmaker, entitled “How to Be Alone”.

  5. Wavatar Tan says:

    Thanks girls! <3

    Oh Joy I saw this video a few months ago and still LOVE IT!!!!

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