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New Years Resolution

It’s the day – the last day of 2011.
What an amazing year it has been. Ryan came home, we got engaged, we have Lucy in our lives. Life is happy and just as it should be.
There is one small insignificant thing I would like for 2012 however. I am not one for new years resolutions as I always make the same ones (such as exercise more) that never seem to be fulfilled. But this one I really hope to uphold as I have noticed how this filthy habit is preventing me from enjoying every moment in the present.

This years resolution is:

Stop checking my mail, facebook, texts, and twitter every 5 minutes when I’m out!

What’s yours?

Have a safe and joyous new years celebration everyone.

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My sparkly NYE to do list

Honestly, how did new years get here already? Yikes!
The big day is tomorrow and I feel like I have so much to do before we have people over. Yet all I want to do is laze on the couch and catch up on some rest after all this holiday madness. Oi.

We’re having a small and oh so sparkly new years get together tomorrow which will be absolutely lovely. Here are some things I already have completed, are on the way to completion or will hopefully be completed before people come in through our door tomorrow at 8pm:

Sparkly Straws: Made with sparkly glitter tape and paper straws / Tinsel Chandelier: Been meaning to finish this for ages and post a DIY tutorial. Oh dear / Banner: Probably won’t get done… / Sparkly Nails: Nude layers applied. Next: sparkles! / Sequined Mini Dress: Purchased at The Bay / Tinsel Garland: So adorable. Hopefully I’ll have time to do this.

Loving Brass

Forget silver and gold, brass is where it’s at. I just love all that burnished, dark, weathered metal. There’s something about it’s worn, rustic look that feels like it’s seen several centuries.
Here are a few brass items I am currently loving (including some of my own)

Silverware: Pure Style Home / Lighter: Polyvore / Bookends: Etsy / Belt Buckle: Personal collection – vintage / Necklace: Personal collection – Forever 21 summer 2010 season / Measuring Spoons: ljooc photography (If anyone knows the actual source of these spoons please let me know)

Happy Holiday Hiatus!

Hello festive friends!

The time has come to walk away from my computer for a few days and enjoy my sisters who have flown in from Texas and Dubai, to enjoy my fiance and his parents who have flown in from up north, to enjoy my friends coming in from Toronto and Saskatchewan, and to enjoy all the people I love! (yes that was an intentional run on sentence)
I wish for you much the same.
Have a wonderful holiday season everyone! Eat, drink, laugh and be oh so merry.
I’ll be back soon.

Much love

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