Bridal Party Gifts

Have you been a bridesmaid or a maid of honour? If so, you know how much money and time is spent helping your friend have the most amazing wedding ever. As a bride (and previous bridesmaid), trust me, it is incredibly appreciated.
One of the ways a bride shows her appreciation for all her girls do for her leading up to the big day is through a gift.
Here’s a few ways you can say thank you.

To my bridal party who may be reading this, your gift is not listed so it stays a surprise. (Though if you really like something here don’t be afraid to not so subtly hint ;)

1. Treat your girls to a pedicure and/or manicure just before the wedding, especially if they’re wearing open summer sandals. “Camera” by Essie.
2. If she’s a gardening nut (or has always wanted to try) what about a gardening kit? Indoor Gardens Tool Kit
3. A makeup bag filled with makeup treats! Coach makeup bag with Too Faced cosmetics.
4. If she’s a stationery fiend a personalized stationery set will go a long ways. This set designed by NaomiLynn on Etsy.
5. Tickets to an upcoming opera, play or rock concert. Faust ticket image here.

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Comment (5)

  1. Wavatar rooth says:

    I love all of these recommendations – the stationery is too cute

  2. Wavatar Stephanie says:

    Wonderful gift ideas! I have some Naomi Lynn stationary and love it! Her customer service is great too.

  3. Wavatar Kaylee says:

    Remember that one time you signed up for a blog present switch? and you were supposed to receive your gift in the mail and blog about it today? Well, its on its way…. the gift that is. I had you and I mailed it but I forgot that packages have to go through customs when they are being switched between countries, so yeah. I am SO SO SO sorry! I really hope you love your gift and that you’ll forgive me! I’ve loved secretly getting to know you. I’ve also nominated you for the Sunshine award. Click on over to my blog to find out more about it!!

  4. Wavatar Tan says:

    @Rooth: Isn’t it!?
    @Stephanie: That’s so awesome! I’m so glad she’s as nice as her stationery is beautiful!
    @Kaylee: Ahh cool! No totally don’t worry about it! The same thing happened on my end! Checking out your blog now!

  5. Wavatar Jenna says:

    Cute website, awesome stationery. I am definitely going to use some gift ideas in the future for my birthday.

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