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DIY shirt collar bookmark

This happened completely by accident.
When I purchase fabric I’ll sometimes hit up the fabric store to get something cut off the bolt. It’s more likely though you’ll find me in thrift stores rummaging through the tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains, and even dress shirts looking for the perfect colours and patterns. On one such wedding related visit I found a striped and dotted women’s dress shirt with pleats along the sides and back. Clearly a remnant from the 80′s. Horrible shirt, perfect material.
Here’s how this merry mishap occured:
To use shirts as fabric I cut along the seams, cut off the collars and cuffs and used the rest for other DIY purposes.
A few days later I was finally relaxing and decided to read an actual book (plus the upcoming release of the hobbit movie got me really excited). Looking for a bookmark I picked up a scrap piece of fabric. It happened to be the shirt’s collar, and it happened to fit around the book and be buttoned up.

Aren’t accidents lovely?

To make your own, find an old dress shirt (preferably with an awesome print) with a button in the collar (or you can sew your own in). Cut the collar off along the seam, trim up the edges and read with your cute bookmark!

Are there any DIY projects you created completely by accident?
What were they and how did it happen?

5 kitchen tools you never knew you needed

I’m a pretty simple girl. Give me a knife in the kitchen and I can do whatever is needed. But I can’t lie, there are some kitchen tools out there that make life a whole lot easier.

From slicing a cake to an avocado, here are my top 5 picks of kitchen tools you never knew you needed.

{1} I’ve really been into making layered cakes lately, but they tend to be a little lopsided at times. This layer cake slicing kit from Zenker makes cutting even layers much easier -$56.99
{2} I love avocado and, due to the high quantities I ingest, have become a bit of a master slicer. But how much easier does this avocado slicer and pitter from Williams Sonoma make it for us to eat this delicious fruit – $22.35
{3} Squeezing oranges, limes and lemons by hand can be a pain (literally if you have cuts). This manual squeezer by BergHOFF makes it much easier – $18.95
{4} Who doesn’t love pancakes, especially when shaped into hearts or airplanes thanks to these moulds found at Bed Bath & Beyond – $10.99-$11.99
{5} Mixing drinks at your cocktail party is much easier with these measured spirit spouts by True Fabrications – $7.34

What unusual kitchen gadget is an essential in your kitchen?

July Instagram Picks

The last full month before the wedding is coming to a close.

*silent shriek of excitement/anxiety*

Here are pics from July’s instagram, a few of which are (naturally) wedding related.


Check out more of my instagram photos by searching for SquirrellyMinds

If you could sum your month of July up in one word, what would it be?
Mine would be bunting.

Harvesting Herbs

My herb garden is one of my treasures. I derive such joy out of walking out onto the back porch to clip some chives or cilantro for the dinner I’ve got cooking in the kitchen. It’s so much more rewarding than opening the fridge to grab the herbs you bought at the market yesterday that have already wilted.

In the summer I usually forget that many of these luscious herbs die down in the winter and forget to harvest them. My herb garden exploded this year and I needed to cut some back so there was no way of forgetting this year!

So, let’s learn a fabulously easy way to harvest these delicious treats into easy ice cubes shall we?
Unless you want them all mixed together, separate your herbs. Wash them, pat dry with a cloth and separate the leaves from the stem (necessary for sage, oregano and thyme). Finely chop up your herbs and pack into a clean ice cube tray. Fill your ice cube tray with water (some herbs may float to the top, that’s okay) and freeze overnight. Make sure you know which herbs are in which tray. I unfortunately mixed up my cilantro and now can’t tell it apart from my parsley :(

Once frozen, remove from ice cube tray and store in bags. Make sure to label the bags with the herb name and the date (summer 2012!).Now through the winter you can grab one of these ice cubes and throw them into your food while you cook. The water will melt down and you’ll be left with these lovely herbs to liven up the taste of your dish!

While I was doing this I also thought you could do the same with your mint, but use them as actual ice cubes in your summer drink! I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my gin and soda.

Easy way to enjoy your garden herbs through the year eh?
So what’s your favourite herb? Do you grow it?

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