5 Adorable Advent Calendars

November is ending. Time to get your advent calendar ready for December 1st! That’s Saturday in case you were wonderding. Crazy isn’t it?
Last year I made this paper advent calendar (please excuse the horrible pictures). It was so fun pulling out a message each day like “I’ll cook dinner” or “Let’s go for a pint”. It gave us something to look forward to each day leading up to Christmas. I’m looking forward to using it again this year.

But I must say, there are some other incredible advent calendars out there. When we get tired of ours or it’s just too worn for use, I’ll be switching it up with one of these:

Punch Out Advent Calendar
You Are My Fave

Envelope Advent Calendar
A Few Things From My Life

Printable Advent Calendar
Hey Look (printable)

Muslin Bag Advent Calendar
The Marion House Book

Paper Bag Advent Calendar
Most Lovely Things

Will you be using an advent calendar this year?
What style is it? Is it homemade or bought? New or old?

(Ryan’s family has had theirs for decades)

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Comment (2)

  1. Thank you for including mine! I’ll be posting this years version on Saturday….must get back to work on it!

  2. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    Lovely! The Marion House book one is so pretty!

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