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V-Day Decorations

If you checked out last week’s post you may have gotten some inspiration to create your Vday cards. I made some Vday invitations myself (filled with heart shaped confetti!) which you can see on my Instagram account via INK361. It was loads of fun. But now that the cards are done, what’s next?


Here are some fantabulous DIY ideas to make your home filled with a little bit of love.

Full House: Beautiful and simple, grab some regular and heart shaped doilies and punch through white christmas lights for this gorgeous Valentines Day garland

Crescendoh: Again using those romantic doilies to turn jars into beautiful and festive vases.

The Pretty Blog: This pretty heart garland can be made with any bits of scrap fabric and paper found around the house. A great reuse project!

Lemon Tree Creations: Really, how could you not love this burlap bunting banner?

u-create crafts: And for those who enjoy sewing, why not make a vday pillow?

How will you decorate your home for Valentines?

Comfy Casual Chic Mondays

Monday is the day I roll out of bed and choose my outfit according to my not-so-happy mood.
Yawning and annoyed I have to wake up before sunrise, what I wear this day tends to be casual and relaxed as I ease myself into the work week.
If I may describe my monday outfits in a string of alliteration, it would be thus:

Comfy Casual Chic

(in case you hadn’t gathered from any previous posts, I freaking love alliteration)

Here’s a little example of what I might wear as a Comfy Casual Chic Monday outfit.

What are you wearing today?

Cardigan: Polyvore – $100
Dress: Polyvore – $20
Leggings: Tucci – $5
Belt: J.Crew – $72
Shoes: Børn – $95 (I do own this exact pair and they’re AMAZING. I’ve worn them out and need to buy another pair)
Bag: Co-lab – $48 (I also own this and absolutely love it)
Necklace: Forever 21 – $7

Weekend plans

It’s Friday. Oh lovely lovely Friday. You wake up knowing you have just another 9 or so hours left of the day before you’re free to wake up at an hour that is normally when you have your mid morning break. You look forward to those two glorious mornings when you can sleepily make a cup of coffee, nurse it, catch up on blogs and tweets and realize an hour or so later you haven’t even thought about breakfast. (does anyone else do that?)
Anyway the message is clear – break time is nearly here.

I can pretty well guarantee I’ll be doing all of these (I’ve already contacted an old friend to organize a coffee date). If you’re not sure how you want to spend this weekend, here are some ideas to leave you with.

Bake: It’s good clean fun, you get to try something new, and then you get to stuff your face with it!
Reorganize: I love moving furniture around every once in a while for a fresh new look. The weekend is a perfect time to do just that.
Shop: Does this really need further explanation?
Call: Pick up the phone and call, text, e-mail, tweet, fb message, communicate with an old friend. The weekend is a great time to catch up over coffee.
Create: Because the world needs a little more handmade love

So what will you do this weekend?
Whatever you’re up to, here’s me wishing you an absolutely lovely weekend my loves.

The end of Nood=shopping spree!

Yes, I am sad to announce that as of mid February, all Nood Furniture & Design stores will close down. *sigh&tears*
I think the reason for it closing down is the following common response when it came to the store:

They’re stuff is great but it’s just like an overpriced IKEA

Not many people will buy something twice the price if they can get it cheaper elsewhere I’m afraid.
But they’re items really are amazing and I will be very sad to not have this store around. I have to admit though, the 50-75% off savings is pretty amazing!
Here’s the bulk of our purchases:

Looks like we bought a good enough amount right?
I have been coveting this one piece of furniture since I first saw it last fall. I didn’t buy it during that ‘love at first sight’ moment because it was too expensive for my ‘approaching Christmas’ budget. I resisted buying it this time around simply because we don’t have the space in our home right now, and because I’m on a ‘damn I spent to much on Christmas’ budget. But I’ve been wanting it since October and IT’S ON CLEARANCE SALE!!!!!!!!

Wouldn’t it make the perfect crafting storage table?
Pay day is tomorrow. I think I’ll just have to buy it and store it until we have a house…..
Should I?

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