Recipe: 5 minute summer salad

So most of my dinners aren’t preplanned. Exactly when I want to eat I open the fridge, get impatient and maybe snack on a spoon of peanut butter (don’t judge me) then think “…what am I going to make with this?”
Because I often leave dinner to last minute I have a few quick things I often throw together. This one may very well be the quickest.

Yup. 3 ingredients. 3 steps. 5 minutes. Here’s how you do it.



Step #1: Wash apple and beetroot and peel beetroot.
Step #2: Grate the apple and beetroot and mix together.
Step #3: Throw on some crushed pecans.

Honestly that’s all it takes.

To give some pizazz you can also add some blue cheese on top or any other favourite soft cheese. Whatever you add to it (or don’t) this sweet and crunchy salad is a perfect side dish during the summer time, and is perfect for last minute dinner makers like me!

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Comment (4)

  1. This looks delicious!!!

  2. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    This looks so fresh and healthy! Perfect for summer.

  3. Wavatar Tan says:

    Thanks you two!

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