Valentines Ombre Glitter Washi Tape DIY

Valentines Ombre Glitter Washi Tape DIY from Squirrelly Minds
My home looks like a glitter bomb exploded.
Isn’t that what every crafter wants?
Regardless of the fact that my home can now be dubbed princess sparkle, this is a fun and easy project, and a great way to add some ombre glittery fun to anything that needs some brightening.
Using just two materials, double sided tape and glitter, I made 5 strips of this ombre glitter washi tape (then decorated the kraft gift bag) in less then 10 minutes. It only made me the tiniest bit late for picking Ryan up.
Valentines Ombre Glitter Washi Tape DIY from Squirrelly Minds
Yup, that’s it. I also worked on a spare piece of paper so I could work on it and easily clean up the glitter mess.
Valentines Ombre Glitter Washi Tape DIY from Squirrelly Minds
It’s as easy as
one Use a range of colours from dark to light. Since I’m getting ready for Valentines I went from espresso brown, to dark red, eventually to pink then white. Pour a bit of each glitter colour in a line.
two Sticky side down, lay your double sided tape over the glitter. Press down with your finger to ensure the glitter adheres. Move the tape strip up and down a bit to ensure everything gets covered and so the glitter colours blend a bit so you don’t end up with rigid lines where the glitter changes.
three admire your beautiful mess and even more beautiful ombre washi tape
Valentines Ombre Glitter Washi Tape DIY from Squirrelly Minds
Here are some things you can decorate your glittery tape with:

  • Plain gift bags (as seen above)
  • Plain gift tags
  • Notebooks
  • Cards and envelopes
  • Glassine bags to give treats in

So many things to make sparkle and shine!

Wishing you a glittery weekend!
I’ll be busy putting outfits together and getting ready for Alt (I can’t believe it’s so soon!)

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    Tan, this is so pretty! We have glitter all over our house too from the girls’ sparkly shirts and princess garb. :P Hope your Alt preparations are going well!

  2. A glitter bomb is the best! I’ve decided that’s what husbands are for – vacuuming the glitter :) This is just the coolest – pinned to try with my kiddos Valentines!

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