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Instagram Picks for November

November was the month of hecticness – my birthday, report cards and thanksgiving swallowed up the month and now all of a sudden Christmas is right on my heels.

Here’s a look at my month via Instagram.

November Instagram Picks

Did you know that instagram now (finally) has online profiles?
You can see mine here!
Are we instagram friends yet?

My favourite part of the month was celebrating my 29th birthday.
I had such an incredible time with all my wonderful friends.
What was your favourite part of November?

Gift Guide for Babies

Gift Guide for Babies

1: organic maple wood teether – $18 / 2: rattle – $14.95 / 3: pom pom mobile – $50 / 4: faux fur coat – $58.38 / 5: organic sleepy bear stuffy – $32 / 6: rockabye baby cd – $16.98 / 7: gold booties – €23 / 8: onesie – $8 /
9: baby bee skin care kit – $19.99 / 10: baby book – €14.00

My incredible friend Ang gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last week. The first gift guide is in honour of her and her beautiful new family.

Here’s to all new mother’s everywhere.

For all you mothers,
what is one baby item you couldn’t have gone without?

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Last week’s post on Wintry Florals has really got me into the snowy, wintry mood lately. Normally this is shocking as I hate anything cold, but there is such a beautiful elegance to winter you just don’t get in any other season. So I figure why not embrace this beautiful season for weddings fully and follow up with a little overall inspiration for a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Snowfall / Logs / Dessert Table / Table Setting / Winter Bride / Pomegranate Cake (if you know original source of the pomegranate cake please contact me!)

Isn’t it so romantic? It certainly makes me swoon.

Glittery Polka Dots Branch Mobile

Glitter Dots Branch Mobile

Our house, ourselves, and even our cat tends to be covered in glitter most days of the week (and I’m sure I inhaled a handful last weekend). I can’t help it. Glitter just makes everything look so fun!
So I certainly couldn’t help myself when glitter paper was on sale. I’ve made a variety of crafts with them, but this might be my fave:
the glittery polka dots branch mobile.

Mobile Closeup
It’s a fairly simple craft project that just requires some patience, and perhaps a good vacuum. It looks great in a child’s room or office or hanging from a window. And you can also spin it as Christmas decor since the cascading sparkly dots kinda look like snow falling (and because anything with silver glitter can be Christmassy).

What you need:

Polka Dot Mobile Materials
White glue not shown. I used Modge Podge and applied it with a paint brush.

Creating the Circles

Polka Dot Mobile Steps

Either use a circle cutter or good old fashioned pencil, compass and scissors to cut a variety of circles from small to large (your choice!). I made approximately 15 each of large (4.5cm across), medium (3cm across) and small (2cm across).
Apply your white glue or modge podge to the non glittery side of your circles, or do one side at a time if you have plain card stock. Sprinkle your glitter over the glue, making sure to cover the entire area. Shake off the excess and allow the glue to dry with the glitter on. To be sure I left mine overnight but it will dry in a couple hours.

Use your needle to poke holes on the top and bottom of each circle, approximately 5mm from the edge. Make sure the holes line up evenly.

Threading the Branch

Branch Steps

Poke a hole through a twig on your branch – note that thin branches work best for this. If you’re having difficulty getting the needle through, press the blunt end against the edge of a hard surface, such as a table, and drill the needle through as shown in the picture.
Mobile Strands

While the needle is still in the twig, thread your needle and continue to push it through until it comes out the other end. Pull the thread and secure a knot at the branch. Leave a long line of thread as it can always be cut shorter later. Continue these steps so you end up with several long lines of thread on your branch as shown above.

Adding Circles to the Thread

Polka Dot Steps

When you have all the threads on your branch is the best time to put your circles on. This way you can adjust them according to the other strands so you don’t end up with too many of the same sized circle on the same level for example.
Suspend your branch by looping some thread or twine around it on each end and tacking it to a low part of the ceiling or tie it around your window valance as I did. Now a little tip, thread does tangle easily so if possible hang your branch where you plan for it to stay to avoid a tangly mess.
Take your first strand and thread your needle through the bottom of your first thread. Take a circle and pull the thread through the top then the bottom holes of your first circle. Move the circle up the thread to where you want the first one to be, usually up top closer to the branch.
Mobile in Bay Window

When you’ve moved it to where you want, rethread the needle through the same hole on the bottom where you put the needle through the last time, creating a loop as shown on the picture. This loop keeps your circle in its place instead of sliding down the thread. Continue these steps, working down your first piece of thread. When you’ve reached the bottom (or however far down you want to go) tie a double knot on the last circle using the bottom hole. Move onto the next bare thread and continue until all are finished.
Hang lovingly and enjoy!
Mobile Above Bed
My favourite spot to hang ours was above our bed in front of the window. I love how the glitter catches and reflects sunlight.
Mobile with Lucy
Lucy approves.

Glitter is my crafting vice. What’s yours?

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