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Colour Scheme – check!

We decided on a colour scheme a while ago and I am so excited about it!
It started out with a bulletin board full of paint swatch combinations. My fiance favoured the dark green and light pink combination and suggested adding charcoal to the mix. Love it!

#1: Bridesmaids dresses will all have different styles, but will all be the same material and be green with a pink sash. I like how this dress flows, and plan to have casual material like this rather than stiff silk tafetta like materials.

#2: I love this bouquet. Somewhat wild and manicured

#3: I love the rustic feel of this, and the pink and green flowers on top is an added colour theme bonus

#4: Before we decided on a colour theme my fiance wanted a grey suit. That worked out perfectly!

#5: Not sure if we’ll have them but I do love macarons, especially in this cute colour

#6: So elegant, especially the china

#7: I like the idea of having various jars to hold flowers. I especially like the faded pink and green tint

#8: The colour scheme. For an amazing colour converter (including hex, RGB and pantone) check out

*Unfortunately I’ve lost the sources for all these images. If you know where any of them come from let me know and I’ll give credit where it’s due!

Hand Stamped Cookies

Why, with my multitude of stamps, did I never think of this before!?

Can’t wait to try it.

Mason Drinking Jars

I love them. Since my last roommate I have only used mason jars as my drinking glasses, long before it became trendy. It’s a great way to reuse those old jars (enviro chic!) for a fun and casual kitchen set.
Even though I know it’s become a trend, I was quite excited when my drink, lavender lemonade with bombay sapphire, was served to me last night in a jar.

P.S The drink was absolutely deeeelish(ous)

Stuffies and Tea Party Time

Photo by Lissy Laricchia

Some days don’t you just want to put on a princess dress and set up a tea party with your old miniature tea cup set and have all your stuffies sitting up in miniature chairs?
Maybe not exactly that, but my inner child surely just wants to play pretend every once in a while.

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