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Wedding cakes, no fondant allowed

Mmmm wedding cake. Finding the perfect wedding cake will probably be the best part. I’m drooling just thinking of all the samples I’ll get to eat!
We haven’t discussed the type of cake we’d like, so long as it’s yummy that’s all that matters. But there are a few things we have discussed: cost and decor.

Cost: Due to elaborate decoration and tiers, wedding cakes can get very expensive. Many couples are opting instead to have a dessert table with a variety of desserts. While this is a great alternative, I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I want to cut into the cake with my newly wed husband in order to symbolize our first (and easiest) joint task in marriage damn it. But with such a large guest list, are we really willing to fork over more than $500 for some sweet bread and icing?
Instead, we will order a mini tiered cake, just for cutting into (and for us and the head table to eat) while we will order the same cake in sheets that will be cut in advance and served to guests. This cuts the cost dramatically, and everyone still gets a piece of the yummy cake. Mind you we will also have a dessert table because more dessert is always a win!

Decor: Simple but sweet. No flower piping, no bright colours and NO (I repeat absolutely NO) nasty fondant. Don’t get me wrong, fondant is great if you want a sculpted look, but we can’t stand that nasty sugary gummy stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth paste. I don’t care if you think that ‘a fondant done right tastes amazing’ cause that’s a lie. It’s all just gross. Plus, with me being a cupcake baker (yes that’s right I am, check me out at Mulberry Tree Cupcakes) there is no way I could use anything other than the traditional and beloved buttercream (and you can bet your pretty behind I never ever ever use fondant on my cupcakes).

Now I’ve gotta ask for curiosities sake, what icing would you prefer on a cake, fondant or buttercream?

#1 / #2 / #3

V-Day Greetings

Yes, it feels like we’re just finally out of the Christmas spirit. All the decorations are tucked away and we’re back in to the swing of things. But hold on! Time for another celebration –
Valentines Day!
I’ll admit, I was once a v-day grump when I was single and not happy about it, and I have never loved the commercial aspect of the day (especially when I was single and there was an emphasis on being in love). What I do love about Valentines Day is that it is a time to remember who is important to you, and to express your love for those people, however romantic or platonic that love may be.

So in celebration of the upcoming day of all forms of love, every Tuesday, until Tuesday, February 14th, I will post about all things heart and vday related. It’s never too early to get your things ready! I’m normally one to procrastinate and rush around making things the weekend before, but not this year!

Today, it’s time to get ready to make some cards.
Here are some DIY and printable cards I found through pinterest that I thought were absolutely lovely.

Martha Stewart: Such an adorable way to dress up your valentines day envelopes.
All you need is a heart punch, paper, string and a needle! Oh, and the envelope.

Nellie Design: These adorable printable v-day cards will be adored by both children and adults.

Country Living: A smart way to reuse old paint chips (or just pick up some new ones).
If you have the stamps and ink you’re all set.

Lemon Squeezy: An adorable printable v-day card for the one you love.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, the beginning of the year of the dragon!
Welcome to your year to all born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000!

Living in the city of Canada’s oldest Chinatown (North America’s second oldest after San Fransisco), Chinese New Year is a pretty big deal here. The parade through Chinatown with the lion dancers scaring young children and firecrackers being blown behind them is always a joyous (and loud!) sight. Chinese New Year is often celebrated in schools through crafts and teachers giving out Lai See’s filled with candy.

But how can you celebrate at home?

Here is a CNY round up for recipes and crafts you can do in your home to celebrate this 15 day long celebration.
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

#1: Steamed rice cakes, Huat Kueh (发糕) / #2: Chinese Lanterns / #3: Chinese Dumplings /
#4: Paper Dragon Puppet / #5: Sticky Rice Cake (年糕)

My bay window sanctuary

I was thrilled when I found our home, a suite rental out of three in a house. First off, the house is 112 years old, as are the floors shown in the pictures (and the splinters prove it). Secondly, due to its age it has some major character. The high ceilings and beams were enough to make me fall over in giddiness. But it was the bay windows that completely won me over. Yes, we have more than one, but it is the window in the main living area that is most important, and the most prettily decorated (the other in the bedroom simply houses a nook for our bed).

Unfortunately for the first year of inhabiting this home the main bay window was put to very poor use. My handmade chaise lounge was awkwardly tucked in with 5 guitars propped up behind, making it feel more like a storage area than usable space. When the calendar flipped over to 2012 I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Welcome to our bay window:

This space is so relaxing and inspiring to me now. It makes me want to read a book, play guitar and create. And it’s all the little elements of it that cohesively make this happen.

Lucy loves to jump up onto the wooden chest (made by my dad) and then up on the window sill. I love watching her just sit there and stare into the big outside. It reminds me to breathe, relax and take it all in.

This very well may be my favourite part of the entire area. It’s where some of my craft books (and all my wedding books) are kept for quick reference. I’ve placed my sewing machine (Christmas gift) on top of the chest as a constant reminder to learn how to use it and create anything to get started. And then there’s Ryan’s vintage cameras and flask, all brown leather, all gorgeous and hearkening back to older, simpler times.

My baskets of yarn, patiently awaiting their use in the giant afghan I am crocheting for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary (which was last year…I’m a bit behind).

Thanks to my fiance’s band days, we have 5 guitars in the house (only one of which is mine), but this one is the most sentimental. It was his first guitar, passed on to him by his mother when he was 13, and the music that comes out of it entices me to play and sing along, forgetting about computers and television and focusing only on the oldest form of entertainment – music.

Do you have a bay window? How have you decorated yours?

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