Wedding Anniversary Ideas

If you caught the tiny text yesterday you may have noticed is was our anniversary. It was a pretty average day for us with some time in the sun, dinner with Ryan’s parents then an in night where we exchanged gifts and hung out. Simple and lovely.

While yesterday was our dating anniversary, today is my parents’ 41st wedding anniversary. 41 years! Impressive right?
Being Wedding Wednesday Inspiration, and my parents’ anniversary today and ours yesterday, it got me thinking about all the lovely anniversary celebrations that are out there.

Here is a round up of fantastic things you can do for your wedding (or dating!) anniversary:

SB: As a gift, 12 envelopes with a date idea for each month. My favourite is February.

Geeky Weddings: Celebrate your time together with life lasting photos

Creative Jewish Mom: Decorate for your anniversary party with these adorable cupcake liner number decorations

Kamofie: Get stackable rings. One for each significant year, because who doesn’t love a little more bling?

When is your anniversary?

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Comment (4)

  1. Well happy anniversary to you and your parents! 41 years is awesome! My hubby and started a new tradition with our 1st wedding anniversary by taking some fun photos together that we used in our holiday cards for the year. We wore our wedding garb with big old snow boots – not sure if we’ll continue to wear the wedding garb each year, but for now it’s fun. Someday I hope to have a whole wall of anniversary pictures.

  2. happy anniversary to you! I’d love to be more creative with anniversaries but I always end up feeling lucky to just get a sitter and go to dinner! :)

  3. Wavatar Tan says:

    @Adina: Thank you! Aww that’s such a sweet tradition! I saw one on pinterest where every anniversary they take a picture of them holding the picture from the previous anniversary, so you end up with a picture within a picture within a picture etc etc. It was neat.
    @Stephanie: Just wait until your kids are old enough to make you dinner! Or you know, old enough that you won’t have to worry about a sitter ;)

  4. Wavatar dr atta says:

    yes i like & love the idea of the ( end up with a picture within a picture within a picture )

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